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Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia
Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia

On Friday and Saturday, August 11-12, 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia, was the scene of conflict originating in the City Council’s attempt to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from a prominent city park. Most people did not favor this removal. An organization with various motives, calling itself “Unite the Right,” was granted a protest rally permit by the City Council under court pressure to preserve free speech rights. The “Unite the Right” motif dominated Friday evening, but most of the rank and file attendance at the Saturday rally were there to defend keeping the Lee statue and other Southern heritage memorials generally rather than establishing a political movement. Moreover, the clash and violence that resulted on Saturday August 12 was basically perpetrated by Antifa and Black Live Matter, which had the sympathies of key City officials. The Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, was a Black Lives Matter member. Michael Signer, the Mayor was a left-leaning Democrat hoping to embarrass President Trump by making Charlottesville a prominent sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Viewing videos of the August 12 street violence indicates Antifa was driving that violence. The actions of Charlottesville Police leaders drove many of the legal rally crowd into the raging Antifa and Black Lives Matter mob. A woman was fatally injured by an auto driver trying to escape the mob. Who really bears the responsibility?

Six months earlier, at a City Council meeting February 6, most of the citizens speaking supported keeping the statue. One of these was Kenneth Jackson, who is an African-American. He argued that the controversy surrounding the statue is a new phenomenon that is being perpetuated unnecessarily:

“I can tell y’all, we didn’t have these issues. We grew up together. I used to walk through every neighborhood,” he said. “Don’t play black folks for a fool.  This disgusts me — and you’re supposed to be our leaders? Our parents didn’t hate the statue.” 

Joe Biden’s favorite lie about President Donald Trump comes from a misrepresentation of both the events that occurred in Charlottesville and a misrepresentation and distortion of President Trump’s later remarks. This lie about Trump is vicious and has been adopted by Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and almost the entire Democratic Party in its strategy of stirring up racial division and hatred to win minority and naïve liberal votes in the 2020 election.  It has also been adapted without scrutiny by most of the irresponsible left-leaning establishment media, including recent Presidential debate moderators Chris Wallace and Susan Page. 

In a live YouTube interview by YouTube blogger Charles Patrick, an eyewitness claimed that people wearing KKK and Nazi identification on T-shirts and clothing got off some of the six chartered busloads of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters delivered to Charlottesville on August 12 at about 11 AM.  Patrick’s August 20 YouTube interview has been suppressed by major social media companies.

The unidentified witness interviewed was a long-time friend.  Charles Patrick is an African- American, who disapproves of Antifa and many Democratic Party tactics and believes BLM is misleading many blacks. The woman-witness remains unidentified in order to protect her from harm or vindictive persecution. Judging from her voice and discussion of events, she is probably white. She was working near Charlottesville at the time and frequently had lunch with friends at a restaurant near the scene of events. 

Here is a partial transcript of Patrick’s 38 minute YouTube video interview of the witness:

Charles Patrick: “What color were these buses?”

Eyewitness: “They were like a dark charcoal gray. I didn’t notice any writing, but you know there was some trees and people and stuff in between us and the buses so, I mean I didn’t see any names, but I know they were all the same.

Charles Patrick: “The buses were all the same. I know you told me earlier they were like back- to-back, like bumper-to-bumper.”

Eyewitness “Yeah, bumper-to-bumper, like when school buses all follow each other to an out-of-town football game. You know, they followed each other like, so they don’t change lanes, they were going bumper-to-bumper.

Charles Patrick: “I understand what you’re saying. They were together.”

Eyewitness: “Yes, so they pull up and my first thought is it’s a tour because I had been finding out about the history of the town and thought it’s a pretty interesting town. You know, there’s some rich culture here. Maybe there’s, I don’t know, a tour going on. You know, like old people go to Vegas together, you know.

Charles Patrick: “So, it’s a tourist town. So when you seen the buses, it was like a tourist bus?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, that’s what I thought, it was like a charter bus. You know, the University of Virginia is here too,   so it could have been for anything. So, everybody in the restaurant, I mean you could hear a cricket, everybody was just looking. So you could tell that the town, the locals were not used to seeing something like that. And I mean within, I want to say 10 or 15 seconds, people came running off the bus and just flooded the place. I don’t care what anybody says and I don’t care if anybody believes me, but these people came off that bus ready to, I don’t know, work, ready to fight. They had on helmets. They had on kneepads and elbow pads and face guards and mouthpieces and purses and bags and backpacks full of things, carrying…”

Charles Patrick: “Hold on. Were these all white people getting off the bus?”

Eyewitness: “No, no, no, no. There were just as many black people as there were white people getting off the same buses. There were just as many women as there were men.”

Charles Patrick: “So, white people, black people, men and women got off the bus, is what you’re telling me. Right?”

Eyewitness: “Got off the SAME bus. I even saw some people carrying, you know those shields that police men use for riots that you see on videos and stuff, there were people carrying those off the bus.”

Charles Patrick: “Really?”

Eyewitness: “Yes.”

Charles Patrick: “Now, these black and white people that got off the bus. Are these the ones that had on T-shirts?”

Eyewitness: “There was T-shirts. There was emblems. Now I don’t recognize all the different groups that are out there. The ones that I know of are BLM, Black Lives Matter, the KKK.”

Charles Patrick: “Now, you’ve seen these emblems, is what you’re saying?”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, I did and not just one or two. Everybody on those buses that came off those buses had something on there that caught my attention. ‘Oh my God, that’s the KKK. Oh my God, that’s the BLM.”

Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. You’re telling me that Black Lives Matter and the KKK got off the same damn bus.”

Eyewitness: “Yeah, but wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think I might have left something out. Those people I was talking about who were having those civilized conversations in the restaurant and in the town, they were also BLM. Um, I didn’t see any KKK or anything like that, but after seeing the people you could tell, or they would even offer up the information that they were affiliated or associated or in the KKK or some other Arian, whatever, but they were having conversations with each other.”

Charles Patrick: “You’re saying that in the restaurants, Black Lives Matter and the KKK were having civil conversations?”

Eyewitness: “Yes, they were! They were talking like you and I are talking.”

Charles Patrick: “Now, when everybody disembarked the buses, what happened then?”

Eyewitness: “Well um, there was a couple of men in the restaurant that kind of led us all back to the back door, which led into the alley. And a lot of us had parked there in the alley, but there was, I want to say, probably 20 or 30 of us. We went out the back door because the people from the buses were coming from the front. And they weren’t walking. They weren’t skipping. They were full on running and screaming and throwing things. I mean they came off the bus angered and running to do damage.”

The witness also mentioned that one of the restaurant customers was injured by a missile hurled by one of the Antifa/BLM invaders, throwing bricks and 20 oz. bottles filled with concrete.

Note to those who dismiss Antifa as only an idea: Ideas do not hurl 20 oz. bottles filled with concrete at people.

Much has been said in the media about the KKK and Nazis being at Charlottesville. But who were they really? Does it make sense that the KKK rides to riots in the same busses as Antifa?

The False Flag is one of the oldest tricks of deception in warfare, especially political warfare.  It causes your enemies to be blamed for your crimes, and forms the excuse for tyrants to attack peaceful nations. It is frequently used to stir up racial hatred to advance political purposes. “Charlottesville” is a notable example of a well orchestrated False Flag operation.  

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