Why Shouldn’t We Despise And Defund Them, As The Enemies Of Our Constitutional Republic Desire?

"Support Your Local Police, and Keep Them Independent." You won't like the alternative!

58 years ago, in 1963, Americans began to hear the first beginnings of the clarion call that has become a crescendo of common sense and needful action:  “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE, AND KEEP THEM INDEPENDENT”!  The man responsible for formulating this concept in the long list of freedom-preserving “actions” was the late patriot, Robert Welch, Founder in 1958 of one of the oldest and most effective organizations dedicated to the proposition that the Constitutional Liberties and Safeguards formulated by our Founding Generation were not up for grabs and were not to be negotiated away upon the altar of “world government”-- THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. 

Based on what we plainly see happening around us today, Welch’s words were certainly prescient when he wrote in July, 1963:

“The communists know, as the American people do not, that the city and community police forces now constitute one of the most important remaining obstacles to the gradual, insidious, and at first invisible, establishment of the mechanics of their communist police state. The local working police are the best friends every-where, of anti-communists like ourselves, because they constantly run  up against all of the dirty tactics of the communists, and of the dupes and allies of the communists….
“The support of their local police by all good citizens everywhere is going to become especially important now that communist-inspired racial riots are getting to be a regular part of the American scene.  The police will be ‘crucified’ by the liberals, in the press and over the airwaves, for practically everything they do in the line of duty.  And this will be true no matter how circumspectly they handle themselves, nor with what careful restraint they use their authority, in connection with every large or small outbreak of civil disorder which the communist plotters can produce.”

Robert Welch was surely accurate in diagnosing the problem, for his words of wisdom and warning could have been written today! 

In the challenging and dangerous year of 2020, Americans were attacked by a purposely induced Chinese Covid-19 virus and were subjected to the demands and decrees of petty pretend tyrants called “Governors” and “Mayors” in many of our “blue” states and cities, as they let their hidden desires come to the fore and expected their “subjects” to treat them like “Junior Neros” whose every command must be obeyed as they did  “battle” with this not-much-worse than a severe influenza outbreak by locking down most of our industry and businesses, by brazenly LYING about all the deaths supposedly caused by this pandemic (only about 10% to 20% of the reported 310,000 “covid 19 deaths” are actually attributable directly to the virus), by locking up their all-too-willing subjects (us) in their own homes, by forcing us to wear almost useless face masks, and by participating with sundry scurrilous bureaucrats in the federal kingdom in making it very difficult to get and use the few PROVEN medications and courses of treatment found to be very effective against the Covid-19 virus. 

To make matters worse, Americans in various large and medium sized cities (strangely ALL dominated and controlled by The Klan of New Bolsheviks—formerly called Democrats or Demonrats) have had to fear for their lives and property, as communist/anarchist GANGSTERS and THUGS from AntiFa and Black Lives Matter rampage and pillage, looting and burning and threatening and beating the innocent, all in a series of thoroughly planned and executed violent “peaceful” protests, the latest supposedly “spontaneously” caused by what obviously was another CRIMINAL resisting the police officers’ attempts to arrest him, a violent man who fought with the police of Kenosha, Wisconsin, ignored their commands, tried to grab a knife from his car to attack the officers, and had at least ONE active arrest warrant against him.  This same scenario has been enacted in many American cities over the entire past summer, and even before.  And isn’t it strange that in those very cities, from Portland to New York City, the “authorities” mostly have refused to crack down on these “peaceful” RIOTERS and CRIMINALS, and have almost all refused to permit President Trump to send in the U.S. military to quell the RIOTS and restore order?  Don’t you wonder why that is so?  I do.  Could it be that these “authorities” not-so-secretly AGREE with these rioters and criminals?  Could it be that these “authorities”, most of whom identify as “Democrats”, subscribe to the now official mantra of the “Democrat Party” that coddling and encouragement of their “shock troops”—AntiFa and Black Lives Matter—is an official part of the Marxist beliefs of that party that I now call The Klan of New Bolsheviks?  Could it be that the sun rises in the east?  Hmmmm?

