Election 2020 Marred by Massive Vote Fraud

Sidney PowellWe have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”—Joe Biden, October 24, 2020.

Joe Biden probably did not mean to say this. He is famous for muddling his verbal communications, but the evidence is mounting that he inadvertently spoke the truth. 

The truth of collusion for tyranny by massive vote fraud is unfolding as hundreds of affidavits and other commanding documentary evidence accompany law suits alleging massive vote fraud in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, with more to come. Most of the mainstream media continue to cover up and deny the credibility of these suits, but mountains of evidence and personal testimonies are making massive vote fraud in the 2020 elections obvious and undeniable. The mainstream media have manifested so much dishonesty and demented hatred for Donald Trump that they have lost all public credibility  So much so, that One America News (OAN) has called the mainstream media Trump’s real opponent in the 2020 Election, rather than Joe Biden. This collusive coalition of media, globalist corporations, leftist academia, deep state government, and radical Democratic Party ideologies has terribly damaged the credibility of the U.S. Presidential Election and threatens the established freedoms and prosperity of all Americans.

Democrat vote margins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have now been challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court, and there is ample evidence of massive vote fraud and vote count irregularities. There is also evidence of considerable counting irregularities in Georgia and enough to file suit in Arizona and Nevada. Any close votes in North Carolina should also be scrupulously recounted as both the North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and the Director of the State Board of Elections, Karen Bell, were involved in attempting to change vote counting right before the election, for which they were severely reprimanded by a Federal Judge and did not have the required approval of the North Carolina General Assembly.   

In a recent interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, former New York city Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani stated that up to 900,000 invalid votes were cast in the state of Pennsylvania alone and that more than 50 witnesses are willing to testify to serious violations of election laws for evaluating and counting ballots.  This was especially rampant in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, which accounted for 650,000 unlawfully counted ballots. This was done, while Republican poll watchers were deliberately excluded from observing the count for 24 hours.  

Wisconsin voters have filed a suit with the U.S. District Court for Eastern Wisconsin to exclude over 792,000 votes in three counties. The civil action alleges that there is sufficient evidence that illegal votes were counted in Milwaukee, Dane, and Menominee counties to change the results of the Presidential Election. Numerous irregularities of double-counting, non-registered, deceased, and non-resident voters were found. Computer analysis also pointed to significant irregularities in vote counting.

Trump has also added North Carolina native Sidney Powell, one of the most respected investigative attorneys in the nation and attorney for Gen. Michael Flynn, to his campaign election team. Readers should see her recent interviews with Lou Dobbs and with Maria Bartiromo, both on Fox Business. Powell stated that Trump had actually won by a landslide, but millions of votes were switched from Trump to Biden or simply added to the Biden total to win the election in the early hours of morning following the closing of the polls. This occurred almost simultaneously in seven “swing” states. She believes this was a conspiracy to further alter the adjustments made by Dominion Voting Systems needed to make sure Biden won. This also coincided with denying Republican poll watchers access for observing counting of mail-in ballots.  She has record of an unusual number of votes only for Biden with no other down-ballot race votes—450,000 in key battle ground states—a strong signal of massive late stage vote fraud for Biden.  

In her interview with Bartiromo, Powell indicated three states had probable computer fraud favorable to Biden ranging from at least 80,000 to 115,000 votes. She has been in touch with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, engineering PhD from MIT, whose team has statistical evidence that at least 69,000 votes in the three largest Michigan counties were switched from Trump to Biden, giving Biden a 138,000 vote lead. The finding of vote fraud in these counties has less than a one percent chance of error. Michigan, with its radical Democrat Governor and Attorney General, are resisting even a vote recount. Yet the Michigan vote seems among the most suspicious with mounting affidavits of egregious misconduct. 

According to Powell, Dominion Voting Systems first developed its technique of election fraud in Venezuela with financial help from Cuba and China. It has now been used around the world to deny people free elections. It was used in 28 states for the 2020 elections. It was used in all 159 counties in Georgia this year and in 48 of 83 counties in Michigan. Georgia has also seen an increased number of voting and counting irregularities in the Atlanta area this year.

