As of last September 17, 2020, our nation—the United States of America—had existed as a Constitutional Republic for 233 years, thanks to the wisdom, the faith, the fortitude, and the willingness to reach compromises, on the part of the Founders who signed the 1787 constitution and, a few years later, our Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to that constitution.  During those 233 years our venerable constitution has weathered many attacks against it, and has been amended a total of 27 times.  Despite the hordes of calumnies directed against our constitution by mental midgets and Godless collectivists, and especially against those inspired men who codified many of the God-given rights enshrined therein, it has stood the test of time by providing a national “blueprint” for the governance of our nation through war and peace, through good and bad economic times, through disasters caused by human foibles and corruption, through the shadowy conspiracies of “Un-Americans” who were—and still are-- determined to end this “experiment in self-government” in favor of some form of collectivist coercion. 

Our U.S. Constitution has survived the follies of presidents, the attacks of countless bureaucrats and demagogues who ignored it (and are doing so increasingly today), who decried it as “out of date” and who lied about it by claiming that it is “a living document” that must “change with the times”, in total contravention of our Founders’ intents.  These not-so-subtle stabs in the back of the work of that 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia are heard increasingly in our day,  as those who have always despised freedom and liberty under law seem to be determined to totally ignore our constitution and institute a government of men, rather than a government of law.  “Rex Lex”, rather than “Lex Rex”.

Despite these endless attacks and lies about our constitution (attacks which began in the late 18th century barely after the ink was dry on that new Constitution), which was admittedly a compromise to satisfy the serious concerns of the various delegates to that Philadelphia Convention and, later, similar concerns of the state legislatures who were considering our constitution’s ratification, it has served the American people reasonably well.  Today, however, we are faced with a horde of faceless and sinister people who seem determined to either change our constitution beyond all recognition or twist it to conform to the devilish plans and sinister purposes of those who use their vast wealth while hiding behind “the curtain”, like arrogant puppet masters pulling our national “strings” and plotting to turn our institutions, and our people, against each other for their own nefarious desires.  Do these people harbor a “death wish” against our constitution?  Against our republic and its freedoms?  Against our free enterprise system?  Against those “unalienable rights” that many Americans, from 1775 to this very day, died to defend and preserve for the future?  If your answer to these questions is anything but “yes”, you are living in a “fantasy land” and need to come to your senses!

For decades we’ve had the “Extremes” of our highest court issuing rulings that our Founders would have taken great umbrage over.  MAKING laws, as the extreme Supremes have been doing for at least a century, along with their lower court toadies, who also love to “make” laws rather than rule seriously regarding the merits of our legislatively enacted laws and the cases that they engender, is the apparent ‘raison d’etre’ of our modern court systems, especially the federal versions.  The denizens of “our” Supreme Court weren’t called “Nine Men Against America” several decades ago without reason.   Has the “Extreme Court” harbored a secret “death wish” over the past century or so against the Federal Republic our Founders gave us?  Does the sun rise in the east?  Does spring come after winter?  Do liberals always lie to us?

Then there are the proponents, stronger than ever over the past 5 years, of the extremely dangerous “Article V Constitutional Convention” movement, also referred to by its proponents, as a means of “camouflaging” their true intentions, as a Convention of the States”, or “Con Con”.  If anything has the potential to qualify as a truly sinister CON, it is this.  As I’m sure you know, an Article V Constitutional Convention can be realized when two-thirds of our states petition our Congress to establish a “convention” (just like the one in Philadelphia in 1787 that became a “runaway convention” which totally abrogated the existing Articles of Confederation).  A modern CON CON could, and probably would, give to a group of politicians, and those who financially control them, the almost unlimited power to rewrite our PRESENT constitution, or to so alter it with multiple amendments as to render it meaningless regarding the original intentions of our Founders.  A modern CON CON would allow powerful politicians and even more powerful (and hidden) mega-wealthy leftists with agendas of destroying our free enterprise system to REWRITE our present constitution and, for example, vote in a NEW ratification procedure, exactly as happened at our one and only (so far) Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.

