Under the cover of night, the Robert E. Lee statue was removed from Statutory Hall in the US Capitol where it stood beside our first president George Washington for many years. Virginia Governor Ralph (Black-faced) Northam--a leftist, crowd-pleasing Democrat--announced that the Marxists in his state wanted to replace the statue of Lee with that of Barbara Johns, a black activist.

America is greatly suffering from Marxist black syndrome. Joe Biden had to select a black woman to be his Vice President running mate. Johns was selected to replace Lee in Statutory Hall because she was a black person. On Capitol Hill in Washington DC, there is a group called the Congressional Black Caucus. What if there was a group called the Congressional White Caucus? All of these Marxist black demagogues would be screaming, "RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!" This is what we say to them: what's good for the goose is good for the gander, Baby! And the list goes on.

The political cockroaches that came out to celebrate the removal of the Lee statue was a representative from Northam's office, US Senator Tim Kane, and Congresswoman Jennifer Worton of Northern Virginia.

Northam said in a released statement, "The Confederacy is a symbol of Virginia's racist and divisive history, and it is pass time we tell our story with images of perseverance, diversity, and inclusion." This is nothing but Marxist political propaganda to try to tear down the heritage and history of the South. This kind of Marxist tactics will never succeed against the southern people.

US House Speaker Nancy (Senile) Pelosi called the removal of Lee, "welcomed news." These people are very willingly ignorant of the history during that time. The reason why they don't want to acknowledge the truth about the War for Southern Independence is because it does not fit into their Marxist narrative.

First of all, Lee was against slavery and he set his slaves free several years before the war began. On December 27, 1856, Lee wrote a letter to his wife and in it, he said, "slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country…"

Lee also was a strong believer in Jesus Christ. Chaplains Jones and Lacey told him that all the chaplains were praying for him. Lee said, "Please thank them for that, Sir--I warmly appreciate it. And I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ for salvation, and need all of the prayers they can offer me."

Martin Luther King's head bust, whom the Marxist adore, remands in Statutory Hall of the US Capitol. It is common knowledge that King was a Marxist and a habitual adulterer. He used his position to seduce several women. Lee's life was that of a saint compared to King's corrupt activities in life. King disgraced his wife and family through his immoral living. This is all verified in the book by Ralph Abernathy entitled "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down."

Porky the Pig is alive and well, and he would be proud of our US Congress for all the pork barrel items in the recent coronavirus relief bill with very little in comparison for actual, direct, financial payments for the American people. Our Republican representatives in Congress should be ashamed of themselves for passing such a bill. President Trump should have vetoed this measure and send it back to Congress. This way they could have cut out the pork barrel fat and help the American people more. This type of irresponsible spending is sinking our country into an abyss of unnecessary national debt, and puts America into bondage to China and other countries that finance our debt.

The illegitimate President-elect Joe Biden has already sent up political smoke signals that were seen in Mexico and other countries, that he is going to resend the policies that Trump has put in place to shut down illegal immigration. The mad rush to the border by illegals, drug cartel members, gangs, and criminals of all sorts have begun in earnest. They will be bringing into our country drugs that kill, violence against our citizens, and destruction to our properties. Biden and his Marxist friends want open borders and a pathway for citizenship for illegals to increase their ranks of potential Democrat voters. We cannot as a country tolerate illegal immigration because it will take America down to a third-world level. Our pro-America militias must be activated to patrol and protect our neighborhoods, streets, and southwest border.

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