I consider myself to be a political “Independent”, a long time  ex- member of the Republican Compromise Party, and never, never ever a member of the “Klan of New Bolsheviks Party” (formerly Democrats). No one has been a firmer supporter, in general, of President Trump, his policies, his patriotism, and his determination to “Make America Great Again”, than I have been, despite his actual or conjectured moral lapses over the years (lapses which have also surfaced in almost EVERY POTUS since our beginning)!

Right from the beginning of his administration in January of 2017 he appeared determined to protect Americans and American businesses from the rapaciousness of certain anti-American bureaucratic policies and from the predatory practices of the treacherous “globalists” in our government and in our business community that for decades have looked upon American society as a field ripe for plundering.  Right at the beginning of his administration, President Trump threw out the anti-American sovereignty, business destroying “Trans Pacific Partnership”, or T.P.P., a proposed “law”, but actually a treaty, that the sinister globalist insiders, both in the U.S. and other countries, tried to foist upon America, led by the treasonous Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization long determined to end U.S. sovereignty and “meld” the U.S. into some form of One World Government under the Marxist and subversive and America-hating United Nations, or some new organization even more threatening and dangerous to our survival as a Constitutional Republic.

President Trump soon also proposed the “scrapping” of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA,  which was pushed strongly by our late President George H. W. Bush and other globalists like him in Mexico and Canada, signed by him in late 1992, and signed into law by globalist President Bill Clinton in December, 1993.  NAFTA was beloved by the internationalists/globalists who basically run our government, and by multi-national corporations, some of which posture as “American” companies but are nothing of the sort, having long ago proved that their loyalties are NOT to the U.S.A., the country that made them wealthy and powerful.  President Trump attacked the NAFTA Treaty for multiple reasons, the most obvious of which were the serious loss of American jobs and the gradual suppression of U.S. wages over that same period of time, the latter of which is also a main goal of the anti-American U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its many state “toadyorganizations which love unrestricted invasions of hordes of ignorant illegal invaders from Hispanic pseudo-countries and Islamic and communist cesspools for the constant downward pressure on wages these illegals present, and with little to no regard for the depravations upon American culture and Americans’ standard of living that this represents.

Even though the globalists of the U.S., supported by the Klan of New Bolsheviks (formerly the Democrat Party) and its horde of willing accomplices, love the idea of “free trade agreements” like NAFTA, the European Union, a long-planned “North American Union”, TPP, and now USMCA, it should be apparent to all Americans who are concerned over their country’s future that these so-called “free trade agreements” have done nothing except to decimate America’s manufacturing base (which, over the past 100 years, made us into an industrial powerhouse), and have shipped millions of American jobs and thousands of American companies off shore, to the delight of these globalists and their multi-national business conglomerates, and to the severe detriment of our U.S. population.  In return, Americans have become addicted to less expensive, and often poorer quality, and sometimes even dangerous and deadly, foreign made products (like poisonous pet food from China).

What most Americans fail to realize, and what I would hope that our President comes to realize soon, is that these “free trade agreements” have little relation to “free” trade, for just as was the case in the now supposedly scrapped T.P.P., that inaccurately designated  ‘free trade agreement” was going to be regulated by totally unaccountable “regional governmental bodies” that WOULD NOT operate within the limits of the U.S. legal system.  It is now obvious to all concerned American patriots that these elitists who are still espousing T.P.P., and now USMCA, are planning on using these multilateral agreements, as they have done in the past, as a main method for the establishment, one step at a time, of socialist regional governments that they control and plan on using as “stepping stones” toward their FINAL GOAL  of a global government under the control of the Marxist dominated and subversive United Nations Organization!

Most American conservatives and patriots rejoiced when President Trump took us out of the sovereignty-destroying T.P.P. (which, as you may recall, many Democrats and a few pseudo “Republicans” voted “for”),  but my fear is that the globalists that inhabit the Trump Administration (and in fact, ALL presidential administrations of the 20th and 21st centuries), are all too willing to renegotiate the failed NAFTA Treaty and are surreptitiously trying to foist something even worse on Americans:  the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, which President Trump has constantly assured us will be “beneficial” to America.  Could he be wrong, or could those who are promulgating this new treaty be deceiving him or, even worse, could our president be trying to deceive the American people?  Any affirmative answer to either of these questions is very troubling!

I recently came across a very insightful but troubling article on this very subject.  It was written by a great American patriot named Joan Holleman Brown, and was published by the Summerville Journal Scene, Summerville, S.C. on June 19, 2019.  Joan titled her article, USMCA and the Yellow Brick Road to World Government, which I quote below:

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Trade.  The media is ready for Congress to don Dorothy’s red slippers and dance down the Yellow Brick Road to the Wizard of Trade’s creation—the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement… that so-called “free trade” deal to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement—NAFTA.

