... The U.S. Must Protect Its Citizens From Disease While Starting the Urgent Work of Planning for a New Epoch"

That quote from the Wall Street Journal on April 3, 2020 in the title of this article is by one of the senior, and one of the most dedicated, members of the treacherous and treasonous Council On Foreign Relations, Henry Kissinger, one of that anti-American sovereignty organization’s long-time apologists, and one of the most powerful “deep staters” alive today.  That WSJ article reminded readers that although the Covid-19 virus is borderless, in his view it continued and strengthened international cooperation along several fronts, all of which subtly lead to one of Dr. Kissinger’s long-time goals—world government—a vision that he has followed his entire life.

Like all “deep staters” believe, that “new epoch” of which he spoke is really a “New World Order”, a WORLD government or, barring that in the near future, a regional government (such as is envisioned in the new US/MEXICO/CANADA (USMCA) Trade Agreement that, unfortunately, just went into force), or a “North American Union”, similar to the troubled and disintegrating European Union which is increasingly despised by frustrated Europeans.  What most Americans don’t realize is that these “Deep Staters” that have plagued our American government and institutions for a hundred years or more have not only been preparing (and hoping) to use a pandemic, but have been diligently preparing plans for a ‘post-pandemic world’.  They are also preparing for the NEXT pandemic, because they are “dedicated conspirators”, and always have been.

It’s relatively simple for those who have “agendas” to pursue to use FEAR to attack the rights of American citizens, to attack and erode our formerly large and strong middle class, and do these things with ONE

GOAL in mind:  March Americans into the “New World Order” so long sought by the despicable vermin who have inhabited the halls of the Council On Foreign Relations (and through that organization have populated the upper echelons of the U.S. government in greater or lesser numbers in ALL presidential administrations—including the Trump Administration) ever since its founding in 1921.  Pandemics are tailor-made to induce FEAR among our citizenry, who are assured every day that this Covid-19 pandemic is the worst outbreak of disease since the “Spanish Influenza” epidemic of 1917-18 (which BOTH of my parents lived through with no illness), even though that epidemic was FAR worse regarding deaths than is this relatively mild C-19 pandemic (most annual influenza outbreaks every year cause more illness and deaths than the C-19 virus).

It is unquestionable that as soon as this pandemic appeared on the U.S. scene,  the Council on Foreign Relations as an organization, and its dedicated members throughout various federal and state agencies as well as its ever-faithful “kept lap dogs” of the main stream media, began to use it as an excuse to push their plans to greatly restrict the freedoms of Americans and involve our country in their nefarious schemes to “save people” from the C-19 scourge and also any future pandemic.  The CFR’s flagship magazine, Foreign Affairs, published an on-line article on March 19, 2020 titled: “The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order:  China Is Maneuvering for International Leadership as the U.S. Falters.”  This CFR article strongly criticized the U.S. for “poor handling” of this pandemic, but offered no condemnation of the true instigator of the Wuhan virus, Communist China, and in fact, gave that tyrannical nation some faint praise, as have U.S. based scientists and politicians over the past several months.

What informed people today call “The Deep State” , an “alias” for The Council on Foreign Relations and its sympathizers, sycophants, and mega-wealthy masters, obviously has been planning for a long time to use FEAR induced by the specter of the C-19 viral disease to weaken the constitutional rights of Americans, to further attack and demoralize our middle class, and begin to force march Americans into the “New World Order” so long sought by this scurvy bunch of anti-Americans.  For one example (out of many), a meeting called “Event 201”, held in New York City on October 18, 2019, featured an exercise that simulated a pandemic, just weeks prior to the exposure of the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus.  “Event 201” was sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum (affiliated with the U.N.’s “Agenda 21” and it’s treacherous “sustainability” movement), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, organizations all “friendly” to the denizens of “the deep state” (and quite friendly to the Chinese Communist government).  This “by invitation only” audience observed these panelists propose various scenarios that simulated a worldwide pandemic and developed recommendations  for what globalists could do to “solve” the problem on a worldwide scale.  These simulations involved a coronavirus as the cause of this supposed pandemic.  Don’t you find it “interesting” that the present Chinese Wuhan virus “escaped” from a Chinese Communist laboratory just weeks after “Event 201”?  Hmmmm?

We all should find it equally interesting that “our” American government health community is very friendly with the Chinese Communists.  That liberal supposed “know-it-all”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, the long-time director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, GAVE $3.7 million of U.S. taxpayer money to the Wuhan Chinese Communist laboratory for research in “coronavirus development”, even AFTER the U.S. declared a moratorium on such funding.  I’m uncertain if anyone from the Trump Administration has asked Dr. Fauci WHY he did this, but if they haven’t, they should.

