Salti Sez 2021 01 18 081948

TRUTH is a stranger in America today,

People see truth and turn the other way.

This “your truth versus my truth” is the Devil’s own lie.

As will be proven, in the sweet bye-and-bye.

Having grown-up when truth was essential

I just can’t believe those who say it’s conditional.

In my world, what is good always seems right,

And if something’s loose it’s never called tight.

The meaning of words seem to have changed,

And before we know it our life’s rearranged.

They tell us that we just don’t understand

How great is the honor when they take our land

To protect some creature we didn’t learn about,

When we were studying, like a Boy Scout.

They say you should realize that whatever they do

Means far less for them than it means for you.

At least that’s what they say if we question their mark

When they turn on their light, and leave us in the dark.

And when bank accounts shrink from taxes they take

They just say it’s all for the peoples own sake.

They make many Laws telling us what to do,

Laws that apply, not to them, but to me and to you.

I can’t understand, I keep wondering why

We go on listening to the same old lie.

I wonder, and think back over the years

Of Freedoms we had and my eyes fill with tears.

One by one they quietly took them from us

And we, trusting them, did not make a fuss.

Always they had a “good” explanation,

Didn’t we know it was all for our Nation?

We just had to give them the power they needed

To stop all the evils some others had seeded.

But though they have fashioned a swamp that is deep,

The treasures so earned they will not keep,

For there is a real truth, that’s Heavenly sent,

Men must die once, then comes the judgment.*

*…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Hebrews 9:27 (KJV)

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