The U.S. of A divided up into ten regions, having an appointed governor, holding dictorial powers, with military enforcement, under martial law. This wouldn’t be the first time in American history that such has taken place. That’s a fact. Instead of ten regions there were five, having every element as read in the first line above. The differences between the ten regions to come and the five of America’s past will be their years implicated and their technologies, with both having been against the will of the people of the times.

E-mail the Article V Group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the “South Carolina Law Quarterly” and read pages 492-500 and discover the first time this happened. Also, request “Fall of Constitutional Government.” By chance should your e-mail bounce back, call us at (843) 875-3597. American regional government does have a past and is the blueprint as to what may lay ahead. Learn about it, as the material is free, sent back e-mail, you can send it on to others, share the knowledge. To understand the future, study the past.


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