Covid Vacacine

What dilemma is that, you may ask?  Well, it’s the one hanging over all of our heads, like a sinister “Sword of Damocles” ready to release its stroke upon the mostly unsuspecting, totally undereducated, and overly-trusting American people.  We are now faced with a dilemma that few Americans living today have ever experienced.  It appears that the globalists of the world—and particularly the treasonous “deep staters” here in the  U.S.—are increasingly “recommending”, and not-so-subtly beginning to demand—that almost the ENTIRE WORLD, and especially all of the American people,  must be VACCINATED to “protect them” against the Chinese Covid-19 virus.  The “dilemma”, of course, is the decision that each of us must make as to whether or not to allow ourselves to be vaccinated with these rapidly developed and barely past “experimental”  vaccines.  Put me in the “REFUSE” column.

Quite obviously the “Despots of Disease Control” expected, before these vaccines became available, that all of the terrified citizens of the U.S. (and other nations) would obey without question their demands for us to co-operate with their decrees for the lockdown of businesses and institutions that they deem “unessential”, thereby causing the protracted loss of income for millions of Americans; assuring the permanent closings of many small to medium-sized businesses (the lifeblood for the majority of Americans) and forcing much of the populace to “beg” for Covid relief payments from our bloated and totally bankrupt Federal government; for the forced isolation of all of us in our homes, causing many of us to suffer from mental meltdowns and thoughts of suicide; for forced closing of schools and other educational institutions, thereby seriously interfering with the education of hundreds of thousands of young people (if one can accurately use the word ‘education’ to describe what our young people experience in our government centers of mis-education); for the demands to close places of worship indefinitely, or to greatly restrict the attendance at services (in TOTAL VIOLATION of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—which CANNOT be disregarded even during a “pandemic”); for the American people to unnaturally separate themselves from others (i.e. the “6 foot social distancing” mandate, which was initially a totally MADE-UP GUESSWORK rule based on a high school science project, with NO medical evidence to certify its effectiveness); to wear almost useless face masks (and NOW the “pronouncement” from Covid Lord Fauci  to wear two of them), and be subject to monetary fines for failure to comply; and for all who refuse to co-operate with their decrees to be subject to the ridicule and attacks (both verbal and physical) of the mentally challenged who accept every word that emanates from the mouths of the bureaucracy and the “medical establishment” as absolute gospel, which it is NOT!

It is increasingly evident that these “Junior Despots” who lurk all around us, but particularly in the states that are infested with the self-important liberal/socialist wannabe local tyrants known as governors, mayors, leftist city councils, leftist district attorneys and police chiefs, i.e. the power structure of “blue states” that are populated by large hordes of brain damaged libtards and moonbats, members of The Klan of New Bolsheviks—(formerly called Democrats), card-carrying members of the Communist/Anarchist groups known as AntiFa and Black Lives Matter—are seriously planning to FORCE the American people to obey them and SUBMIT TO  MANDATORY COVID-19 VACCINATIONS, or else:

  • Lose your job;
  • Be forbidden to travel on a plane ever again;
  • Never eat out at a restaurant with your family again;
  • Not be allowed to attend a worship service at a church or temple;
  • Be forbidden to send “unvaccinated” children to any school;
  • Never be allowed to be a part of a community or society again unless YOU prove that you have been vaccinated for Covid, or whatever the ‘disease of the day’ might be.

And how, pray tell, will  YOU be expected to prove to your fellows at your place of employment, or at the airport, or at your favorite restaurant, or at  your church, or at any school where  YOU are sending your children or that YOU are attending, or any community clubs or civic organizations to which YOU belong, that YOU have already been vaccinated for the Chinese  Covid-19 virus?  Obviously  YOU will be expected to carry aCovid Virus Immunity Card”, a “passport” of sorts (“your papers, please”) that will prove that  YOU have complied with the petty tyrants of your state or community and, like a good ‘subject’, have allowed yourself to be vaccinated with a vaccine that was rushed to market, and that, we are assured by those same bureaucrats and our Medical Masters, is “safe” to use.

But is it  ‘SAFE’?  What do we actually know, with certainty, about these several Covid vaccines that have appeared quickly?  Must we blindly  trust what our government (mostly the CDC) claims about the safety of these vaccines?  What are the LONG TERM side effects (if any) that are surely NOT yet known, particularly considering the speed with which these vaccines were developed?   A minority of our medical community are warning of potential adverse affects that these several vaccines might cause (and in a few cases have ALREADY caused), even as a majority of that same community scoffs at the concerns of their fellow medical authorities, denying  that there is anything with which to concern ourselves regarding the safety of the five or six Covid vaccines that are now, or soon will be, available for use. 

Probably it is too early for a majority of medical authorities to reach a consensus on the long-range safety of the vaccines they are offering for our use, even as they admit that they are uncertain how long any of these new Covid vaccines will actually protect a person.  Could this urgency to force these vaccines into our population on the part of our medical and governmental would-be “masters” have other objectives?  Could this “pandemic” be an answer to their leftist/liberal/socialist dreams to have an excuse to CONTROL the American people on a long term basis?   I surely don’t know the answer to these concerns, but I have my suspicions, and I do have many questions,   some of which are:

  • WHY are the vaccine manufacturers exempt from liability?
  • WHY are these vaccine manufacturers using experimental technology to make these Covid vaccines?
  • Do these vaccines prevent virus transmission to others?
  • Why was the approval process overseen and “aided” by organizations with potential conflicts of interest?
  • Are these vaccines being produced using aborted fetal tissue?