In light of these exercises in ‘predicting a future pandemic’, should we Americans begin to look suspiciously at our governments’ (federal/state/local) demands for us to totally shut down our economy and our free lives, ruin ourselves economically, threaten the breakups of our families, and act as if this was totally normal for Americans?  Of course we resist strongly this attack on our Constitutional freedoms, because IT ISN’T, AND IT SHOULD NEVER BE, “NORMAL”, AND FOR CERTAIN IT IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL!  Since April of 2020 Americans have suffered over governmental reactions to this possibly purposely induced pandemic—some of us have died, many have been put out of work, many have lost their homes, or soon will, and may soon be homeless.  Many have exhausted their savings. Many are suffering emotional traumas. Suicides are on the rise. Despair and recriminations abound among all classes, and the leftist/liberal proclaimers of “doom and gloom” assure us that our “old normal” life will never return (but not to worry because “they” will take care of us).  If a foreign enemy had declared bacteriological war upon us, it couldn’t have been much worse.  (On second thought, it’s probable that one DID do so!)

The U.S. government has responded with “bailout” programs for businesses, schools, and individual citizens that will ultimately do far more harm than good, with vastly increased government debt, followed shortly (particularly if The Klan of New Bolsheviks assumes control in 2021) by MUCH HIGHER TAXATION, and soon the specter of runaway inflation will inevitably appear on our American scene.   Many conservatives and patriots find it puzzling that the people of the U.S. have so meekly accepted all of these violations of their rights.  Perhaps this has been due to the “well laid plans” long established by the Deep State globalists (i.e. the Council on Foreign Relations and the vastly wealthy people who have ALWAYS controlled that group of traitors), the proven and dedicated ENEMIES of freedom who were eagerly awaiting just this opportunity to implement their “agenda” for Americans.  I can’t declare that as incontrovertible  fact, but the evidence surely seems to point in that direction.

Perhaps the surrender of Americans of their rights has been caused by the many years of MIS-EDUCATION in our high schools, colleges and universities, with their increasing disregard of teaching the true history, meaning, and purpose of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Many Americans under 50 years of age are basically IGNORANT of their rights and of our system of government.  It is my contention that had large numbers of our people been thoroughly informed of their constitutional rights, the states (many of whom are dominated by far-leftwing Bolshevik/Democrat governments) would not have dared to impose the totally draconian and onerous lockdowns and UNCONSTITUTIONAL edicts that they have imposed on their citizens.

Way back in November of 1997, an article in The New American magazine titled: “Scaring Us Toward Global Government”, by Robert Lee, accurately pointed out that there was a long range plan to bring about global government through the use of pandemics, and the FEAR they engender in our citizens.  From that article came these words of caution:

“Whereas once we were menaced by megatons, the danger now supposedly comes from microbes—and familiar voices are insisting anew that only WORLD GOVERNMENT can save humanity from destruction.”

 Those words from 1997 are prophetic, aren’t they?  Then, as now, not enough of our people took these warnings seriously, and rejected the contentions of informed patriots that such a thing as some kind of “Master Conspiracy” exists, and has existed for centuries, and is dedicated to the proposition that the people of the West have far too much freedom—and that only the upper echelons of some kind of “deep state” (or the Council on Foreign Relations and its masters) can provide the requisite degree of power and control over the lives of our people so that we will be “happy” with our greatly restricted liberties and our forced subservience to “the State”.  “Happy” whether we like it or not!

The point of this discussion is for Americans to learn, and never forget, that there have been globalists and planners with “agendas” who have long foreseen the ability of a natural (or an induced) pandemic to vastly grow government and its iron fist of control due to FEAR and PANIC that would be instilled within any population.  In other words, those who have long banded together to attack and restrict our freedoms (i.e. a “conspiracy”) don’t need to use “communism” or “fascism” to control a population if a pandemic works just as well in inducing the people to surrender their long-held freedoms.

This thing we call “the Deep State” has always been ready and willing to impose its steps toward ever larger and more powerful and more intimidating government once some sort of fear-inducing event emerges.  And this C-19 pandemic is made to order for their plans.  I believe that it is surely acceptable to ask was this whole pandemic planned, from the establishment of the Wuhan laboratory in Communist China, to the rapid and PURPOSEFUL spread of the virus world-wide over a short time, to the anti-constitutional “executive orders” and “edicts” put forth by governors and mayors with both “D’s” and “R’s” after their names?  If one judges the actions of the Chinese Communists (OUR AVOWED ENEMIES) and those would-be “mini-tyrants” in our state capitals over a very short period, it is only natural to be SUSPICIOUS that this Covid-19 pandemic was purposely induced.  That’s what I believe.

If you have your own suspicions about this (especially the suspicion that much of these attacks on our freedoms have been dedicated to DEFEATING President Trump on Nov. 3), then please take the time to write to your Governor, your national Congressional Representative and both of your Senators, and to President Trump, and URGE them to OPEN UP OUR ECONOMY NOW, end these restrictive lockdowns, get our kids back to school, and do all they—and WE—can do to get back to our OLD NORMAL, and not accept the ‘NEW NORMAL’ that they have in mind for us!

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