Klaus Schwab - The man who wants to
Klaus Schwab - The man who wants to "Reset" our world as one of our globalist masters.

Last time we introduced you (probably) to a sinister and deplorable man that I described as “a bitter enemy of freedom and constitutional government” who is active among the “movers and shakers” of the world of political scheming and economic ‘readjustment’, developing a plan  that he and his allies are trying with all their might to fasten onto the world of free enterprise and free market capitalism, thereby chaining us down forever into the realm of mediocrity and cultural and economic SLAVERY.  His name, you might recall from Part 1, is Klaus Schwab, chief of the World Economic Forum, and he is one of the principal architects of a collectivist “save the world” scheme called “The Great Reset”.  Listen carefully to the hissing of these vipers of perfidy and mendacity, as they do their best to convince mankind that by the year 2030, if the gullible sheeple of Europe and North America can be hoodwinked into approving their collectivist drivel, you—all of us—will essentially be serfs who own NOTHING, and we’ll be very happy because we don’t! Or at least, they assure us that we’ll be happy.

(Again, I refer you to the article  titled, The Great Reset, written by one of my favorite writers, Alex Newman, in the Jan. 4, 2021 issue of The New American magazine, from which I quote freely.) 

Newman wrote: “In 2014, the Rothschild banking dynasty and the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored a summit in London on ‘Inclusive Capitalism’.  Including (England’s) Prince Charles, then-(International Monetary Fund) chief Christine Lagarde, former U.S. President Bill Clinton (CFR), Bank of England  boss Mark Carney, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers (CFR), top CEO’s, pension-fund bosses,…(the) attendees reportedly represented about one-third of the world’s wealth.  Quoting Karl Marx about capitalism supposedly carrying ‘the seeds of its own destruction’.  IMF boss Lagarde called for global wealth redistribution, more taxes, and more government.  At the top of the agenda was getting companies to put shareholder interests aside in favor of the same nebulous ‘environmental’ and ‘social’ responsibilities aligned with draconian U.N. visions of ‘sustainable development’.   

Seems to me we’ve heard that collectivist drivel before.   This nonsense wasn’t new even back in 2014.  Today, however, it has been resurrected  under the slogan of “The Great Reset” and other slick marketing hoopla, including Comrade Joe Biden’s and the Klan of New Bolshevik’s campaign slogan: “Build Back Better”.  Today, the exact same globalists and Marxist collectivists have been exploiting the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic to advance the same far leftist agenda out of the economic and social wreckage that they created in many of the civilized nations in Asia, Europe, and North America.


It has never been a secret that the United Nations Organization was conceived by members of the subversive Council on Foreign Relations and by communists (including our “own” Alger Hiss) and founded back in 1945.  Much of this “great reset” is incorporated in the U.N.’s sinister and subversive U.N. Agenda 2030, also known as Sustainable Development Goals that our deplorable politicians love to gush over.  Agenda 2030 is, of course, the present foundation of the U.N.’s and the C.F.R.’s long worked for goal called THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  Have you heard of that?  Sure you have.  Many patriotic writers have been warning for decades about the NWO, so beloved of our current socialist anti-constitution POTUS, Joe Biden, who delivered a speech at the World Economic Forum back n 2017, in  which he described “How I Learned to Love the New World Order”. 

I assume that our mentally challenged POTUS knows, by now, that the ‘catchphrase’ “New World Order” is a well known mantra used by the scurvy globalists the world over, including Democrats, Republicans, communists, and socialists (including the late, not-so-great President George H.W. Bush (CFR) during one of his State of the Union addresses to the American people), as they hold hands and sing ‘Kumbiyah’, all the while salivating over their leftist totalitarian visions of a one-world government under the disreputable communist organization known as the U.N.

In the sinister and collectivist United Nations Organization’s “Agenda 2030”, the U.N. member nations, including dictatorships and African “pretend” nations, subscribed to goals very similar to the W.E.F.’s “Great Reset”.  Keep in mind that the U.N.’s “Agenda 2030” is not content with mere “national socialism” (the Nazis were “National Socialists, you may recall) to rid the sundry nations of “inequality”.  Oh no---international socialism is what is really needed to battle that evil “inequality”, especially among countries.  The U.N. AGENDA 2030 document states that, “By 2030, ensure that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable, have equal rights to economic resources.”  Which sounds to me very similar to the W.E.F.’s “Great Reset” manifesto and the Communist Manifesto!  U.N. AGENDA 2030, not surprisingly, demands that governments seize control over production and consumption.  It also demands government controlled health care systems for all people.  Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao would have been truly proud of the collectivist enemies of freedom who drew up AGENDA 2030 for the U.N.!

Upon closer inspection, it’s obvious that Schwab’s “Great Reset” almost duplicates the U.N.’s Agenda 2030.  Last year, in fact, Schwab’s W.E.F. signed a “Strategic Partnership Framework” agreement with the U.N. in order to speed up the imposition of the sinister Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals” on all of humanity.  As Alex Newman put it so well in his article in The New American magazine: “Communist leaders, including members of the mass-murdering Communist Party of China, are now openly joining forces with crony-capitalist bigwigs and Big Business CEO’s to push the scheme.  Antonio Guterres (the socialist Secretary General of the United Nations Organization), the former chief of the Socialist International alliance of socialist and Marxist parties, also proudly lent the U.N.’s  support to the W.E.F.’s “Great Reset” agenda.”


Most Americans, in their uninformed adulation of the U.N. and everything associated with it (although approval of the U.N. is now down to only 48% among the American populace) do not realize that one of the MAIN goals of “The Great Reset” being pursued by the W.E.F. is abolition of all private property! (I’m sure some of you recall THAT as being one of the goals listed by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto of 1848).  Alex Newman described it well in his article from the Jan. 4, 2021 issue of The New American magazine, to  which I’ve previously referred:  “A propaganda video (from the W.E.F.) offers what it describes as ‘8 predictions for the world of 2030’.  ‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.’…Then comes the first forecast.  Instead of owning property and the necessities of life, ‘you’ll rent.’  Apparently ‘whatever you want’  will be magically ‘delivered by drone’.  Everything except meat, since the video predicts ‘you’ll eat much less meat’ for the benefit of the planet.  Incidentally, as part of its ‘Great Reset’ agenda, the W.E.F. has also been peddling the disgusting notion that you must eat bugs, weeds, and seaweed instead of normal food—all to save the ‘climate’ from the gas of life (CO 2).”

Needless to say, as word spread around the world regarding this disgusting and freedom-ending W.E.F. agenda, a hornet’s nest of massive proportions sprang up world-wide, as still relatively free people began to focus their intense scrutiny on this radical group (W.E.F.) and its promotion of an end to private property and privacy.  The outrage became so intense  that the W.E.F. was forced to pull its English language version of this video out of circulation, although the Spanish language version is, to my understanding, still available on YouTube.

NEVER forget that IF this “Great Reset” becomes an accomplished fact, particularly on a global level, it will surely require the U.N., in co-operation with “our” government, to either eliminate or thoroughly attack and discredit our American system of rights given to us by our CREATOR, and protected by our American government as it has traditionally done.  Efforts to eliminate the U.S.A. as the global superpower , as the W.E.F. is planning (in co-operation with traitors in the U.S. government) , in favor of what some globalists and communists are now calling a “Multi-polar World Order” have been surreptitiously pursued for many years.  Americans had best intensify their efforts to preserve our liberties, put pressures on our state and federal governments, because there are ‘legions’ of collectivists throughout this world, including in “our” governments, that detest the idea of free people governing themselves. 

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