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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:11 AM


First Published in 1994


President Donald J. Trump won the Republican presidential primary and general election against, as Trump would say, "Crooked Hilary" by being himself. Trump is straight forward about what he says and how he says it. He also ran as an outsider to clean up the political Washington swamp. The American people respect his candid responses and his truthful remarks concerning the leftist media, and that is why they elected him as president.

Karl Roves and other political analysts are trying to advise Trump to remake his image to win the election. The point of the matter is, Trump already has a winning combination in being himself and how successfully he connects with the American people. Trump wooed blue-collar Democrat workers and Conservative Republicans to win the last election by the promised of keeping America first. As the old saying goes, "Don't fix something that is not broken."

Our country is in a very vicious, cultural war with the Marxist Democrats. They have killed untold millions upon millions of unborn babies, supported the very act of sodomy through "same-sex marriage," raising high taxes upon the American people, and they are bringing our country down to a third world level with Biden and Harris if elected. President Trump is the kind of leader our country needs. He is aggressive in taking care of the needs of the American people, and standing up for old fashion American patriotism, and he will go toe-to-toe with anyone who would come against our country.

The Democrat Marxists labeled President Trump, Christians, and those who love America as Fascists. These same individuals who refer to Antifa and BLM as peaceful demonstrators who are exercising theirFirst Amendment rights. We wonder what insane asylum these people have escaped from. The answer is quite simple: they are processed by demons straight from the pit of hell.

We as Americans cannot sit idly on the sidelines and hope everything will turn out right in our country. But we must be aggressive and actively involved in the trans-cultural warfare that is taking place around us. Edmund Burke the great orator and leader in England at the time of the Revolutionary War said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Multiculturalism is destroying our great nation. We are one nation under God, not one nation under many gods. The name of that one God is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The destruction of our nation is taking place by internal forces that may be encouraged by our external enemies. It is sad to see that some of these internal enemies of America reside in the halls of Congress such as "Crazy-Eyes" Nancy Pelosi and "Cry-Baby" Chuck Schumer. If you want to go to an insane asylum where the inmates run the place, go to Capitol Hill, Washington DC. The Democrats made me say this!

We are red-blooded Americans, and we will not give up our God, our flag, our national motto, and our guns. If the Marxists in this country are thinking of disarming the American people, they have already lost the war.

We have been in love with freedom too long to give it up now. Socialism suffocates people's initiative, but freedom invigorates people's creativity. We will not give a pumped fist to the hammer and sickle; but, we will proudly salute the stars and stripes as it passes by. We honor our troops in all foreign wars and we will not tolerate any group denigrating them. We honor and support our police, border patrol, and first respondents. We say to Antifa and BLM keep your dirty, Marxist hands off of them. Keep America First!

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