Not surprisingly, the treacherous and treasonous Council on Foreign Relations published an article at the end of July, 2020 titled, Global Lessons in Police Reform, in which they railed against “structural racism and police violence in the U.S.”, rejoicing that “the protests have reached every American state and spread to countries around the world; they arguably constitute the most broad-based civil rights movement in American history…. Most Americans now understand that their country needs a radical transformation:  polls…found that a majority of U.S. citizens support sweeping national law enforcement reforms.”

Well now, I wasn’t polled for MY opinion about “national law enforcement reforms” by any pollsters.  Were you?  Isn’t it interesting that the solution to this supposed “national problem” is to basically do away with the very concept of traditional American policing which has served the U.S. very well, for the most part, ever since our founding?  It should be obvious to everyone who doesn’t have the I.Q. of a rock that these despicable attempts at discrediting and attacking our local police forces, and even individual police officers, have been going on for many decades.  What Americans are seeing today is the end result of 70 or so years of the lies and attacks of the radical leftwing elements among us to weaken or destroy a major bulwark of our American liberty:  OUR LOCALLY CONTROLLED POLICE FORCES.

As William Hahn, Chief Executive Officer of The John Birch Society, to which I’ve belonged since 1963, remarked recently: 

“Community leaders who do not recognize that this leftist campaign

exists are easily manipulated into thinking that there is indeed a need for radical police reform.  In the last seven decades, the local police have battled local forces telling them how they can and cannot police.  They have endured so-called civilian review boards (mostly run by radical leftists) that have hampered their ability to police.  They’ve had to put up with harassment and complaints made by criminals that follow an individual officer’s career.  They’ve had to put up with radicals who have been elected into positions of authority who do all they can to work against policing and are soft on crime.  And they’ve endured a false narrative about systemic racism within the halls of American jurisprudence as a whole.  And this is only at the local level.”

Particularly at the federal government level, many steps have been taken over the years to diminish or destroy the responsibility of our local police forces and to delegate or mandate by law that some aspects of local policing, particularly the gathering of intelligence about criminals and criminal cartels, be given to federal agencies.  The American Civil Liberties Union, and The National Lawyers Guild (a recognized communist front organization) have been responsible for legislating away the intelligence-gathering powers of our local police, and creating a purposely-created void that our federal leviathan was very happy to fill.

In 2015, the Marxist Obama administration created a “White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing” that used federal grants to subtly  persuade local and state law enforcement agencies into surrendering their standards and changing to national standards and guidelines.  So, by the year 2020, lack of adequate local police protection for various federal properties during the George Soros/communist-inspired AntiFa/Black Lives Matter riots led to federal intervention, rather than local police handling these rioters, thereby creating another precedent (and further demands) for “nationalizing” our local police.

Another major problem along these lines is surfacing  on the international level.  The U.S. is under enormous and constantly mounting pressure  to change its historic police structures nationwide--

those that are controlled by LOCAL COMMUNITIES-- to one that would enforce basically federal and INTERNATIONAL policing standards.  Our historic American system of policing stands firmly in the way of the Marxist-dominated and virulently anti-American United Nations Organization obtaining a free hand regarding the control of our local law enforcement.  Barring local control of our police forces would assure that the unconstitutional edicts of the U.N. would be carried out with basically NO say from our American people.  Establishing a national police force and then having our U.S. Congress roll over and play “dead” by giving that force to a despicable, anti-American international organization will surely trample our God-given rights that are protected by our U.S. Constitution into the socialist/progressive quagmire. 

