Cesspool (Def.#2):  A center of moral filth and corruption.

Yes, how else to currently define just what is going on in Washington, DC, and Columbia, SC. Cesspools!

Just think: literally all South Carolina Republicans candidates and office holders  (and presumably nationally), all they have to do is campaign as 'prolife, protect the 2nd Amendment, cut government and taxes,' and they are a shoe-in generally to get elected. And when they vote 'questionably' on a certain bill (usually about 20% ok, and 80% more government-which they never acknowledge!), their office has the arguments (supplied by the corrupt GOP leadership) as to why they voted as they did.  But truly, rarely, are they ever held to account.  And come re-election time, they are back with the 'pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and so forth.

But the cesspool is growing and out-of-control:

1) 18 years of undeclared, no-win wars in the Middle East, with endless death and destruction, and the continuous maimed veterans returning home; 2) the totally wasteful 'war on poverty' (truly a worthless, failed 'reparations!), which has only created a permanent, dependent class; the small percentage of survivors who have graduated to success is dwarfed by it's overwhelming permanent recipients; 3) The cesspool of leadership of both major parties, such that, an increase in (unconstitutional) military spending must be accompanied by a similar increase in  (unconstitutional) spending in welfare spending! (perish the thought of a cut in spending!); 4) the cesspool of welfare as demonstrated by the decadence, crime, filth, rats, et al in Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle; 5) the idiocy that literally everything is 'racial/racist'.

And continuing with 'minor'-but not truly minor issues:  6) the double-standard in justice, 7) the abusive and purposeful attack on civility, 8) the feminists and 'metoo' failure to oppose 'transgender males' invasion of female sports, 9) the recent speech of VP Pence at the U.S. Military Academy in which he emphasized the 'inevitability of war' and NOT preparing for 'peace through strength.' And my final point of the cesspool, is the flagrant attack on a) our American Values, and b) our Christian faith. The Church--that's you  and me!--and our pastorship need to strongly oppose these 'cesspool' forces!

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