if you have ever been involved in an online discussion between creationists and evolutionists you will have undoubtedly seen the sense of superiority commonly seen among evolutionists. They seem to think that simply disagreeing with them means that you are either uneducated, an idiot, or both. They frequently seem to think that being intelligent and educated means that you would inevitably accept evolution. This arrogance is not only found among evolutionists in general but atheists in particular along with both political and social leftists. This intellectual arrogance Is the same because it extends from the same source.

This arrogance is illustrated in a number of ways. The most obvious of these is the tendency to be insulting. These insults can come in several forms, including insulting both your education and your intelligence. From their perspective, if you were truly educated and truly intelligent you would agree with them. They seem to be incapable of understanding different perspectives to a degree that would allow them to see how the other person could come to the conclusions they do.

The evidence is clear that these people cannot think outside the box into which they have been “educated.” This seems to be one of the main causes of their level of arrogance. That is, they are so locked into one way of thinking that it is impossible for them to see both the problem and the evidence from any other perspective. They literally do not think that there is a legitimate perspective other than theirs and so they conclude that if you disagree with them, you must be either stupid, uneducated or both.

Because of the clear connection with both political and social leftists, it is clear that this attitude is picked up in schools and particularly college. One of the interesting aspects of this is the fact that the less they actually know about the facts, the more they tend to have a sense of intellectual superiority. For example, they will state that the Genesis Flood is a complete myth, but they are incapable of defending that claim or only offer some vague canned responses that lack any actual detail. For example, one commonly touted claim against a global flood is that there were civilizations that went about their lives without seeming to even notice it. This claim of course not only ignores all the flood legends that indicate that it was noticed but it is often based on erroneous dates. However, more often than not people making these types of claims are incapable of providing any more information about what civilizations and what the claim is based on.

One thing that is particularly sad about these people is that because of their sense of intellectual superiority, they often believe that they have won the argument even when they make fools of themselves. For example, sometimes they will force somebody to block them from further responses as a result of insults, bad language, and other misconduct and then turn around and claim that they were blocked because the person could not deal with their reasoning. While this could be them simply playing games to make themselves look good before their friends, experience shows that such people may actually believe that they were indeed victorious.

What is evident is these people see themselves as intellectually superior to those who disagree with them because that is what they've been taught in school. Often, they have been presented with a distorted view of creation science and other views not supported by the school, as well as a distorted view of science in general. Consequently, they take what they are taught on blind faith and never investigated the other side of the issue. Unfortunately, most people are intellectual sponges and never look beyond what they are directly taught. And yet in the case of evolutionists and leftists in general it tends to give them a false sense of intellectual superiority over anybody they disagree with.

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