In a letter to the editor one year ago, right after President Obama’s first speech as our new president, I voiced some of my fears and some of my hopes about how he would lead the nation. As I listened to his State of the Union speech a couple of months ago I compared his highflown promises of a year ago with what he has accomplished in a year, and I say this to him.

“Mr. President, I see a year of unparallel citizen unrest, of unemployment, accelerated racism, indecisiveness, confusion and anger. You are trying to achieve the change we don’t want, but where is the hope?

“You refuse to take any responsibility for the sad state of the union, and continue to criticize your predecessor, George Bush.

“Because you have the highest office in the land, it lets you sit in the cat-bird’s seat. You now have the media’s megaphone, but you’re using it trying to impose your will on the people for policies they don’t want.

“You fly around the world in Air Force One, burning expensive fuel while folks out here are straining their budget to buy a tank of gas. You strut around acting more like royalty than the leader of a dem-ocratic republic. Mr. President, you are occupying the house owned by all of us – not just Democrats, and don’t forget this, ALL of us pay your salary.

“Because of your flair with words and your power of persuasion, you were able to do a real snow job on the gullible among us. You got elected by the uninformed, and the liberal Democrats who were desperate to get back in power.

“In the year you have been in office I see no love of country demonstrated by you. No awareness of American history and tradition. Do you know, or are you interested in such history as the great western migration, and American pioneers who struggled to colonize and settle this land? Most of our past presidents have had deep roots in U.S. soil, and a great awareness of our heritage. You cannot help the circumstances of your birth, but how could you have taken advantage of a good U.S. education (mostly Free) and be so ignorant of who Americans really are?

“An overwhelming majority of us believe that your health-care plan is not about our health at all, but about your legacy. You ended your powwow with congressional leaders with a threat of forcing this plan whether we want it or not. Sir, how do you see us as your Fellow Americans; as being free and independent, or as subservient?

“Most people, whether they voted for you or not, were willing to bear with you, but expected you to handle the job with respect for all opinions. We expected you to be Fair and unbiased. It’s as if you are in a contest with all who disagree with you. Is it going to be a constant tug-of-war with your supposed rivals for three more years?

“You need to talk less and listen more, and you will learn that nothing stiffens the backs of Americans more than being jerked around”


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