Salty Sez 2021 06 14 101141Last week I talked about the bad news. This week I’m talking about the GOOD news. Of course, the real “good news” is the Gospel of Jesus Christ: His birth, His ministry, His death, His burial and His rising 3 days later. Another part of the good news is the Bible God has given us explains this good news. Often what I speak about includes references to the scriptures to illustrate the commentary. I am not a pastor nor a teacher of the scriptures…just a plain old Bible reader and truth seeker. In searching I have been introduced to a Pastor and Bible teacher who I believe is the best I have ever heard. He introduces his topic and examines its pros and cons in simple language anyone can understand. When he draws his conclusion you can put your faith in it. He doesn’t back away from controversy nor politics when they are pertinent. He even has a Friday evening program he calls pastors’ point of view (ppov), wherein he and another pastor discuss what is going on in the world today and how it fits into God’s plans. His name is Andrew (Andy) Woods. The church he pastors is the Sugar Land Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas. https//

Do you know who rules this world? You may think we the people rule, or that our governments rule, or that rich radicals rule…you would be wrong. The Holy Bible plainly tells us that our current ruler is Satan, the Devil who wants you to believe he doesn’t exist. Without the words contained in that Bible to guide you this world makes no sense. Do wars make sense? Does stripping our nation from its freedom make sense? Does it make sense to follow rulers like Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Kim jong-un or Mao Zedong, etc.? Take a look at the columns below:

God created them male and female.

Oh, now we have ten or eleven genders.

Marriage = one man and one woman.

Marriage = one? and one/two ?

There is one God. His name is Jesus.

You got your god, I’ve got mine.

The family is the basis on which civil communities are built.

We are now doing all we can to destroy the family system.

Children, study the Ten Commandments.

Schools, don’t teach or post the Ten Commandments, they might believe them.

Be honest, work hard to reach your goals.

Lie, cheat and steal, anything to reach your goals.

The left column reflects a Judeo-Christian world view. The right column reflects a humanistic world view that is very similar to the one our world seems to be pursuing, which can only lead its people to disaster. We are witnessing governments working feverishly to remove God’s word from our social structure. What God’s word says is good they say is bad and what God says is bad they call good. That’s kinda upside down, isn’t it?

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