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Last time we concluded that our current “dilemma” (at least one of them) is the decision that each of us makes as to whether or not to allow ourselves to be vaccinated with one of the Covid-19 vaccines which have been swiftly brought into use.  It isn’t necessarily whether or not the current batch of Covid-19 vaccines may or may not have long term effects which are difficult, if not impossible, to predict at this point in time.  From what I’ve read, the current C-19 vaccines may be effective indefinitely, OR might only have a useful anti-body producing life measured in months, rather than years or decades, as are most vaccines.  There are differences of opinion on this matter, even among the scientists who are working on them.  I, for one, will resist being vaccinated with one of these semi-experimental vaccines to the best of my ability for as long as possible. 

I make that choice based on excellent (IMO) medical expertise presented recently in a 2 ½ hour streaming event by several respected physicians who have spent the last year or more ACTIVELY TREATING the victims of Covid-19 with both medications that have been PROVEN to work, as well as with  proven prevention protocols. One of these physicians is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who practices in upstate New York. (To get his free information of COVID PREVENTION OR TREATMENT PROTOCOLS, log onto However, It’s the projected and discussed FORCING of being vaccinated with one of them that makes me concerned over the future forcing onto our population of some kind of experimental, ID tracing vaccine—a concept that is being rapidly pushed by those with “agendas” of one form or another, particularly “leftist” agendas.

One of my main concerns over experimental or special purpose vaccines is who is pushing  for their development, and for what purpose?  Were I one of the well known but somewhat secretive people or organizations seeking to develop and distribute some kind of special purpose vaccine, wouldn’t one of my initial steps toward getting our population to accept it be to CONDITION them into having accepted some form of “benign” or even needful vaccine earlier in time?  Perhaps inducing a “panic” among the American population that they were all going to die without the Covid-19 vaccine?  I think that it would.  So just what kind of future “special purpose vaccine” might these people have planned for us?  Therein lies another dilemma.

Recall that back in 2010, the World Health Organization, working with UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with others, founded the “Global Vaccine Action Plan” (GVAP), ostensibly to help discover, develop, and distribute lifesaving vaccines.  Sounds pretty noble, doesn’t it?  Also recall who some of the leaders of this initiative were:

Margaret Chan:  At that time the Director General of the Chinese dominated W.H.O., she now leads the Global Health Forum, a group working hard to achieve the goals propagated by the U.N.’s “2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development”.  The GHF is a part of the China based globalist organization called the Boao Forum For Asia, of which Chan is on the Council of Advisors.  The Boao Forum is presently run by Ban Ki-moon, the former U.N. Secretary General, and by Zhou Xiaochuan, former governor of the People’s Bank of China, and a faithful member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Chan’s career included a time as Director of Public Health for Hong Kong, where in 2004 she came under scrutiny and criticism by that city’s Legislative Council  for her incompetence in handling the original SARS virus outbreak.  She also has a history of deferential treatment of communism, and appears to be especially fond of the dictatorship of North Korea.  (She is reported by Reuters to have noted that there were NO signs of obesity in that communist dictatorship; this in a backward country where about 40% of the population hovers on the edge of starvation, and where “obesity” truly isn’t a problem—but finding sufficient food IS!)

Dr. Anthony Fauci:  The 3+ decades long Director of the U.S. government’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, and formerly a member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force, Dr. Fauci has often “speculated” that all Americans will need to carry ‘immunity cards’ (“your papers, please”) to prove that they are virus free and/or have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus before they are allowed to use (or perhaps regain) any freedoms that various levels of government have stripped from them, the U.S. Constitution be damned. Dr. Fauci finally admitted that the federal government IS considering forcing Americans to carry coronavirus immunity cards and present them in order to exercise traditional American rights.  Over the past  year or so, Dr. Fauci has vacillated between ridiculing the wearing of face masks to demanding that they be worn.

Anthony Lake:  Formerly the Executive Director of UNICEF, Lake is a long-time leftist who served previously as a “National Security Advisor” to President Bill Clinton.  Lake was nominated by Clinton to head the Central Intelligence Agency but was rejected by the Senate due to his pro-communist proclivities.  Incredibly, Lake once tried to establish his bona fides as a “National Security” expert by admitting that he wasn’t sure if the notorious Soviet communist spy, Alger Hiss, was really a spy for the Soviets!  (Note:  He was!)

Dr. Tachi Yamada:  Formerly the president of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Global Health” program.  Presently Yamada is the Executive V.P. and a board member of Takeda Pharmaceuticals.  He is also a current member of The Council on Foreign Relations.

These people all have one thing in common:  They have all worked for or with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an entity that is a corporate member of the treacherous, anti-American sovereignty Council on Foreign Relations  (although the Gates, themselves, are not listed as current members of the CFR).  For a decade or more, the mega-billionaire, Bill Gates, former head of Microsoft Corp., has been leading a world wide, many faceted effort to develop vaccines, VACCINE ID’s (including vaccine/immunity tracking methods), and centralized digital ID schemes that can be used to manage and control the entire population of the planet.  Gates and his foundation are obsessed with the concepts of digital identity and uses of vaccinations, including funding research at M.I.T. that involves “encoding health and identity data into a quantum-dot based system that can be embedded in human skin”, according to an article by Dennis Behreandt in the May 18, 2020 issue of The New American Magazine.

