I'm not mad that some venture capital mogul (whom I'd never heard of before) said this week on a podcast (which I'd also never heard of before) that "nobody cares about what's happening to the Uyghurs."

I am, however, mildly (but not surprisingly) annoyed that this blundering billionaire backed down so quickly in the face of exactly the kind of virtue-signaling bloviators whom he so rightfully criticized in the first place.

Chamath Palihapitiya, who is apparently a former AOL and Facebook executive and founder of a Palo Alto investment firm called Social Capital, outraged the perpetually outraged mob by dismissing his co-host Jason Calacanis' praise for the Biden administration's "very strong" support of Muslim Uyghurs in China.

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"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to wreck America's election integrity."

Yes, my friends, it's time to change the (in)famous phrase at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Open borders are not just a recipe for replacing native-born workers with cheap foreign labor and trading assimilation for multicultural militancy. They're about undermining the historic nation through devalued citizenship and sabotage of the precious right to vote.

Over the weekend, New York City's Democrat mayor Eric Adams threw his support to a City Council-approved measure to allow an estimated 800,000 local noncitizens to participate in local elections. The newly minted voters would include green-card holders, temporary visa holders, including H-1B workers mostly from China and India, F-1/Optional Practical Training foreign university students with employment authorization, and potentially unknown masses of illegal alien so-called Dreamers.

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If nothing else, the past two years have demonstrated with blazing clarity how the ruling elites live by one set of rules and impose an entirely separate set of rules on the unfavored, ostracized, dispossessed and deplatformed.

As a member of the print, broadcast and internet media for the past 30 years, I cannot emphasize enough how complicit so-called mainstream journalists are in perpetuating such double standards and stoking hatred of dissidents. The Fourth Estate will spare no one -- not even the dead -- in its ruthless pursuit of absolute power over political narratives.

Let us consider a widely disseminated hit piece by Associated Press investigative reporter Michael Biesecker published on Jan. 3. Here's the bias-laden title that reads more like an MSNBC op-ed whine than a straight news headline:

"Ashli Babbitt a Martyr? Her Past Tells a More Complex Story."

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Before Kyle Rittenhouse became a household name, there was Steven Baca. You probably never knew or maybe have forgotten who Steven is. I'd like to dedicate my last column of 2021 reminding you of his plight and asking you to help me support his defense of the right to self-defense. Steven's case matters because the woke, George Soros-funded district attorney leading the witch-hunt prosecution against Steven may soon be New Mexico's next attorney general if good people do nothing.

Flashback to June 15, 2020: Across America, mayhem and mob anarchy reigned. It had been three weeks since the police-involved death of Minneapolis career criminal and drug addict George Floyd. Black Lives Matter terrorists weaponized chaos nationwide to loot, pillage and burn down businesses small and large. Antifa militants exploited every opportunity to target precious symbols of our national heritage and history, vandalize federal court buildings and churches, and menace all who stood in their way.

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Dear Lee: I never had a chance to meet you. But I will never forget you -- and I will do my best to ensure that you are not forgotten.

As the owner of Crossfire Hats in Brighton, Colorado, your craftsmanship and artistry were renowned -- and you garnered local media attention for your success for over two decades in the highly specialized business. You told one interviewer that your work making custom cowboy hats was "keeping the West alive, one hat at a time" and that your products represented the "history of the West." You said you were a "country boy" who "love(d) being an artist."

Your friend and fellow hatter Steven Weil, owner of Rockmount Ranch Manufacturing Company, told KDVR 31 News that Lee Keltner was "a Western guy, he followed the cowboy code." He praised you as "a man of integrity" and "honest person."

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