Just as a wave of crucial midterm primary elections kick off around the country this spring, the conveniently scheduled leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade became America's new weapon of manufactured mass distraction.

Left-wing abortifa agitators descended on the Supreme Court steps in Washington, howling, "Fascist scum has got to go."

Unhinged TikTokers called for "riots," "gas" and "torches"; "burning it all to the ground" by targeting "all those old white men and the women who support them"; and "mayhem in the streets" that will dwarf the "global protests around George Floyd."

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Seven-term former U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah died last weekend, and accolades came pouring in from both sides of the political spectrum. This is not any kind of testament to his character or ability to "bring both sides together." It's really just proof that the toxic Washington Swamp is run by a uniparty of entrenched elites and their corrupt coterie of oligarch donors.

I've said it for more than two decades, and I'll say it again because no one else will: The unvarnished truth is that Orrin Hatch was an open-borders globalist who served Big Tech oligarchs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce traitors and USS government careerists while stabbing American workers and citizens in the back for his entire public life. He was a prototypical wheeler-dealer driven by self-preservation, not by principle. His political wisdom was of the wet-finger-in-the-wind variety, claiming a Reagan conservative mantle during election cycles and then throwing constitutional conservatives under the bus once comfortably back in his well-worn Senate committee seats.

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"The Angel of Death checks into an Airbnb."

"2 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Pittsburgh Airbnb party."

"Arrest made in drug deal murder at Florida Airbnb, deputies looking for another suspect."

"Double homicide at Draper (Utah) Airbnb party began with fight over broken beer bottles."

Those bloody local news headlines in Pennsylvania, Florida and Utah last week once again expose the ongoing farce of Big Tech's "trust and safety" theater. Across America and around the world, violent thugs and rapists, hidden-camera creeps, human and drug traffickers, and wily scammers have hijacked Airbnb rental homes for criminal and nefarious purposes. Yet, it's peaceful, law-abiding and right-thinking families like mine who've been publicly smeared, persecuted, kicked off the online home rental platform and branded "extremist" security threats by vengeful gatekeepers at Airbnb.

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Everything old is new again as a new generation of parents takes on kiddie-porn curriculum producers masquerading as anti-bullying crusaders. So let me repeat a warning I've issued repeatedly to families across the country: "Diversity." "Tolerance." "Safety." If a corporate-funded educational nonprofit targeting K-12 students employs those weasel words, get your kids as far away as possible, start following the money and stop being afraid.

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In the fall of 2020, I warned repeatedly on social media, TV and in my syndicated column about the Zuckerberg Heist -- Silicon Valley's hijacking of our election system through a private nonprofit called the Center for Tech and Civic Life. CTCL was funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to the tune of $350 million. Election information-rigging Google joined as a top corporate partner, along with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Democracy Fund (founded by Never Trumper billionaire and eBay former chairman Pierre Omidyar).

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