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Saturday, June 15, 2024 - 12:51 AM


First Published in 1994


Trump supporters have been called lots of things by liberals since the opening of the 2016 presidential campaign. The problem for liberals is, all of the labels they’ve attached to Conservatives have everything to do with the actions and behaviors OF liberals…and NOTHING to do with the actions or behaviors of Conservatives.

Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.”

Hillary went on to say, “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

Naturally, the mainstream propaganda media latched onto to all of those absurd labels and became the label-calling parrots of the DNC in an effort to gaslight American voters but it didn’t stop there.

The Biden DOJ has labeled parents who want a say in their children’s education and show up at local school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

Trump himself has been falsely labeled as everything from a white supremacist to a Russian agent, and his supporters have been labeled as NAZIs and extremists. A few months ago, Biden tried out a new label…”ultra-MAGA’s” but it just didn’t catch on. Last week, he came up with a new one – “semi-fascists” and once again, the mainstream media propagandists are squawking like parrots.

That same mainstream propaganda machine has also gone so far as to try and label Trump supporters as being more dangerous than al Qaeda and liberals at large refer to Trump supporters as “insurrectionists” for what took place on January 6th, 2021 at the nation’s Capitol.

The party of liberals has championed domestic terrorist outfits like the BLM and ANTIFA while they occupied and burned cities and businesses to the ground, advocated the defunding of police departments and they stand by while their Soros bought and paid for Attorneys General release violent criminals back onto our streets to commit more violent crimes…and Trump supporters are the “insurrectionists?”

Trump supporters are the “domestic terrorists?”

Trump supporters are the “semi-fascists?”

While the manufactured COVID panic was taking place, and while Trump supporters dared to speak what we now know is absolute truth regarding the pandemic and the vaccinations, liberals started referring to Trump supporters as a “DEATH CULT.”

The former liberal Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, sent COVID positive patients into nursing homes when he had hospital ships in his harbor sitting empty, thus killing THOUSANDS of the elderly living in those nursing homes…and Trump supporters are “a death cult?”

How many innocent Afghan citizens have been MURDERED as a result of Biden’s surrender to the Taliban, not to mention 13 American military members…and Trump supporters are a “death cult?”

The party of liberals CHAMPIONS abortion, and in many cases, abortion up to the moment of birth but Trump supporters are “a death cult?

MSNBC strategist Fernand Armandi, regarding democrat party voters being dissatisfied with Biden’s policies said recently, “There is no alternative right now because the Republican Party today is a fascist, authoritarian project.”


The Biden regime locks down businesses, locks kids out of schools, forces mask mandates, kicks men and women out of the military for refusing to be vaxxed, orders the spying on a sitting President, gins up phony FISA warrants, launches not one but two phony impeachments, buries the Hunter Biden laptop story, orders big tech and social media to banish anyone who disagrees with their false narrative regarding COVID or dares to mention Hunter’s laptop, and is now forcing taxpayers, many of whom never attended college to pay off student loans…and Trump supporters are a fascist, authoritarian project?”

Joe and Jill Biden along with Tony Fauci, Mr. Science himself have ALL contracted COVID after being double vaxxed and double boosted, and yet in Washington D.C, the Mayor has mandated that unvaxxed children are NOT allowed in schools, and that there will be NO zoom classes this year, and the party of liberals have banned Novak Djokovic from playing tennis in the U.S. because he remains unvaxxed, but they allow MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS across our southern border…UNVAXXED…and Trump supporters are a fascist, authoritarian project?”

Since the Obama regime, the party of LIBERALS has weaponized the IRS to crush Conservatives, allowed the IRS’s Lois Learner to destroy evidence of their targeting, allowed Hillary Clinton to bleach bit her illegal private server, including 33,000 emails and destroy phones and hard drives with hammers…and Trump supporters are a fascist, authoritarian project?”

In April of this year, MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch said that Republicans were the party of “knuckleheads, weirdos and freaks.”

The party of liberals advocate for the gender mutilation of children, want drag queens to read stories to kindergarteners, champions parents who take little children to drag shows and allow those children to put money in underwear of drag queens, champion having biological males shower with biological girls and believe having biological males compete against biological females is fair.

Trump supporters belong to the party of “knuckleheads, weirdos and freaks?”

The party of liberals can’t define the word “woman,” believe that men can get pregnant and have periods, insist that tampon dispensers be placed in boy’s bathrooms and have you seen the Biden regimes Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, Sam Brinton?

Trump supporters belong to the party of “knuckleheads, weirdos and freaks?”

