In ancient Egypt there developed, over the centuries, the practice of marking property boundaries with piles of stones.  This became especially useful to the peasant farmers  whose land was flooded every year by the Nile River.  While the flood deposited much needed new and rich silt, it often took away any non-permanent boundary markers.  Over time the Egyptians, and other ancients, developed the practice of identifying their property lines using piles of heavy stones, not easily moved by the flooding river or by rascally neighbors.  So important did these boundary stones become that it was a serious violation of Egyptian, and later, Mosaic, law to move the stones to try to steal the property belonging to someone else.

Our Bible—God’s Eternal Word—says a lot about “boundary stones”, or “landmarks”.  Each use of these terms from Scripture indicates that these landmarks were not to be moved or discarded, for they were considered to be sacrosanct.  For example:

Deuteronomy 19:14:  “Do not move your neighbor’s boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess”;

Deuteronomy 27:17:  “Cursed is the man who moves his neighbor’s boundary stone….”;

Job 24:2:  “Men move boundary stones; they pasture flocks they have stolen”;

Proverbs 22:28:  “Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers”. 

It seems apparent that the ancients, based on the wisdom now contained in God’s Word, and based on their experience with their fellow men, took a dim view of those who tried to purposely steal land that belonged to someone else.  In fact, the ancient Romans considered boundary markers, or landmarks, so sacred that anyone convicted of moving one was EXECUTED!  The dictionary defines a “landmark” as any mark or fixed object used to designate the boundary of land.  But there are other, equally important definitions we could apply to that word, for our Biblical and political Forefathers  established other benchmarks that to them were more important than property boundaries.  Unfortunately, in this world of sinful men many of these old “boundaries”, or what I prefer to call “benchmarks”, have either been removed from society or are under severe pressure by those who have few qualms about moving (or removing) them.

One “benchmark”, or boundary, that the sinister secular humanists are trying to remove is the most important one—God’s Word—our Holy Bible---or as they refer to it, that collection of “ancient myths and superstitions” written by ignorant, unsophisticated people in a simpler time---people who actually believed that there was an Omnipotent Creator who made the entire universe, and all life therein, out of ‘nothingness’ in six days, merely from His Word—His Will.  Can you imagine that anyone would believe that, they ask?  Doesn’t everyone know by now that it was “The Big Bang” that started it all—and that before that there was NO time, NO space, NO matter, which suddenly and ‘miraculously’ exploded to create all time, all space, and all matter, and it took around 15 billion years to get the universe to where it is now? So they love to assure us with virtually absolute certainty.

The Book of Genesis is the most widely attacked portion of our Bible, and has been for hundreds of years.  Perhaps it’s so widely abused because it defines those ancient “landmarks”, or benchmarks, that we are warned to not discard.  Our Triune God, our ONLY Creator, gives mankind a Christian worldview.  He explained therein  His purpose for having independent nations, and why he adamantly opposes “world government”, which surely IS the enemy of our personal freedom.  In Genesis, God’s Word tells us where we came from, that we are special created beings made in His image.  He tells mankind why we are here, what He wants us to do, and what our duties are to Him and to each other.  In Genesis God established the sacred institution of the historic family—one man married to one woman, and usually producing children—an institution that rebellious anti-God secularists are attempting to “redefine” because, to them,  God obviously was wrong right from the beginning in stating that marriage was between a “man” and a “woman”—period--, and as that “brilliant” socialist moonbat ex-bartender from New York State, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“Occasionally Conscious”) recently pontificated, and as a part of her “Earth-saving green ‘New Deal’”, perhaps young people need to rethink whether they even should have children—you know—so we can “save the planet” from extinction in the next 12 years.  Do I hear a “cuckoo” calling in the distance? 

Another ancient ‘landmark’ that has been attacked in modern times is training up our children in the way they are  supposed to pattern their lives.  As author John Chalfant cogently wrote:  “…The most horrible, destructive sin that can be committed against the youth (the sacred trust and future) of a free nation is to rob them of their sense of Divine calling and purpose by convincing them that they are not born in the image of God.”  To the detriment of society and future progress, our young people of the U.S. have been virtually incapacitated and corrupted by government so-called “schools” during the week and, sadly, by the misguided Abandonment Clergy in their churches on Sundays.  These attacks have been going on for so long that we now face multiple generations of adults who call themselves Christians but who ignore the frightening decline of Western culture in general, and of American “exceptionalism” in particular, and who appear to be completely unconcerned regarding the preservation of human liberty in the near future. 

These turned off Christians seem to have forgotten that our deadly enemy, Satan, never rests, and that his goal is to corrupt Americans, and especially Christians, and eliminate their adherence to God’s moral laws—the ancient “landmarks”—thereby persuading them to withdraw from any involvement in political affairs that might slow or halt our decline into ultimate catastrophe by surrendering to the leftist and tyrannical enemies of God and country. 

 Another ancient “benchmark” that is under serious attack is the belief in “the straight gate and the narrow way”, that our Lord tells us about in Matthew 7:13-14, for the road that leads to eternal life is narrow and the “gate” therein is small, and only a chosen few seem to find it. Modern progressives and “reasonable” people  love to  proclaim that Christians are narrow-minded bigots who delight in condemning those around them to Hell, and who consider themselves to be sinless and morally superior to all the rest of mankind.  Don’t they know that “all faiths lead to the same god”, as  that great “theologian”, ex-President George W. Bush, once assured us?  Really!

1 John 3:8 proclaims:  “The Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.”  It should be clear that the “boundary stone” for Christians—our LORD and Savior, Jesus the Messiah-- can save us.  It is equally clear from God’s Word (and from the sordid record of world history) that Satan wants to destroy us.  If we who call ourselves Christians and Patriots maintain our strict vigilance, Satan will never prevail against us, because through the Holy Spirit WE have all the power!  Our Savior liberates from sin and corruption nations and individuals who determine to believe in and obey Him!  That is the inviolable lesson of history.  However, one of those historical lessons that God’s Word has always warned man about, and that modern people ignore to their eternal peril, is that God allows Satan to exist and move about on Earth, seeking whom he will “devour”; and America and Americans have long been on his menu!

If any nation, especially one that was founded on Christian doctrines and beliefs, loses its desire to be free, and becomes “lukewarm” and modernist and “universal” in spiritual matters, and turns away from the Creator of all, it will only be a matter of time before God removes His hand of protection from that nation, and allows Satan to propel it to destruction and enslavement.  I have written often in the past about my  increasing fears that God is removing, or already has removed, His protective hand from America, for we as a people seem to be doing our utmost to reject Him.  Truly, only FOOLS want to move the ancient landmarks, but the fools have been doing a credible job of doing just that, and we timid and fearful Christians are letting them get away with it, thanks to the twin harbingers of cultural disaster—Christian Cowardice and Christian Unconcern, which have afflicted our nation for over a hundred years.  We seem to be a country increasingly intent on erasing God’s “boundary stones” that have, for the most part, kept us close to Him since our founding.  Which forces me to ask:  Have we thus become a “nation of fools”?  I shudder over the probable answer.

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