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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:36 AM


First Published in 1994


Recently, the four stooge women named: "Stupid" (AOC), "Ignorant" (Omar), "Dummy" (Pressley), and "Imbecile" (Tlaib) who make up the Marxist Squad in Congress, have proposed and signed a declaration demanding that all Democrats recognize and support BLM. Also, BLM (Baboons, Liars, & Morons) has communicated to Joe Biden that it wants a meeting with him to discuss black liberation in America. We would like to send the Marxist Squad, BLM, and Antifa on a slow, one-way boat ride to China where everything is set up for them by Marxist ideology.

Everyone in this country has the liberty to choose their destiny through determination and hard work. But what BLM is really talking about concerning black liberation, is that it wants the rest of us to give them what we worked hard for. BLM is nothing more than a racist and a Marxist organization that is trying to use blackmail to get what it wants.

The baby-killer and sodomite organizations are already anticipating having a front seat at the Biden and Harris political table if they are officially elected.

Several months ago Governor Cuomo lit up New York City with pink lights to celebrate that New York legislature passed, and he signed into law, authorizing to kill unborn babies up until the time of birth. Then suddenly came the Coronavirus, and sad to say, New York paid a very heavy price in the largest number of cases and death anywhere in America and in some foreign countries. Could this be the judgment of God on New York and this country for the bloody slaughter of millions of unborn babies?

It is not inconceivable that under a Democrat majority in the House, Senate, and Biden and Harris in the White House that pastors, who preach against "same sex marriage" and abortion, could be charged with "hate-speech" crime. This has already happened years ago in Canada and some parts of Europe. Bible-believing preachers will never coward because of threats against them for preaching against sin. If the Marxists were to come against the preachers in this country, they will just have started a civil war.

Kamala Harris when she was running for the nomination for president of the Democrat Party said if she was nominated and then elected, on the first day in the Oval Office that she would sign an executive order to confiscate certain guns. This would be the first step to try confiscating all guns from citizens in America. Harris needs to lie down on the couch of her psychologist so he can psychoanalyze her. Probably what would happen is that her psychologist would end up on his couch from trying to figure out Harris. Every time the Marxists take control of a country they confiscate guns and eliminate free speech. This is a preview of the Biden and Harris Marxist agenda if they get the power to enact it. They are dedicated racists against white and black conservatives.

Why do the Marxists in this country hate conservatives? First of all, because we are politically incorrect and nonconformists. What irritates the Marxist Democrats the most is that they know they cannot intimidate us enough to make us accept their leftist agenda. They hate us because we teach our children and grandchildren to honor God, love their families, and to be patriotic to show their appreciation for America.

President Trump and Vice-President Pence are the faces of what it means to be a true American. Trump has rejuvenated old fashion American patriotism. He also has brought our country back to its prominent place on the world stage. Trump is not a globalist, but he is a strong proponent of American sovereignty. Our message to you, Mr. President, is to thank you for being a fighter for our liberties. May God bless and keep you as you continue to keep America free. We are praying for you as you continue to work to make sure this election was free and fair.

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