I was out having lunch at a local restaurant where I saw a couple of policemen lunching with their wives. I was about finished my lunch and my wife was still working on her dessert. I got up and walked over until I was less than six feet away from the officer facing me. He looked up at me, our eyes met; I motioned to myself, to him and his friend and said, “We love you guys.” He gave me a big grin, a strong “thank you” and reached and shook my hand—a no-no these days. The other officer turned and offered his hand and I shook it.

As far as I know our State has said nothing about defunding our police and I hope we never do, but there was a definite sense of gratitude from the group. We should all be thankful to our policemen for the job they do every day; putting their lives on the line to protect us. Ninety-nine plus percent of them are honest in their efforts to keep us and our properties safe from would-be villains. You might be surprised how much better you will feel when you deliver a meaningful “thank you.”  Seems to me that we don’t hear a meaningful thank you often these days, there are a lot of the other kind; a routine ‘thanks’ or an ‘appreciate that’ but the heartfelt thank you is getting scarce. Of course we’ve trained the last few generations to think they have a right to everything they want so why thank anyone for anything. I’m afraid we treat God that way too, why thank Him when all this good stuff is just supposed to be mine anyway, but it’s His fault if I don’t get my share or when something bad happens.

No one can tell me the disruptions going on in our country these days were not well planned months or perhaps years ago and were just waiting for an incident they could use as justification. Certain local governments were also primed to accept that justification and refuse to order proper police action to control the dissenters. All planners were well aware that a united America would rise up and put down such disruptions; they had to have what gave the appearance of real abuse between factions for their scheme to have any chance of success. If the American people do not see this for what it really is they will be surrendering their freedoms for a non-existent security. I believe what appears to most people to have been a God sent pandemic—the coronavirus epidemic—was part of the plan; its timing was too perfect to think otherwise.

Still, realizing God is in total control, I can accept the idea that He has allowed these disruptions as a warning to wake the nation to our turning away from His Word, which tells us in many places that His providence blesses those individuals and nations who honor and obey that Word. Just a couple of examples [2Chron. 7:14; Psalm 33:12]

The selection of Joe Biden as the democrat’s nominee for the presidential run is a joke and the polls running in his favor is a game. This whole system is a scheme to confuse and disrupt the election as much as possible. Voter fraud in his favor would seemingly support poll results and make it more difficult to prove fraud was involved. If Trump should happen to win the election democrats will be screaming voter fraud from the rooftops and our “friendly protestors” will be setting more fires and tearing down more cities.

I suspect things will get worse as the swamp creatures are fighting tooth-and-nail to delay justice, thinking a democratic victory will save them and salvage the swamp. Christians should knuckle down, pray mightily and remember that however things may move we win.

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