Our own Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIAID have a long history of collaboration with the Gates Foundation on the development of worldwide vaccination initiatives, going back at least to 2010 and the GVAP 2010-2020 program.  In its founding documentation, GVAP, led by Dr. Fauci and Margaret Chan, called for multiple steps in the development of world wide vaccination plans, INCLUDING the uses of ID technologies to track (for life I assume) all people who have been vaccinated for anything.  According to the summary of GVAP available from the W.H.O.:…”The rapid expansion of information technology should be leveraged to establish IMMUNIZATION REGISTRIES and ELECTRONIC DATABASES (emphasis mine-WHL) that will allow each individual’s immunization status to be tracked, timely reminders to be sent when immunization is due….The introduction of unique ID numbers could be a catalyst for the establishment of such systems.”

These concerns were ridiculed recently by one of the “talking heads” of Faux News, but people with suspicious minds, like me, are growing concerned  that tying special purpose vaccines (especially those involving the development of microscopic “nanotechnologies—specifically “nanomedicines”) and citizens’ health records to esoteric forms of “identity documentation” may be another step in an already extensive list of surreptitious concepts, and little-publicized proposals (virtually all of which are kept from public knowledge) in the efforts of “government” to subjugate the entire population of Planet Earth using a universal digital ID.  Presently there are several well known and powerful organizations trying to develop reliable universal digital ID methods, many using vaccines.  Some of these entities are the McKinsey Global Institute, an arm of McKinsey Consulting, one of whose purposes is to develop “a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy”.  The Chairman of McKinsey G.I. is James Manyika, who is listed as a current member of The Council on Foreign Relations.

Other research partners of the Gates Foundation on the topic of universal digital ID are Omidyar Network, founded in 2004 by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.  It is described as “a self-styled ‘philanthropic investment firm’,…a social change venture that ‘reimagines critical systems’, and the ideas that govern them, to build more inclusive and equitable societies for the benefit of the many, not just the few, across the globe.”  It is also described as “a social change venture that works to bring about structural changes that will fundamentally shift the systems that govern our daily lives”  The O.N. believes that free enterprise (capitalism) should be “reimagined”, i.e. managed by central government planners to “rebalance power”, shifting economic power from free markets to the state, and from businesses to ‘workers’ groups’ in order to undermine free market economics (i.e. get rid of free enterprise and adopt “socialism”, a sure recipe for economic disaster). Apparently digital ID tracking of the world’s population is a “social change” that we all should welcome, according to the O.N.

Two other supporters of the collectivist dream of universal digital ID are the shadowy Open Society Foundations, owned and run by the despicable former Nazi, George Soros, the mega-billionaire globalist who despises America’s free enterprise system and our Constitutional Republic, and whose OSF is one of several internationalist Non-Governmental Organizations working to create a digital ID scheme.  George Soros is listed as a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Rounding out this “rogues gallery” of the worshippers of universal digital ID is the Rockefeller Foundation, which has a long history of attacks against individual dignity of people, and their rights.  While the RF has contributed huge sums over the decades to help various people in a positive way, the RF did play a KEY ROLE in the perpetuation of the totally evil eugenics atrocity world wide, including the eugenics program in Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.  The Rockefeller Foundation also aided in the founding of the German eugenics program so appreciated by Adolf Hitler, and even funded the program that the totally evil Dr. Josef Mengele worked in before he transferred to Auschwitz to perform his anti-human eugenics experiments.  The head of the Rockefeller Foundation is Dr. Rajiv Shah, currently listed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Should we be concerned that these are some of the most important people and organizations that want all the rest of us to trust them to oversee and manage the creation of a world-wide scheme of digital ID? 

Personally, I wouldn’t trust ANY of them any further than I could spit into the wind, and perhaps not even that far!    The McKinsey Institute assures us that a working digital ID system is needed to allow member governments to reach some of the goals incorporated into the United Nations 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development, which is the same end result being pushed by the Global Health Forum and Margaret Chan.

The U.N.’s “Sustainable Development Goals” demand that governments (including non-governmental organizations, or N.G.O.’s) develop “legal identity” for all of the world’s population, especially BIRTH registration, by the year 2030, raises the question as to WHY that is so important to the U.N.?  Could it be that collectivists throughout history have sought to control populations and force compliance—like Pharaoh’s tax collectors in ancient Egypt—like the census/tax registrations of ancient Rome, one of which Joseph and Mary were forced to comply with in ancient Judea?   But digital ID is being planned to be a REQUIREMENT for anyone to participate in the soon-to-be-launched digital economy, particularly in the realm of finance.  Our would-be masters in the United Nations Organization are promoting this digital ID “brave new world” as a great potential benefit to mankind.  Those who have the digital ID’s will be able to obtain financing for homes, businesses, or whatever, get new or better jobs, purchase food and other necessities, participate in voting, etc.

Of course, the reverse must also be true, and harshly enforced, eventually.  Without this digital ID, either carried with you everywhere you go, OR perhaps IMPLANTED within your body at birth or at some “legal age”, your freedom will be revoked!  An ID-less person will have no freedom to work for a living, will be unable to purchase real property, to move about from place to place (city to city or state to state, etc.), or even purchase food and other things required to sustain life.  Even though many people will deny it (or refuse to consider it), “DIGITAL ID”, as proposed by the U.N. and other shadowy entities,  will rapidly become a collectivist scheme to restrict or even eliminate a person’s freedom completely, and to allow “freedom” only with the approval of some N.G.O. or some governmental authority.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?  Like perhaps what is being done today (or soon will be) in communist China? 

Well, we’ve come a long way in these two discussions, from the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the new Covid-19 vaccines to use of some form of  digital ID to track and control not just who has been vaccinated, but WHO has refused to be vaccinated, or who has refused to “cooperatewith the government, etc.  Sounds 1984’ish, doesn’t it?  Thirty-seven years past the year of 1984 that George Orwell envisioned, we’re discovering that his “Big Brother” was an amateur at collectivist tyranny.  He should have written a book titled, 2021.  That might have even frightened “Big Brother”.  And it should scare all of us!

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