Jussie Smollett, the drug-addicted, anti-white, anti-Trump celebrity who cried wolf, was convicted last week on five out of six felony counts of disorderly conduct after falsely reporting to Chicago police that he was a victim of a hate crime attack in the sub-zero morning hours of Jan. 29, 2019.

Let us revel in the criminal comeuppance of a Hollywood liar. It's rarer than spotting a pair of MAGA redneck viewers of the liberal, anti-cop black TV drama, "Empire," at 2 a.m. in downtown Chicago. LOL.

Speaking of whom, here's a breaking news update in perpetuity: Smollett's two phantom conservative white assailants -- who somehow recognized the C-list actor and somehow knew he was gay and somehow just happened to be carrying around a "noose" along with a hot sauce bottle filled with bleach -- are still on the loose.

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The profit-maximizing corporations that covet your "digital health" data hide behind nonprofit umbrella groups that pose as public interest do-gooders. These vaccine passport profiteers are turning millions of human beings into walking QR codes in the name of fighting COVID-19 and under the guise of bringing "normalcy" back. It's an unprecedented worldwide racket that rewards compliant sheep and punishes free-thinking, autonomy-seeking citizens.

Let's name them.

Here in my adopted home of Colorado, the state government is pimping the Smart Health Card "allowing users to verify and share their vaccination status." Who's behind Smart Health Card technology, which is now being used in Canada, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Australia and a total of 12 states, including California, Washington state, Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Oregon -- as well as CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies, Kaiser Permanente, UC Health, Walgreens, Walmart, Express Scripts and United Healthcare Services?

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Back in August, as the Biden administration prepared to dump 82,000-plus Afghan refugees onto U.S. soil, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security assured Americans that it was "working around the clock to conduct the security screening and vetting of vulnerable Afghans before they are permitted entry into the United States" and taking "multiple steps to ensure that those seeking entry do not pose a national security or public safety risk."

We were told that "the rigorous screening and vetting process, which is multi-layered and ongoing, involves biometric and biographic screenings conducted by intelligence, law enforcement, and counterterrorism professionals from DHS and DOD, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and additional intelligence community partners."

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I dare you to look, with a clear and unfiltered lens, at the bloody nightmare we once called the United States of America.

Connect the dots. Contemplate the utter chaos in every major city while Black Lives Matter militants, academics and bureaucrats prattle on about "systemic racism" and "two-tiered justice." It's about much more than the horrific mass murders and attempted murders in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the annual Christmas parade will now forever be stained by the wanton acts of alleged killer Darrell Brooks -- a convicted sex offender and domestic abuser who sailed through George Soros-funded Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's soft-on-black crime revolving door like a Six Flags season pass holder.

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These are abridged remarks I gave Tuesday morning in Baltimore at the "Enough is Enough" protest across from the annual gathering of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Church Militant senior producer and St. Michael's Media founder Michael Voris was forced to go to court to hold the prayer rally and gathering of Catholic dissidents after their permit was canceled by Baltimore's speech-squelching city solicitor James Shea. Baltimore authorities baselessly accused Voris and scheduled speakers of promoting violence; the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower district judge's ruling that "the First Amendment to the Constitution is at the heart of this case ... The city cannot conjure up hypothetical hecklers and then grant them veto power."

I would first like to address the evil corruptocrats here in the city of Baltimore, right across from us at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, down at the White House, perched in the Vatican, and deeply embedded in the Deep State and Creep State. Look at my face and the faces of every single Catholic bearing witness here today. Hear our voices. Heed our words. We will not be silenced.

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