For too long I have taken leave from this column to deal with personal and family health problems.

During that time, with James Spurck doing most of the work, we transformed from print to digital newspaper. We closed out and moved from the offices on Pine Knoll Drive and opened smaller offices at 1 Chick Springs Road, a little closer to downtown Greenville with the assistance of Willis Meadows, Insurance Executive and member of Greenville County Council.

I became an active charter member of American Legion Post 214, named after Cuban Missile Crisis hero and Greenville native Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Post 214 is located in the Galleries Center on Wade Hampton Blvd. in Taylors.

The new digital publication has retained the same writers except for Dr. Al Snyder and David Thompson who have retired.

We have a new Congressman in the 4th District now and we hope to be reporting on his work soon. Trey Gowdy has gone into private practice and is a contributor to Fox News Network.

President Trump has accomplished more than most presidents with Democrats and RINOs fighting him on every issue.

The opposition to the President inside the country has encouraged our external enemies to engage US interests abroad. ` the challenges including the illegal aliens flooding the country, the President has dealt with all the problems with skill and a large measured of success.

The upcoming Presidential election promises to be a dangerous period for Americans. The opposition party will attempt to disrupt our election process at every turn.

There is a great deal of activity currently in Greenville County government and the school district of Greenville County. The problems in the Sheriff’s Department are still unresolved.

County offices are in for a drastic change that will bring some surprises to county taxpayers. We intend to report on these events as they develop in the future.

I have a lot of excuses to quit work, including fingers on one hand that do not work on a keyboard and one eye that is useless due to Macular Degeneration. This gives me trouble both reading and writing. However, I can’t quit!


0 #1 Tony Cochran 2020-05-15 18:10
Thank you for your dedication!
Patti Cochran

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