“President Trump’s Trade Wizard is Robert Lighthizer, a long time New World Order member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  And, it is “Curtain Time”!  The scarecrow without a brain represents uninformed voters.  The Tin Man who’s missing a heart, personifies members of the one-world government Council on Foreign Relations and the various foundations working to transform America into one little piece of their world government puzzle.

“The cowardly lion wants courage and represents millions of concerned

citizens waiting for you and me to inspire them to wake up and act to help protect America’s sovereignty, and our “Declaration of Independence” and the U.S. Constitution….  Hasn’t President Trump been singing praises about the USMCA?  Yes!  But, does he know the details?  To protect Americanism, didn’t Trump cancel the (TPP), that represented 40% of world GDP, his first month in office?  Yes!  But readers of the 2,325 page, tri-country USMCA report it is a copy-cat version of President Obama’s defunct TPP. 

“What does the USMCA have to do with  you and me?  NAFTA caused huge losses of manufacturing companies and jobs in S.C. and across the nation.  Massive, multi-country so-called “free” trade deals are unconstitutional, endanger America’s independence, and put our children and grandchildren’s futures as American citizens at risk.  On the other hand, Trump’s bi-lateral trade deals are both safe and smart.  Our Founders argued strongly against foreign entanglements.  Thomas Jefferson advised: ‘Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations…entangling alliances with none’ 

“The 2,325 page USMCA has sovereignty-stealing mechanisms as did TPP.  USMCA by-passes America’s constitution  with its commissions and courts thereby threatening America’s independence.  USMCA helps deliver the U.S. into the grasp of the United Nations and is, in essence, an embryonic North American Union.  If you enjoy American beef, on page 303 of the International Trade Commission report, proposed USMCA incorporates NAFTA’s fundamentally flawed provisions.  It causes the elimination of the critical mass of competitive marketing channels and industry infrastructure needed to sustain an independent family farm and ranch system of cattle production in the U.S.

“The USMCA will thus accelerate the destruction of the U.S. cattle industry as we know it today.  Is this an “economic win”?  At what cost?  USMCA has a “North American Competitiveness Committee” in Chapter 36 to further economic integration among all three countries.  Mexico’s out-going president said…the USMCA will “consolidate the economic integration of North America”…. What happened to “free

trade?  Oh, I get it!  By economically integrating economies of nations under the guise of “trade”, and sorting these nations into “regions”, such as the European Union, the North American Union, etc. the U.S. winds up in a teeny, weeny spot in the pictorial on the box of the entire globalists’ one-world-government puzzle pieces.  The U.S. and Lady Liberty will be thrown into the trash bin of history.

“Remember?  The European Union started out 60+ years ago as a “steel trade deal”!  Like Topsy , it just grew!  Now Brits want to Brexit.  It won’t be easy for the U.S. to exit the North American Union, either.  This subject is too mighty to explore piecemeal.  If you’re reading this, you’re not like the scarecrow—uninformed voters.  You’re not like the Tin Man with no heart, as per Council on Foreign Relations One World Government globalists.  You are a lion!   Our lion hearts are rooted in Americanism.  Americanists believe in our Constitutional Republic.  We desire to restore states’ rights and local control.  We want to reduce the size of government.  We pray our local and state elected representatives will return to statesmanship and will end cronyism.  America (and) South Carolina all  need honest statesmen who believe in LESS GOVERNMENT, MORE RESPONSIBILITY, AND WITH GOD’S HELP A BETTER WORLD.

“It’s “Curtain Time”.  USMCA debate in Congress starts soon.  NO amendments—(just) Yea or Nay—(an up or down vote).  Period.  (For more documentation) Google & read: The New American—‘USMCA: a TPP Redux;  Watch the 30-minute—UTUBE: ‘USMCA: What they are not telling you.’  Call (or email) Senators Scott and Graham and (your House Representative).  Tell them to STOP THE USMCA!”

I read The New American magazine website regularly.   YOU should do the same, because it contains truth that you’ll not get in many other sources.  This site contains recent articles on USMCA and its threat to American sovereignty.  There you can call up articles about how this proposed treaty will threaten our rights and our country’s freedom to act in our OWN best interests.  The UTube video mentioned above is succinct and tells it “like it is”, so please watch it.  And write to President Trump and ask him to seriously reconsider his support for USMCA.  He likes “bi-lateral” agreements made between individual countries, rather than with these globalist monstrosities.  That’s the direction that President Trump, and the U.S., need to follow! 

It’s very apparent that the sinister proponents of “globalism”—of “regional government”—of their long-sought after “North American Union”—are again trying to “slip one over” on the American people, aided and abetted—knowingly or unknowingly—by President Trump and his administration, or at least by the globalist contingent therein.  If you value American sovereignty and the economic and political well-being of our country, you must inform yourself of what the proponents of USMCA are trying to accomplish.  If we let them win by default—with no determined opposition—we’ll have only ourselves to blame for the calamity that will follow!

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