It is not inconceivable that an entirely NEW CONSTITUTION would be proposed, voted on, and approved, for several versions of new socialist-style, big-government promoting, freedom-restricting constitutions have already been written and proposed.    Can you imagine the chaos, rioting, burning, and general Marxist mayhem by the anti-American communists in Black Lives Matter or the violent anarchists of AntiFa that would be associated with a modern-day CON CON?  That some prominent Americans, including prominent conservative politicians and media “stars” who should know better, have come out publically in favor of this “Convention of the States” just shows how little thought they’ve given to this serious subject, despite their soothing reassurances to the contrary that THEY would have everything under control and that the CON CON would be “restricted” to considering only a “balanced budget” amendment, and/or a “term limits” amendment.  DON’T BELIEVE THEM! REINING IN our out-of-control bloated government is the ONLY logical solution, not calling for a CON CON that could, and probably would, lead to disaster.  Those who have a “death wish” to end our present constitutional republic are pushing this Article V CON CON.  Those who refuse to believe the possibility of a disaster should a CON CON be called, are just fluff and window dressing for the wealthy agenda-driven few who dream of being our masters, and we their serfs.  Don’t fall for the obfuscations and LIES of those pushing for an Article V CON CON!  Either they don’t truly know whereof they speak or, even more disturbingly, THEY DO KNOW, but don’t want YOU to know! 

As I write this, Americans are struggling to end the major Covid-19 “pandemic” calamity foisted upon the U.S. (and most of the world) by our enemies in the Communist Party of China, a societal disruption of the first magnitude that was aided and abetted by the “useful idiots” and willing accomplices of many Americans in positions of authority in “our” government and in other major institutions of influence and power who relished the thought that the pandemic would allow them to strike blows against the liberties that Americans have always enjoyed.  Since the ILLEGAL end of President Trump’s administration, Americans have been enduring the major incompetency of the Marxists/socialists/collectivists that have infested Comrade Joe Biden’s administration, a group of admitted Marxists and America-haters who are intent on destroying the United States as a Federated Republic under our constitution, and converting our nation into some form of Marxist/socialist “worker’s paradise” run by them, with no resistance permitted.  It’s plain to all who are not brain damaged that the Biden government wants to destroy the America of the past, the two-party (sort of) system that seemed to serve our nation, more-or-less, and convert the majority of Americans to “blue” (Democrat)  robots who will forever vote for The Klan of New Bolsheviks, thus assuring a permanent one party political system, and destroy forever any chances of future Republican major office holders.  Those who support the Marxist Biden Administration have a definite “death wish” against the America that all of us grew up in, and appear to look towards Marxist Venezuela as their model.

Another case in point is the sure and certain damage that will eventually be loosed upon the U.S., and all of us who were born in and loved our once “America for Americans” nation, by allowing the totally unlimited entry of vast armies of ILLEGAL ALIENS, hordes of disease-ridden, poorly educated, and increasingly DANGEROUS pseudo-refugees and “undocumented immigrants”, both from the socialist, Marxist, progressive cesspools south of our border, and especially in increasing numbers, from many terrorist-harboring Islamic countries who are purposely sending trained Islamic jihadists into  our midst—violence loving and Satan-worshipping enemies whom our former President Trump tried hard to keep out of the U.S..  All who are not willingly deceived or totally brainwashed know that in all of these Islamic dens of worship of “Allah”, the Islamic enemies of our nation and our constitution and its codified freedoms, are plotting ways of intensifying their fight to convert the entire world of “infidels” (i.e. non-Muslims) into an Islamic Caliphate.  Just because many are illegally entering our nation from or through the nation of Mexico does not mean that all of the diseased and verminous hordes are Hispanic in origin.  More and more people from Islamic and Asian countries are crossing illegally, and they don’t plan to cozy up to Americans and sing “Koombyah” with us.  Those Americans who have a “death wish” (literally) tell the rest of us that all of these poor, downtrodden aliens just want to come to America for “freedom”.  BALDERDASH!  Don’t believe that for a minute!