Of possibly even greater concern than the safety of these new Covid vaccines is the question of WHO has been behind the increasingly fervent “push” to develop them in the first place, and WHY they are being developed.  The answer to those questions might be more illuminating than determining the safety of the Covid or any future vaccines.  Understandably, President Trump has received the credit (except among many Demoncrats) for the swift development and distribution of these Covid-19 vaccines, since he truly believed it was his duty to protect the American people as quickly as possible.  But there are other entities “behind the scenes”, names and organizations that have been developing and pushing “new” vaccines for a long time.  Dr. Anthony Fauci (who has a financial interest in at least one vaccine development effort) is one of them, but you could argue that it is his job to be concerned over vaccine development. There are, however, other names and organizations that may have different, ulterior reasons for developing and rushing to market various new vaccines.

Some of the prominent  names associated with the development of the Covid-19 and other vaccines (past, present, and future) are:  Bill and Melinda Gates of the sinister Gates Foundation, a company called Accenture (one of the world’s largest ‘consulting’ companies, with annual sales in excess of $40 billion in 2020), The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corp., and a not-well-known entity called Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance”, all of which are supporting an entity called ID2020, which is doing the planning for a national health ID, and which is working diligently to tie vaccines to personal identification!  As Dennis Behreandt wrote in the May 18, 2020 issue of The New American on this subject:

“Of course, this sounds crazy.  First, vaccines are always good, aren’t they?  Second, there has to be some means of tracking who has and has not been vaccinated.  Right?  Third, naturally, there needs to be some means of proving who you are.  Finally, there can’t be some worldwide coordination on all of this, centralizing  it and imposing it on everyone without Americans having come to know about it.  That would be impossible.  Right?  WRONG!....(F)or more than a decade (Non-governmental organizations <NGO’s> and national and INTERNATIONAL government agencies) (have) worked together to craft policies without notice being given to citizens, without mainstream media reporting, and without legislative oversight…. For more than a decade these groups have collaborated on two tracks of tracking and control:  A general purpose digital ID to track each of the world’s inhabitants, and vaccination-based health ID’s to allow governments and NGO’s to track the health of citizens (and probably their locations-WHL).  In the age of COVID-19, the world’s would-be technocrat controllers and oligarchs are working to merge this pair of efforts into a single, foundational ID that would be used to constrain and control human activity.”

I’m not suggesting that the Covid-19 vaccines currently in use contain “tracking devices” to spy on those who have been injected. That would be too obvious even for these ultra-powerful organizations and individuals to attempt—presently!  However,  the Gates Foundation, and others, are working  diligently  to develop a vaccine that will utilize microscopic “tracking devices” (nanomedicines) that could be injected with vaccines, and will allow “government”—for our own good, of course—to know EVERYTHING about us, including where we are at any time, and whether or not we have COMPLIED with their demands for our obedience in matters medical or, potentially, political.  To be totally accurate, Bill Gates, the multi-billionaire former head of Microsoft Corp, is now leading a worldwide, multifaceted effort  to develop vaccines, vaccine ID’s, and centralized digital ID plans that will be used by the world’s governments to manage and control the entire population of our planet!  And some of the organizations working with Gates toward these goals are headquartered in CHINA and are under the control of The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  (But then, Bill Gates and his Gates Foundation have been playing “footsy” with the Chinese commies for a long time.)

Back in 2010, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), currently run by a Marxist, “Dr.” Tedros Ghebreyesus (and NOT a medical doctor at all-- whom Dr. Anthony Fauci recently called “my good friend”), a former leader of a communist terror group  in Ethiopia called the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and totally dominated by Communist China, launched the “Global Vaccine Action Plan”, (GVAP)  to discover, develop, and deliver life-saving vaccines (we were assured).  “This GVAP of the W.H.O. also called for ID technologies to TRACK  all vaccinated people, conditioning them to accept the idea that they will need to prove their vaccination and health status before being allowed by government to engage in activities that heretofore were allowed by a free people without government restriction, such as freedom to travel”, according to Art Thompson in his new book, CHINA. (JBS, Appleton, Wisconsin, 2020). 

The initial leadership for this GVAP included:

  • Margaret Chan, Director General of W.H.O., now serving on the Council of Advisors of the China-based globalist organization called ‘Boao Forum for Asia’;
  • Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, and a long-time friend of various Chinese scientists and leaders, including Chinese vaccine developers and members of The Peoples Liberation Army working in Chinese Virus laboratories.
  • Anthony Lake, former Executive Director of UNICEF, who failed in his attempt to become President Bill Clinton’s head of the C.I.A. because of his pro-communist proclivities;
  • Joy Phumaphi, Chairman of the International Advisory Committee and Executive Secretary of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance;
  • Tachi Yamada, President of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AND a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Next time we’ll talk more about some of these folks, their plans for Global ID control and  health ID schemes.  And, surprise, surprise—one of the people working hard to develop methods to control and track all of us is the sinister anti-American, former Nazi GEORGE SOROS, and his Open Society Foundations!

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