As the battle for freedom between Truckers and officials marches on for our neighbors in Canada, Truckers in the United States are creating their own convoy to head to our nation's capital to peacefully redress their government. This convoy will include many of who are also ready to stand against the mandates. What this means for corrupted politicians is an attempt to use their power to silence the majority by any means necessary, which we are already seeing done to our freedom-loving neighbors in the North. Therefore, it would be wise to have a look at the many scare tactics the swamp will try to use in an attempt to divide The Truckers in March.

Attempting an arrest will be the first tactic for anyone the authorities see as vulnerable, the reason why this scare tactic is successful is that no one expects to be arrested in a peaceful protest. With this upcoming convoy, it is guaranteed the police will betray the constitution despite the protestor's support for them. Thus, having a buddy system big enough for police officers to not prey upon individuals will be a smart move when entering the capital. Make certain to know all weapon laws for the jurisdiction as well.

The next tactic is the removal of resources, this means creating a shortage of fuel or food for anyone who will be in D.C. next month. This tactic is already being used in Canada, with reports of police officers confiscating gasoline from fellow truckers along with arresting anyone who helped fuel the trucks. In the case of food, Mayor Muriel Bowser may encourage nearby restaurants to close when the convoy arrives. Which will not only lead to a lack of food in the area but also a lack of bathrooms as well. For that reason, either plan to stash excess food and gas or find Trucker-friendly places that will allow you to hold out for the next couple of days or even weeks in advance.

Lastly, be aware of the tyrant's favorite tactic, the manipulation of media. Without a doubt, this convoy will be portrayed as another government takeover when in reality it is mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives unable to provide for their families due to the strict mandates causing irreparable economic damage. This won't matter for our nation's elite, who will continue to portray the convoy in a negative light to distract from their corruption. I strongly encourage that you either rehearse what you will want to say or don't engage at all. That way you don't give any form of ammunition for the mainstream media to continue their deception, or allow crazy left-wing agitators to recognize you. When, and it is not an if, a saboteur appears waving white supremacy symbols, immediately separate from that individual and publicly announce that the person is not part of the convoy and does not represent the movement.

Remember that this may be the last stand before the United States falls to an unrecognizable dystopic vision, and never forget that there are more of us than there are of them. Wage the battle with honor, civility, dignity, and remain lawful. Stepping into the swamp will alert these corrupted officials, who will make their greatest attempt yet to target, smear, and intimidate those who oppose them. As long as we are united and prepared, we will be on our way to writing history on how we regained our freedoms once again.