Mike LaPierre State House Candidate

Politicians often neglect discussing the all-consuming nature of the Lord our God.

We may mention an awareness of the Creator or "touch base" with Him in a cursory prayer before or after a political event, but have you ever listened to a political figure wax eloquent and DECISIVE about the power of the GREAT I AM in the political arena?

The answer is a resounding NO! Even those with a ministerial background, now turned politicians, nibble around the edges when it comes to religion and politics. Instead, we leave it to the great political leaders of yesteryear who were men and women of faith to sound the alarm for faith, freedom, and virtue in the public square of 2022. Where are our Christian political leaders today? Why are they cowering in the corners of servitude and bondage of the secular humanist political arrangement?

The 2022 version of Separation of Church and State has frightened us into believing a lie. It is one of the biggest political lies of all time. We have been educated (indoctrinated) into believing that the spiritual should NEVER be entangled in the slightest way with the affairs of government (Lemon vs. Kurtzman).

This is simply not true. Our Forefathers believed that the power of God in our politics would tamp down the immoderations of our human cravings and chart a more virtuous and wholesome pathway forward. All of the great political philosophers of times gone by have recognized that America was sustained by her habits, mores, and spiritual beliefs.

Great men of political history have all adorned their legacies with the belief that religion and virtue must be at the forefront of our resolve and the great American experiment. They understood that the all-consuming nature of God Almighty and the reverent obedience of her citizenry to their respective faith, would sustain a nation for the ages.

However, our Founding Fathers also knew that if we abandoned our center of attention and replaced it with a love for earthly lusts and human ingenuity, that we would be doomed to failure. In other words, we’ll come out the back side of history looking like a shell of her original self. The righteousness, spiritual well-being, and the loving kindness that once emanated from her citizens will give way to the quest for our individual rights "so-called." An inward focus to be sure.

As a public servant, I am asking you to fondly remember our Framer's understanding of the power and the all-consuming nature of God in the body politic. I am also asking you that we do EVERYTHING we can to restore the harmonious relationship between Church and State.

We need prayer back in our public schools. We need the 10 Commandments back in our public schools. We need the Bible back in our public schools. We need to remove any semblance of hatred, vitriol, and divisiveness found in Critical Race Theory.

My name is Mike LaPierre, I am a Christian who is running for the United State House of Representatives in SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. I will be on the front lines and fight to save the complementary  and harmonious nature of Church and State.

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