There is little doubt that the Marxist, anti-American United Nations Organization will press hard to accomplish its long time goal of CIVILIAN DISARMAMENT should it gain working control of our American police forces.  For example, in June of 2013 the U.N. Disarmament Commission recommended “codification of laws to completely make any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use, outside of military and law enforcement usage,” and the creation of a U.N. Police Taskforce “with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the COLLECTION OF WEAPONRY FROM CIVILIAN HANDS.”  Is THAT the kind of “nationalized police force” we need, or want, for the U.S.?  Perish the thought.  But be warned that if Democrats assume power in all three branches of our government, particularly under the Marxist/collectivist/socialist “leadership” of a possible Sleazy Joe Biden Administration, (who, like all Democrats, worships the United Nations), the ‘siren song’ of surrendering more and more of our U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. will become a cacophony of lousy leftwing demands to give that Marxist, anti-American organization ever more power and influence over the lives of Americans.

Let’s face reality:  As we of The John Birch Society have brought to the attention of our fellow American citizens for decades, keeping our LOCAL police forces INDEPENDENT is what has always separated local police forces from some version of “nationalized police”, which in past times have been called GESTAPO, STAZI, KGB, etc.  The constant pressure for the U.S. to convert to a “national police force” is one of the long time goals of the Conspiracy to destroy our Constitutional form of government  in order to easily merge America into a world government, a conspiracy that has been actively working to subvert and change our system of government for well over 200 years.

Informed citizens and Constitutional Patriots have long recognized, and we’ve tried to inform all Americans of this, that the real issue being

violently protested in the streets of our cities is NOT the true or real issue at all.  As Joseph Stalin reminded the world, the real issue has always been and will always remain REVOLUTION—the break down of our society, our morality, and our traditional American way of life in order to usher in a communistic/socialistic/progressive/collectivist/dictatorial total government, or what has long been called THE NEW WORLD ORDER!  The incessant subversive calls to “defund” or “reorganize” our local police forces are merely continued shots in the battle to so emasculate our local police forces that they serve no purpose in the protection of their local fellow citizens, thus further demanding that all local police forces be “nationalized” for our own good.  Don’t believe it!  Don’t fall for this collectivist/socialist propaganda!

The enemies of our local police are highly organized, well-financed, well-trained, and motivated to subversively change our nation into a cog in some version of a world government, where American citizens become unwilling “subjects” or intimidated “serfs” in a globalized collectivist and tyrannical bureaucracy dominated by the oligarchs of big business, big tech, vast wealth, and the trained whores of their media organizations.  The John Birch Society implemented the SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE—AND KEEP THEM INDEPENDENT campaign 58 years ago, and we’ve been at it ever since.  Our nation faced organized and violent communist-inspired rioting back in the 1960’s, and the SAME subversive forces are operating today in order to destroy our LOCALLY CONTROLLED police forces.  Their organizations may have different names today, but their anti-local police goals remain the same.  Obviously that same fight to support our local police forces and maintain a humane and civilized culture for ourselves and our descendants  is continuing to this very day, because the enemies of freedom seldom give up. 

We invite all people of good will, and all patriots who are concerned over the increasing disintegration of our once strong and unique culture to join with The John Birch Society—help us in our efforts to preserve this once strong and united land.  Visit the SYLP page at www.JBS.org/sylp/ and download the free SYLP STARTUP MANUAL PDF.  The JBS website can put you in touch with LOCAL members of the John Birch Society, with whom you can join hands in the battle to resist the collectivist influence that is threatening to engulf all of us in its tentacles. (You can contact our local Executive Field Coordinator, EVAN MULCH, at 864-804-0789, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). By organizing together we can stop this anti-American, anti-local police agenda of the ENEMIES of our nation, stop the tyranny of government from gaining even more of a foothold among us, and prevent the super wealthy puppet masters who control the violent, anarchist, and communist devils of AntiFa and Black Lives Matter from gaining even more power and control over all of us, and end the reign of terror, violence, and destruction that the ENEMIES of free America are attempting to use to intimidate Americans and destroy our system of free enterprise and constitutional government. 

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