There is no question – We are at WAR – not just with the coronavirus, but with those in our nation (and elsewhere) who hate the America you and I grew up in. They think they are wiser, not only than our Founding Fathers, but also wiser than the God who created the world they live on. I am reading, actually rereading, a book published about five years ago, titled "The Babylon Code". The two young men who wrote this book – Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson – spent five years researching what needed to be said.

The book contains 37 pages of smaller-print notes referencing that research. I was familiar with some of their research but most of it delved into areas unknown to me. Christians who have read their Bibles will be familiar with their approach if not their research. Many readers might consider the authors just a couple of Conspiracy Theorists, but when seriously considering the facts they reveal one must come away understanding the conspiracy is not theoretical…it’s real. It has been there a very long time; it has taken many different approaches and many different writers have tried to tell us about it. But as our Bible tells us: we have eyes to see but we fail to see and we have ears to hear but we do not listen. Let me quote part of the second paragraph of this book: “The prophetic mystery foretelling this international takeover by the world’s elite begins in Genesis at the Tower of Babel and ends in Revelation with the Battle of Armageddon. It revolves around ‘Mystery, Babylon’ – the Bible’s greatest end-time riddle…”

I have long believed that our government was not being run as it was designed to run and having worked in that government for more than twenty years I could tell you many of its failings. But those failings were small potatoes compared to what you can see if you will just open your eyes, look and listen. Maybe you just don’t want to see and hear the chaos in which we find ourselves…create chaos and you can induce change. They have been doing it for centuries. Have you ever paused and wondered why we fight so many wars, why nations and peoples just seem unable to come to agreements without killing each other? The simple answer: Satan is the ruler of this world. That’s the only sensible answer available. Not a lot of pastors base their sermons on that truth but the Bible states it clearly. He even offered the world to Christ if He would kneel and worship him. America has not been as obviously influenced as many other nations (i.e. Germany, Russia, China) perhaps because Christians had a lot to do with how she was founded. There were other factors inserting themselves even during our founding and those factors have kept introducing their influence over the years. Do you suppose that might be why we find ourselves where we are today?

Over the last three-plus years those who are looking have seen hate expressed at one individual stronger than we can ever remember, even our history contains nothing similar. Individual hate for a president has expressed itself several times resulting in an assassination or attempted assassination, some of which may have involved more than the accused perpetrator. But never has half a civilization (and I use the term reluctantly) fanned and pushed such hatred. To understand this one must understand that the hate is against the man’s agenda, which is the salvation of this nation. Watchers have seen obvious laws or judicial decisions that were blatantly unconstitutional and no controversy was offered. Bit-by-bit we watched as first one of our Rights, then another were taken from us. They are working now to deny us our Right of free speech and our Right to bear arms. We have already virtually lost our Right to use our own property as we see fit and freedom of religion is on its way out for Christians. Do you find it strange that Christianity may not be discussed in schools but the Koran may be taught our children? Back before the Department of Education was created nationally American students scored much higher on international testing, today they are quite low on the scale.

Changes in our governmental structure and its application have been gradually introduced and usually explained away as either temporary or absolutely necessary for our safety or well-being. The temporary ones never go away and decent explanations of our unsafe positions are never given. Both political parties have been guilty of deceiving we-the-people and we-the-people have been reelecting the deceivers. Most people end-up saying “I’m just one person…what can I do!?” Donald J. Trump was not one of those people! He looked the situation square in its face and said: “If I were President I could put a stop to this!” We-the-people took him at his word and elected him – And for the first time in a long, long time we have a President who does what he promised to do. And he did it in spite of the hate being thrown at him. Every crooked approach to unseat him has failed and he stands firm. Even under current conditions – a world-wide pandemic – he continues to strive for victory. I personally think the pandemic was contrived as a move to prevent President Trump’s reelection, so the destroyers could be replaced in positions to continue moving our nation into the New World Order where there will be no Constitution such as protects us today. Any Rights given will be conditional and controlled by the elite leadership not we-the-people. Trump just upset the apple-cart and won an election they thought was in the bag. We-the-people better do it again in November. We will never be given another chance if we don’t.

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