My dad, J. M. Jenkins, way back in the 70’s knew what was going to be the downfall of our great Nation ... I remember it very well, sitting around the kitchen table listening to him talk about HUMANISM ... and he was so right on target ... what a visionary. I can now see that his concern for HUMANISM was well-deserved. I honestly believe HUMANISM is the root cause of all the problems we now face. My dad was a visionary. This great Nation is in free fall due to HUMANISM.

For those of you who do not know what HUMANISM is: It is a form of religion that attaches prime importance to the human being rather than GOD. It stresses the value of humans’ needs, and seeks solely to use rational ways of solving problems. It is all about social justice and equality for humans based on each human’s wants or needs ... NOT based on what God’s will is.

Our Government has been denying freedom of religion to Christians because their beliefs are contrary to HUMANISM (in my Dad’s opinion back in the 70’s was becoming the state’s religion). And I truly believe he is right. We think the first amendment is in place and being followed but, in reality, HUMANISM is the accepted religion and everyone is being forced to follow.

For example, let’s look at our public schools:

Isn’t it acceptable for a teacher to discuss the supremacy of man...however they better not discuss the supremacy of God?

Isn’t it acceptable for teachers to teach the theory of evolution without a Creator, but they better not teach Creation?

Isn’t it acceptable for a teacher to quote great men in history... but they better not quote the great people in the Bible?

Isn’t it acceptable for teachers to tell students that they must think about their responsibility to the greater good of the community, but they better not suggest to students they should follow the moral values of the Bible. And they surely better not post the TEN COMMANDMENTS!

Isn’t it acceptable for teachers to tell students their goal in life should be college/career ready and the ultimate goal is financial success? And it is forbidden for a teacher to tell them to be concerned about their eternal life in heaven?

Isn’t it okay for a teacher to tell students “I’m okay and you’re okay” and we should all tolerate everyone and not judge others until we walk in their shoes ... but they better not tell students they have sinned and must repent?

Our Government claims separation of religion and state: however, I suggest our Government has established a religion ... HUMANISM!


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