Most Americans are only vaguely aware, if that, of the concept of “civilization Jihad”.  This is a weapon that these 7th century primitives have used throughout history, when they aren’t physically unleashing their “convert or die” violence on some unfortunate country.  Civilization jihad is the process of slowly infiltrating increasing numbers of Muslims (mostly from the very violent Sunni Sect) into non-Muslim countries.  Even Muslim jihadists who have perpetrated death and violence on non-Islamic people throughout their history often admit that the only sure way of converting non-Islamic nations to Islam is via this “stealth jihad”, also referred to as “civilization jihad”.  That process involves inundating the targeted nation with so many Muslims over a period of time that the original native populations are BRED OUT OF EXISTENCE  or OUT OF POLITICAL DOMINANCE by the high birth rates so prevalent among the Islamic people.  This is already happening in several European countries that stupidly admitted hordes of Muslim “refugees” (mostly all younger males) during the chaos that arose over the Syrian civil war.  These European nations apparently harbor their own “death wishes” to end their civilization and culture.

One would have to be deliberately blind (and many Americans are) to deny the inroads of the subversive Marxists that now have working control of our U.S. government, academia, much of our financial system, our labor unions, our medical institutions and societies, and even multi-national corporations that pretend to be “American”, but aren’t remotely such.  It is as plain as day that there are marked SIMILARITIES between repressive Marxist beliefs and practices and Islamic beliefs and practices.  For example:

  • Both Islamists and Marxists LIE constantly to achieve their goals;
  • Both Islamists and Marxists are INTOLERANT of the opinions and views of their opponents;
  • Both Islamists and Marxists ABUSE WOMEN AND MINORITIES in their midst, although the Islamists’ treatment of women as 2nd class citizens (if that) may be worse than the Marxists’ mistreatment of women;
  • Both Islamists and Marxists DESPISE CHRISTIANITY, and focus their venom on Christian believers in their midst. Both of them also despise Jews and Judaism;
  • Both Islamists and Marxists seem to relish the SLAUGHTER of the innocent, including quite often those who have professed to believe as they do;
  • Both Islamists and Marxists use “SITUATIONAL ETHICS”, which permits them to use any means to achieve their ends, including lying to one’s enemies, and using subterfuge to infiltrate themselves into positions of power or influence with the governments, the military, or the cultures they are seeking to destroy.

Without any doubt, both Islamists and Marxists always harbor a “death wish” against any free, non-Islamic or non-Marxist nation.  And that certainly applies to our domestic Islamists and Marxists.

Finally, there is the growing domestic problem of the cultural attacks being waged by our increasingly violent Marxists and their deceived dupes  under the guise of
Critical Race Theory”, communist agitprop which posits that all Caucasian (white) people in the U.S. are inherently “racist”, an attitude that is “genetic” in only white people, and that must be “purged” by Marxist brainwashing, self-shaming, and obeisance to any minority group in the U.S., who are ostensibly the “superior” race (including people of Asian heritage, who apparently are just as “racist” as white people).  Without belaboring this Marxist nonsense, it is absolutely clear that those who preach such collectivist CRAP have a “death wish” against those who have a different skin color than they do.  It is also totally apparent that those who believe such collectivist (Marxist) CRAP have a “death wish” against the sane among our population who refuse to capitulate to this vile and racist and violence-promoting Marxist claptrap. 

So what about YOU?  Do YOU harbor any kind of “death wish” along the lines I’ve described?  I hope that you do not.  However, there are far too many in our population who subscribe to one or more of these “death wishes”.  Many of them are our younger, ill-educated members of the herd of conformity and “wokeness”.  If the rational and sane patriots among us, including real Christians who have not been brainwashed with Marxist “liberation theology” and Critical Race nonsense, will not stand and fight these Satanic ideologies and beliefs, then the U.S. faces a real “death wish” situation—a new and violent civil war or, even worse, a bloody race war.  That is not what Americans of good will should tolerate.  Each of us must do what we can to educate others as to what is being planned by the enemies of God and Country.  Then, perhaps, we can escape the “death wishes” directed at us by those who are the implacable enemies of God and freedom under law.

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