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Saturday, June 15, 2024 - 12:31 AM


First Published in 1994


I would never have believed that I would live to see the day when an election would be so openly stolen and then the mechanisms of government weaponized in plain view to trespass upon and to attempt to criminalize the political player who just had his landslide election taken from him. And the assaulting party did it with a straight face, claiming the rule of law. But we should not be surprised, for criminal activity to seize power and then to cover up its confiscation has been going on since Cain killed Abel.

It is easy to lull oneself into complacency, thinking, “They would never do THAT. This is AMERICA!” But one who continues to think that does not begin to know American history, for that is EXACTLY what has been done to us, and from America’s very beginnings. And it is the same forces of evil, if separated by generations, that seek to steal, kill and destroy, taking away from the values and the valuables that made America great. The fact that we would say or think “They would never …" indicates that we know, innately, that there IS a “they” - someone who is not US and who opposes us.

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve written here about all of these things, how America’s initial greatness and prospects for more were hindered, hampered and ham-strung by powerful forces in government, finance, religion, law, education, medicine and business (the “Seven Mountains”), working together or parallel to effectively enslave us.

We are taught, erroneously, that America was birthed in rebellion when we declared our independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776, but what REALLY happened was that the British Parliament and King George threw us out of the colonies and declared war on US, effectively making us independent, which status condition the American colonies declared to the watching world, then, in 1776. We are still being taught, also erroneously, that the American North and South fought a four-year-long bloody war over slavery and that, when the North won, slavery was ended and things returned to normal. There are so many things wrong with that belief that one could devote a column every week to and write books about it; fortunately for Times Examiner readers, Mike Scruggs has done that magnificently. The effect of all of this, though, was to enslave formerly free Americans and to create a bureaucratic central government controlled by powerful external forces (not We the People) to be our slave master.

When the super-secret conclave in Philadelphia broke up in 1787 – the one that arch-patriot Patrick Henry declined to attend because, he said, “I smell a rat” – and the attendees had all sworn themselves to life-long secrecy about what they discussed and agreed to there, the form of American government had changed from a pure confederacy to one that left the door open to the development of a super powerful central government. Even more to the point, it paved the way for, in 1791, the opening of the Rothschild owned and operated First Bank of the United States. Every armed conflict that America has been involved in since then has been because the Rothschild family ordered it. With control of our money supply, these international bankers eventually replaced real, constitutional gold-backed money with debt instruments such that, no matter the incessant drum beating about the end of slavery granted by the (bogus) 13th Amendment, all Americans have been enslaved to them for many generations.

The pushing aside of the biblical, Christ-founded ecclesia and its replacement by the man-made church (long before America was founded and, in fact, one of the reasons FOR America’s founding) assured that religion and its institutions would also enslave us in our most intimate, long-term arenas. It is most eternally enslaving, too, when we come to understand that followers of religion (as separate from true followers of God and His Son Jesus Christ) have bet their eternal lives on something that is false and devilish. Yet they go to church on Sunday and often come out with false feelings of hope.

When America was founded, many were schooled in Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law. Not a few of America’s founding fathers were, thus, lawyers – students and practitioners of the law. They understood true law as from the hand of God – God’s law. The Constitution enshrined contract law as the second highest form of law. English common law was the third level of law. But the ascendancy of the bar associations (British Accreditation Registry), after lawyer Lincoln scuttled the Titles of Nobility Act (the original 13th Amendment), which would have prevented holders of titles of nobility - “Esquire” - from holding public office, and the imposition of military commercial law after Lincoln’s war on the nation, the lowest, most vulgar form of law – statutory law – came to rule the day. So today, America’s courtrooms are ruled by the bar associations and their private, secret rules, NOT by the Constitution that we believe all present there have sworn to uphold. (Case in point: in spite of all of the evidence Trump presented in courts across the country of the massive election fraud two years ago, those courts rejected that evidence on the sole basis of their “rules” – standing, being the most frequent – yet what the public heard is that Trump’s claims were ruled against by legitimate courts because he was wrong.)

Education in America from our beginning as a nation was a mechanism whereby parents transferred their values on to the next generation, starting with children learning to read the scriptures for themselves rather than having to submit to indoctrination by some religious institution. 200 years ago, ungodly religious institutions working in conjunction with the state started to weasel control of education out of the hands of parents and local communities, placing control, instead, into the hands of state bureaucrats. It has all been downhill from there. ONLY full-on bona fide homeschooling counts as true education anymore, yet, except where it fits a higher state purpose (a plannedemic, for example), parents are still legally required (it happens by contract, of which most remain ignorant) to turn their children over to the state. And no single crime against America is greater.

Medicine – as recently proven by the likes of quack doctor and genocidal maniac Anthony Fauci – is the mechanism that takes most soldiers of truth out of the picture. Nobody gets sick and dies for lack of some toxic chemical in his body, yet the default action of most with a sniffle is to go to a “doctor” and get a prescription for some such concoction. Big Pharma is the direct descendant of the “doctors” of the Holocaust and the primary wealth mechanism of the Rockefeller clan. And it is the thing furthest removed from true health. Even now, millions are dying as a direct result of being injected with fake vaccines for a fake virus to end a fake pandemic, all for world domination and population reduction.

So don’t be overly concerned about everything surrounding Trump and MAGA. It’s real, and it needs to be dealt with, but even Trump, for some reason, has been a shill for the fake vaccines, and the whole thing could likely be just a distraction from something far worse they have planned for us, their slaves.

Why is all of this important to know or review? Because it reminds us that things are not as they appear – that no matter how deep we dig and how much we come to understand, we will likely never get to the bottom of it all – that the closer we get to understanding the real battle and the war’s objectives, the actual protagonists change – and that it is easy to waste our energies on things that will not matter when we move, eternally, outside of time.