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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:15 AM


First Published in 1994


President Donald Trump and other well-known conservatives have for months given Americans a dire warning concerning universal mail-in ballots: that it could result in fraud, and that is what we are seeing this election. There have been reports that Republican poll watchers in some states, such as Philadelphia, PA, have been denied the opportunity to closely watch the counting of the mail-in ballots. In Philadelphia, there have been recent instances of voter fraud. Apparently, some of these people connected with the election in this city would make Al Capone, who was a mafia gangster in the 1930s, look like a preacher.

There also have been reports that some people have received more than one to six ballots in the mail to vote. Also, there are thousands upon thousands of mailed-out ballots that are still outstanding and unaccounted for across this country. Dead people, who have seemingly resurrected, have cast votes in our election, and they didn't have to stand in line to do it. This reminds me of the first congressional race of Democrat former President Lyndon B. Johnson, and it was later discovered that people from the graveyard voted for him. One of these votes for Johnson may have been Caspar the Friendly Ghost. There is another report that people who are not citizens of Nevada have voted in this election in that state. This is the disastrous result of universal mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots that have not been postmarked or signed may have been used to stuff the ballot box for Joe Biden. This is all a part of the designed political Democrat playbook on how to steal an election. Many Americans would trust Billy the Kid more than the thieving Democrats.

Billy the Kid may have robbed a bank or two, but he never stole a national election like the Democrats. Some may say that the Democrats can't steal an election. Then why did the Democrats with the help of the FBI try to impeach Trump with the Russian hoax episode? Also, why did the lamebrain Democrats talk of impeaching Trump over a good telephone call that he made with a foreign leader? Next, why did the FBI and the Democrats talked about removing Trump from office by using the 25th Amendment against him? There is not much doubt that the Democrat-sponsored universal mail-in ballots are a Trojan Horse to steal this election. The Democrats would say, "The devil made us do it." We would say, "For once you have told the truth!"

America has gone through many difficult challenges in its existence, and we have always come out stronger. The Democrat (Marxist) Party will not be able to fundamentally change our country as we hold to our God, Bible, and guns. There has been a repudiation of the Democrat Marxist agenda by the Republican's pickup of several US House seats from the Democrats. Also, it appears at this time that the Republicans will maintain a majority in the US Senate. This will prevent--if Biden and Harris are elected--to stop a Marxist take over to implement legislation to pack the US Supreme Court, end the Senate filibuster, and add DC and Puerto Rico as states to elect four more Democrat US Senators. Biden and Harris will essentially be dead in the political waters, and they will not be able to fully enact the Democrat Party's leftist agenda.

Kamala Harris has for many years been a pawn for the baby-killing organizations in this country. She has funded her political career with the blood money from abortions given to her by these slaughterhouse abortion mills. We believe Harris is a godless reprobate. Sad to say, Harris may have already sold her soul to the devil. She has some of the same sleazy attributes as the old western outlaw Belle Starr. This could be an insult to Starr by comparing her to Harris.

Joe (Conman) Biden is calling for national unity because he believes he will be elected as president. Why didn't Biden call for unity for the last four years while President Trump was continuously attacked by the deep state and the Democrat lying machine? Our answer to Biden is if you are officially elected, and we hope you're not, we intend to treat you the way your Democrat Marxist cohorts treated Trump. You will get no white flag of surrender from us. We will never unit with you and your leftist supporters of "same sex marriage," baby-killing, and anti-God, anti-guns and anti-America political goals.

The Republican House and Senate members of Congress need to get out on the front line in this fight for an open and free election. You cannot win a battle by staying in the foxhole. Don't sit on the sideline while Trump and his team are engaging the enemies of a free America. Fox News does not elect the president, but we the people do. The race for president is still in the counting phase. Joe Biden has not been officially elected as president until the electors for the electoral college make their votes on December 14 whether that will be Trump or Biden.

President Trump, keep up the good fight and we're behind you all the way.

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