Democrats have a simple strategy for destroying President Trump in the 2020 presidential election. They are laying the ground work for the campaign as this piece is being written. Their success depends on the ignorance, stupidity and misinformation of a majority of the electorate.

The Democrat strategy is counting on three segments of the electorate to deliver them victory.

Several million illegal aliens will be led to the polls and instructed to vote Democrat. They will be allowed to vote in some states and many cities if they have a driver license, which can be obtained for a price along with the social security card.

Black Americans who call themselves African-Americans, and are following so-called civil rights leaders such as Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpen, dutifully vote for Democrats because of promises that are made but are never kept. This trick has been used ever since the freed-slaves were promised forty acres and a mule if they voted for the then radical Republicans who are now the socialist Democrats.

The third block of voters that Democrats count on is the young white voters, including college graduates and adults who are taught to follow the liberal socialist propaganda and are incapable of thinking for themselves. 

A generation of American children have been miseducated and their parents, many of whom were dumb-downed, have allowed it to happen because they have applauded the education establishment.

Socialist and Communists candidates have announced their candidacy for President and are promising free stuff to their constituents in exchange for votes. Tragically, many of these constituents have difficulty separating facts from fiction. 

When the general election comes, the Democrat nominee will suddenly change to a more acceptable tone as recently explained on Fox News by former Pennsylvania Democrat Governor and former Chairman of the National Democrat Party Ed Rendell.

The Democrats will write a platform and approve it at their national convention. The new platform will be designed to appeal to a more normal group of voters outside the three regular groups Democrats control.

The Democrat nominees for President and Vice President will adhere to the platform regardless of their past words and deeds.

If the Republican Party is to support the President in the upcoming campaign, they must begin now to expose and oppose the Democrat strategy by presenting the American people with factual information on the presidential election because the Democrats will be relentless in their propaganda efforts.

At the same time, supporters of President Trump must educate their relatives and neighbors of truth and counter Democrat liberal lies.

There is continued value in the statement that, “If voters in the United States are equipped with truth, they will ultimately make the right decision at the ballot box.”

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