I am sure that you have been watching the mass marching terrorism invading cities across America with their violent and destructive forces, and wondering, like me, why our local leadership refuses to exercise power to quell them. The quickness with which these mobs arose following the visible murder of one man is evidence they were planned in advance and only waiting for some event to occur that would give them some justification. You probably also wonder, as I do, why local forces are quick to take away our rights to assemble and move about because of some virus we know little about, but refuse to take action against the thieves and rioters who are destroying our properties and our livelihoods; many are even wanting to defund the police forces necessary to maintain everyday protection for their citizens. Are we still living in America or have we become some third-world tribal conglomerate? The powers that be are doing everything in their power to divide and conquer; to put our nation into so much conflict they can totally negate our Constitution and remake the nation into one totally under their control.  

Well, this is a process that began many years ago. One must take a close look at history to understand the crisis we find ourselves in. The history of war and conflict is the history of humanity. That is odd, isn’t it? Most of the human race professes to desire peace, so why all the turmoil? If everyone wants peace they should be joining together and working for it instead of fighting each other. Human history just doesn’t make sense…unless one realizes the war we have been fighting is a spiritual war between good and evil. A war that began when God told Satan that he would war against Christ and wound His heel, but Christ would wound his head. (Genesis 3:15)

At this point let me ask you the question mentioned above: Do you believe there exists life after death? I am not a student of religions; I understand there are many, many out there and most of them I have heard about believe the soul/spirit leaves the body and goes somewhere…to heaven, paradise, hell, the happy hunting ground, to be reborn as another person or maybe an animal, etc. Perhaps a true atheist believes one just dies and there is no after-life. Christians believe one goes either to heaven or hell and there is but one door to heaven and that’s Christ Jesus. One does not earn or work his way to heaven, he just accepts the free gift of salvation that Jesus bought for him on the cross. But Christians do believe God is concerned about the human life they live and may help them over the bumpy road or give them strength to navigate it. Today we find ourselves on a very bumpy road. Maybe it’s a warning that we’ve wandered too far from the pathways He would have us follow. As a nation we have moved in directions we know He disapproves. Our land is bloody with the lives of the unborn. We have made a mockery of His design for marriage. We have taken the government He led our Founders to create and given it away for selfish reasons and we expect Him salvage it for us. Sometimes His answer is NO.

We have been drifting along with the flow, watching as our Christianity was slowly being modified to include anti-Christian culture-issues. If the law said such was legal we accepted it as okay, maybe not preferred but acceptable. We could no longer teach Christian principles in our schools but we could teach Islamic-principles and we could teach non-fact evolution theories as fact. The lie became truth and truth became the lie, and we (including many Christians) believed the lie. God wasn’t particularly happy with us and He sent some of His people to tell us what we were doing. We decided not to listen to them, and He sent a few more. Of course by this time our children - and grandchildren - had been educated in the anti-Christian garbage being fed them in schools and colleges. You might say to one of them, “Jesus doesn’t like that,” and he might reply “Who’s Jesus?”

Christians, those who study their Bibles, see and understand what is going on in our nation; and pretty much around the world. Biblical prophecy spells it out quite well. There has to be a one-world-government to be ruled by the Biblical Anti-Christ before Christ will return for His Church, which is made-up of all of the born-again Christians in the world. Non-Christians will be left behind to endure God’s wrath during the tribulation.

If you answered my question “yes,” you need to consider getting acquainted with Jesus; Christianity is not a religion, it is a personal relationship with Jesus. If you answered my question “no,” you need to rethink your position. The Bible, God’s holy Word, is a book you should read. Many hundreds (maybe thousands) of people have tried to refute the Scriptures, not one has ever been able to do so, and many who tried reconsidered their position and accepted Christ as their savior. You might be one of the many.

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