Much of the voting fraud suspicion in Georgia involves the lack of valid signature verification for absentee ballots of which there were unusually large numbers. The Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, unlawfully compromised the election rules authority that belongs to the state legislature, thus giving potential vote fraud a boost. This change was negotiated in a civil suit by former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. This is the same unlawful method of making voting laws as was recently attempted by North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein. This recent pattern of violating state legislative authority to determine election laws appears common to all seven battle ground states now in controversy.

According to Powell, computer vote fraud has also been used in Democrat primaries to favor establishment Democrat candidates and may have been used in some Republican primaries.                 

Rigging computers and software may be a profitable business involving bribery of elected or appointed state officials. She also criticized the Department of Justice and especially the FBI for ignoring the problems of increasing voter fraud and failing to prosecute them. She noted that an FBI agent had recently spent four hours trying to bully a Michigan postal employee out of his testimony that he was given orders to back-date receipt of voting mail to Election Day.  Vote fraud is a very serious Federal felony. She called the 2020 election fraud a huge and widening nationwide criminal conspiracy and vowed to see every perpetrator face criminal charges. Reading between her careful lines, I got a strong impression that some Republicans might be guilty of unlawful facilitation of voting rule changes increasing chances of voter fraud. 

There is another vote problem that is not getting enough attention. It is highly probable that a least a few million and maybe several million non-citizens are voting in U.S. elections. Non-citizen voting is made much easier with the lack of voter ID and unvetted or poorly vetted voter registration. It is made super-easy by mailing out unrequested ballots, which can be gathered up by anyone. States that mail out unrequested ballots are a serious vote fraud risk. It almost guarantees vote fraud and crooked government.

Massive vote fraud is only part of the Radical social, cultural, economic, and political Revolution that threatens within weeks to overturn the American Republic, its true history, and its traditions. Most of the mainstream media is in lock-step in propagating the new Leftist mandatory social, cultural, economic, and political lies and agendas. If  most of your news comes from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Atlantic, and their like, you probably have no clue that your country and the freedoms and opportunities you have enjoyed are about to be destroyed by a collusion for tyranny. Even parts of Fox News have gone over. The coalition of tyranny includes dominant media, education, giant corporatist businesses, and the Big Tech or Silicon Valley Brotherhood, and of course the ever self-perpetuating Federal Deep State.  

These media and communication power centers completely suppressed multiple sources of hard evidence that Joe Biden was involved as the ultimate chief decision maker in schemes employing Biden family members to take millions of dollars from Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakhstan, and Chinese oligarchs and Communist Party officials seeking to influence U.S. decision making through Biden. They have also actively suppressed and sought to dismiss extensive evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 Election and even insisted on declaring Biden the winner while enormous vote count and unlawful irregularities were nowhere near being resolved.

Through huge Big Tech leviathans, globalist oriented corporatists, entertainment personalities, and social radical funding in 2020, Republican Senate and House candidates were outspent two to three to one. Unprecedented sums of out-of-state money tried to buy Senate seats in North and South Carolina. Fortunately, most of this spending was unsuccessful in securing complete Democrat Party dominance of Congress. However, we have two Senate races in Georgia, which we must win, although we may still have to endure compromised voting rules. Republican wins in Georgia are necessary to save the country. 

The country will move sharply left if the vote fraud scheme achieves its purpose. It will never return to freedom unless Providence mercifully intervenes.

If the Left wins, China will soon become the world’s strongest economic and military power. A “woke” and under-financed military with left-radical-leaning leadership will not be an effective fighting force or credible deterrent to Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Turkish, or North Korean aggression. The survival of Israel will be threatened.  Immense spending on radical climate change projects will bankrupt the country and lead to Venezuelan or 1921-3 German Weimar Republic levels of hyper-inflation impoverishing most Americans. America will no longer be energy independent, and power and fuel shortages will be unending routine. Open borders and massive amnesties will finish the job, making America not only poorer but lawless. We will have revived Soviet Industrial Hell and left no means to revive freedom or even the memories of a once blessed nation.

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