The party of liberals believe there are more than 100 different genders, including a gender they list as a JAR OF MAYONNAISE? That’s correct…MAYONNAISE. A Tumblr account GenderFluidSupport posted a list of SOME 113 gender classifications back in 2015, and before all was said and done, the party of LIBERALS had adopted a JAR OF MAYONNAISE as a GENDER classification. The ensuing squabble on Tumbler included a meme that simply stated, “No Patrick, Mayonnaise is not a gender,” and the party of liberals immediately labeled anyone who doesn’t believe that a JAR OF MAYONNAISE is a GENDER as…TRANSPHOBIC…and TRUMP supporters are the party of “knuckleheads, weirdos and freaks?”

So, why are the liberals projecting their own actions, beliefs and ideology onto Trump supporters?

Simply because they have zero accomplishments on which to run their own campaigns in 2022 or in 2024. They ended American energy independence, they have ushered in record high inflation, they’re jacking up taxes to pay for their socialist agenda, they’re about to sic 87,000 new IRS agents on the American people, their COVID response was built on lies and it has failed at an epic level, they surrendered to a terrorist organization in Afghanistan and they have surrendered our standing on the world stage.

Liberals under Joe Biden have taken up the cause of Iran, are beholding to China, afraid of Putin and they’re willfully allowing our country to be invaded from our southern border.

The green energy debacle they champion is destroying Europe economically, and they want to do the same thing here. Liberals would rather protect criminals than law-abiding citizens including their own constituents, they condemn the police, their system of indoctrination of our nation’s children has been exposed due to their own locking students out of classrooms and they have weaponized our nation’s intel and law enforcement agencies and Department of Justice against American citizens.

Everything they claim as a victory in congress or by Executive Decision is hurting working class Americans, those policies have wiped out people’s retirement savings and more Americans than ever before are working two or three jobs to make ends meet while barely living paycheck to paycheck.

Trump supporters on the other hand, can hang their hats on the bane of liberal existence…President Trump’s America First policies….policies that created record GDP growth, record high employment, record high wages, record high entrepreneurial expansion and record high minority employment and wages.

Trump’s America First policies made the U.S. energy independent and a net EXPORTER of energy, took on trade with China and other countries to OUR advantage, strengthened our military, made NATO members pay THEIR fair share for defense, ENDED our capitulation to Iran, put Russia on notice, stood strong against North Korea and brought a new peace and stability to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords.

Trump stood strong for law and order, stood strong for our Constitutional rights, stood strong for economic development and brought business back to the U.S. including manufacturing that had fled the liberal tax policies of the Obama/Biden regime.

Think about it…what do liberals have to run on in 2022 and 2024? They can’t run on sky-high energy costs or ceding our energy needs to countries that don’t like us. They can’t run on jacking up taxes or having 87,000 new IRS agents descending on working class Americans like a plague of locusts. They can’t run on their surrender in Afghanistan. They can’t run on their failed and proven lies regarding COVID and they can’t run record high inflation all of which are debacles of their own making.

Can they run on being tough on crime? No. Can they run on upholding our Constitutional rights? Nope. Can they run on their record of transparency, or their record of holding our nation’s enemies accountable for THEIR activities? Certainly not. They can’t even run on standing for the sovereignty of our country because they’re giving that away at the rate of millions of illegal aliens per year.

The ONLY thing liberals and their mainstream media propagandists CAN do at this point is project their OWN failures onto Trump supporters in a desperate effort to gas-light their own voter base. The problem for the liberals is more and more of their voter base is having a personal experience with their party’s failed agenda and freedom-crushing policies. That means fewer and fewer of them are susceptible to being gas-lighted.

Conservatives running for office right now, and those who plan to run in 2024 MUST highlight the positive accomplishments of Trump’s America First policies and contrast them DIRECTLY with the failed policies of liberalism. Conservatives MUST make the case that LIBERALS are what they accuse Trump supporters of being and they MUST use the contrast of the policies and results to make the case clearly visible and PERSONAL to the voters.

The question of“are you better off now than you were four years ago”must be asked.

The majority of liberal voters do NOT want Biden to run in 2024, and it’s up to Conservatives to remind those voters that it’s the POLICIES, and the PARTY not the candidate that’s causing them pain.

As for Conservative voters…let the liberal projections of their own failures onto Trump supporters drive you to the polls this November and again in 2024. Do NOT allow yourselves to become complacent, do NOT allow yourselves to bend to softening your approach and do NOT allow the liberal machine complete with their own propaganda arm in the mainstream media to control the conversation. When the liberals get loud…get louder. When liberals push…push back harder and when liberals start gas-lighting, light the match of truth and let it blow up in their faces.

MAGA means, “Make America Great Again,” and step one in that process is to win back the Senate and the House this November and we do that by drawing attention directly to the liberal policies and candidates that are destroying America.

If we don’t tell the truth louder than they tell the lies, we will surely snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and that’s the bottom line.