"One Nation Under God." For how much longer?

Last time we opened this discussion with arguments on the premise that the U.S.A. was originally founded as a Christian (or at least a Christian-oriented) nation, and I used a series of historic “proofs” for that contention as presented by Dr. David Gibbs, Jr., President of The Christian Law Association, in his book, One Nation Under God.    I refer you to last’s week’s Part 1 of this article for a review of Dr. Gibb’s points, that indeed America was founded as at least a Christian oriented nation, and that most of her Founders were historic Christians and were NOT “DEISTS”, as proposed by many of the modern left wing brain damaged enemies of God and Country that infest our nation, with their progressive and unconstitutional agendas of violence and the long-sought Marxist overthrow of our historic Constitutional Republic—agendas which will surely be pushed with increased vigor now that the Klan of New Bolsheviks—and its two soon-to-be-anointed “leaders”—Comrades Sleazy Joe and Kommie-La—has supposedly won a “fair” election, protests to the contrary by President Trump and his supporters, notwithstanding.

It’s clear to me that the majority of our early colonists arrived on the wild shores of North America with strong Christian convictions, and it seems equally clear to me that these convictions had NOT become extinct from the political ideals of their descendants by the time that our 1787 Constitution was written and later ratified.  By the late 1700’s, political discourse in our fledgling country was permeated with Biblical references, for our Founders (and most of the rest of the population) were Biblically literate.  Almost two decades ago, a study by the University of Houston examined 15,000 documents written during our founding era.  This study verified that a THIRD of the quotations in these documents were from the Bible, particularly from Deuteronomy. The primary researcher of this study, Dr. Don Lutz, concluded that, “The U.S. Constitution is a political document that is the product of a constitution-making tradition that can be traced to colonial charters and which is modeled on the Biblical covenant---a solemn agreement between God and man.”

The late Dr. Peter Marshall, Jr., whose expertise on America’s spiritual heritage was unquestioned, agreed.  He wrote:  The Constitution of the U.S. has a path of descent that you can trace directly back to Puritan New England,” particularly back to the 1639 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut”, which has been called the first complete constitution written in America, and which had been heavily influenced by a sermon preached by Rev. Thomas Hooker, a Puritan minister of the 17th century (and a direct ancestor of Henry Hooker of the Sierra Bonita Ranch in Arizona, who was a good friend of Wyatt Earp—a story I wrote back in August, 2019 here in The Times Examiner). 

Whether or not you concur with my contention of America’s Christian founding, one would have to be spiritually blind to ignore the downward spiral taking place in our troubled country today.  We who call ourselves Christians should know that it IS possible for our nation to be “healed”, for God tells us how to heal a troubled nation by having His children heal THEMSELVES first.  In Second Chronicles 7:14 God’s Word gives us the formula:  If WE Christians humble ourselves, and pray, and seek after God, and turn from OUR wicked ways, THEN He will hear OUR entreaties, will forgive OUR sins, and will heal OUR land.  Of course, I’ve somewhat “tailored” the Biblical verse to fit the point I’ve been trying to make---which is that IF our nation is to be healed, and preserved, the process of “healing” must start with US—with lackadaisical and slothful and often cowardly Christians who have kept our heads buried in our “I’ll have to pray about it” sand for far too long. 

This assumes that we who call ourselves Christians even care to preserve this last enclave of the humane western civilization (admittedly not all of it humane and honorable) that our ancestors sacrificed, bled, and died to give to us.  Some might consider this to be overly “nationalistic” and “of the world”.  I prefer to think of it as realistic and “of common sense”, for if the trends toward ever-larger and more powerful and intimidating government, more lawlessness, constantly increasing budgetary deficits (our national debt is now OVER $30 trillion, which can NEVER be paid off and which will surely result in destructive hyper inflation and the collapse of our monetary system), and the psychological (and increasingly physical) attacks on Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists continue, we’ll have a new “dark ages” of our own making facing us in all probability, but surely those who live after us will, with certainty, be forced to endure what I’ve referred to as “Nationality Wars”, and the “Dark Time”.  A new and horrible “civil war” utilizing terrible weapons of destruction could be facing all of us sooner rather than later,  or in the near future. 

Some unconcerned Christians may claim to depend on their Savior to rescue them from the “nasty now and now” that is facing us, but I remind them that when horrific persecution and/or violence comes to us, as it may, we’ll have NO PLACE TO RUN TO—NO other country ready to welcome us with open arms, Christian or not, and in my considered opinion after studying God’s Word, NO “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” to snatch us away from Satan’s disciples and the torments they will gleefully inflict upon us.  Our country, our once God-honoring U.S.A., isn’t well-served by uncaring Christians who concern themselves with ignoring the Satanic slow but sure destruction of our once-noble earthly “City On A Hill” that faithful believers and patriots of the past paid such a high price to give to us, and who hope to escape  from the ravages of the evil that threatens to envelope us by dwelling on “The Rapture”, a teaching that to me is un-Scriptural in its application by those who subscribe to the “Pre-Tribulation” view of eschatology, which I do not. 

Be that at it may, it is my contention  that our embattled America needs millions of “feet on the ground, shirt sleeves rolled up” Christians (and non-Christians, too) who will be true patriots:  Spreading Christ’s Gospel FIRST, then applying the Word to politics, law, business, education, and all parts of our nation’s life.  “Occupying ‘till He comes” doesn’t include hiding in a spiritual (or literal) cave, reading a copy of the “Left Behind” series, and hoping that he/she won’t be. 

The Evil One, Satan, may control this world, and even our beloved America.  But like Dracula of legend, the power of the Cross, wielded by millions of Christians, will cause him to flee from us.  America was once “a Christian Nation”—even the U.S. Supreme Court said so in 1892.  We began “In the name of God”, as the first sentence of The Mayflower Compact claimed.  Let’s ALL do our part to keep it so, not as a “theocracy” OR as a “democracy”, BOTH of which were rightfully feared by our Founders, but as the Christ honoring Constitutional Republic we once were.  With His power, and in our true Christian faith, and as a tribute to those patriots and Christians who came before us and who are our examples, it can become so again.

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