Put On The Whole Armor of God


By Karen Rene’ Pryer

From the web site: And We Know, July 21, 2021

“Scoffers gonna scoff at us—This is no surprise.

When heads are buried in the sand—denial is demise!

Conspiracies are rampant And the truth is hard to find,

But even when you find it, No one backs you from behind.

The world rejected Jesus As the world rejects us now.

The truth is viewed as crazy, And is misconstrued somehow.

But when we stand  up to the world And lift our voices high—

The love of Jesus radiates The truth we testify!

When scoffers come a scoffing—To tell you you’re insane—

Just know your toiling for the truth Will never be in vain!”


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places”. - Ephesians 6:12, 1599 Geneva Bible

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” - Ephesians 6:12, New International Version

Does it seem to you that in the past few decades here in the U.S. just about everything seems to be getting progressively worse, from relationships within families, to crazy and puzzling government policies, to endless wars and conflicts around the world, to increasing societal violence, to disrespect for law, to a general feeling of un-safeness and malaise in our communities, to fracturing of our “body politic” into an “us vs. them” battle with our fellow Americans?  It sure seems like it to me.  So I ask you:  How did we get ourselves into this serious dilemma? 

Back in 1962, the “wizards” of our Extreme Court ruled, in Engel v. Vitale, that a non-denominational prayer in the government-controlled schools was “unconstitutional”.  Thereafter, Americans increasingly continued the already well established process of turning our backs on God and His Word, and the resulting quite obvious moral deterioration and loss of our national purpose and greatness has put us in the quagmire of today’s Satanic “deep state swamp”, where our national character has been rendered weak, where it once was strong; corrupted when it once was virtuous; and rushing headlong toward the collapse of our once-free society into the morass and tyranny of a godless, humanistic world government hell-bent on enslaving us, our children, and the future! 

As the great prescient writer, John W. Chalfant, wrote in his insightful book, America--A Call To Greatness (published 2003 by America—A Call to Greatness, Inc.), our increasingly unfree nation is “under siege”, and “the battleground (is) spiritual, political, ideological, economic, and military.”  Here are the weapons that Satan and his minions are using to destroy the Christian and constitutional heritage of America, according to Chalfant:

  • A corrupt legal system (quite obvious)
  • Military readiness (or a lack thereof)
  • Compromised internal security (what security?)
  • Homosexuality (the ridicule of God’s Word concerning this sin)
  • New Age philosophy (Satan’s favorite belief system)
  • Collapse of educational standards (purposely induced)
  • Liberal media (today quite obvious to all but the willfully blind and the MSM brainwashed masses)
  • Open borders (today a major demographic threat, purposely induced)
  • Evolution (taught as absolute truth, instead of the lie it is)
  • Secular humanism (which has the status of a ‘new religion’)
  • Environmentalism (‘climate change’ and the pending ‘end of the world’ if we don’t destroy our society by submitting to the climate kooks and their collectivist masters)
  • Abortion (probably the major moral condemnation of America)
  • Corrupt politicians (A species forever with us)
  • Unstable economy (which is soon going to get a whole lot more unstable
  • Drugs (one of the major epidemics of our day)

Well, that is Chalfant’s list of Satan’s tools.  You could probably add more to enhance the total picture of how the enemies of God and Country are seeking to destroy our constitutional  republic.  Some Americans—how many I don’t know—have much knowledge of the degree and effectiveness of these attacks on our liberties, and on our foundational principles, and have been trying to warn our fellow citizens for decades.   But far too many of us have no concept of the “big  picture”, and how these assaults against our freedoms are both coordinated and simultaneous, and in fact have been such for well over a century.

This is not to say that there are not many patriotic and concerned men and women here in the U.S. that DO understand what is happening to us, that DO try to educate their fellow citizens as to the dangers to our freedom posed by these collectivist/Marxist/socialist ENEMIES of all free people.  There are many nationally known Christian and Christian Patriot  and just plain Patriot groups actively engaging these enemies today, too many to name.  I belong to some of them, and you probably do also. People I admire and respect operate these “truth sites”.  WE, the members of these pro-American liberty groups, are offering up our own brand of “resistance”, and do our best to alert our fellow Americans about the threats facing them, like modern-day Paul Reveres.  There are many more patriots around us than we realize, but we are not large enough, yet, to turn the tide of collectivism that now threatens to engulf us.  We of these patriot organizations have been engaging in a somewhat slow and painful and frustrating retreat against the onslaught of our determined and organized enemies.  But the patriots of this nation have been, and still are, buying all of us the time that it will surely take to decide the outcome of the battle of the ages---to determine whether the United States of our Founders (well, what is left of it) will perish in the tidal wave of collectivist evil rushing toward us, or whether we can push it back and become great, and free, once again.

All Christians and Christian Patriots know that “greatness” in a nation can only come about when its citizens draw close to God and obey His Word. Without that our efforts are futile.  There was a time in America when this was the prevailing attitude (never the majority attitude, perhaps, but at least a sizeable number).  As His Word counsels:

“Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you”.  (James, 4:8)

“Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”   (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

As our Founders believed, God is the author of all of our liberties.  We of today, especially those of us who call ourselves “Christians”, must know that God counsels us in His Word on all of these Satanic attacks—on how to resist them.  However, in our time far too many Christians seem confused and fearful, having lost their vision of that “city set upon a hill”, and have resisted only feebly when God’s enemies seemed to take “the high ground” and fragment Christian believers, who have pretty much retreated in the face of God’s enemies, time after time after time, century after century, and one painful death after another.

Secular humanists, those practitioners of the “humanist religion” (and it IS a religion), seem to have triumphed over God’s people and have just about destroyed the venerable freedoms given to us by our Creator, and codified in our once-honored U.S. constitution.  The worldview of most Christians, who once rejoiced over our victorious faith, seems to have been shredded and almost obliterated, tucked away in our self-pity pockets. 

For example, why is it that the book of Genesis is the most attacked book in God’s Word?  John Chalfant said it was because “it offers a total life view for individuals.  It explains God’s purpose for independent nations and why He is outspokenly OPPOSED TO WORLD GOVERNMENT (emphasis mine), which is the enemy of individual freedom.  Genesis tells us where we came from, that we are special creations made in the image of God (not products of dog-eat-dog evolution), why we are here, what is our mission, and what are our duties .  It establishes the family institution. Genesis assures us of our accountability to God at a future judgment which holds rewards and punishments.  It deals in a trinity—the past, the present, and the future—and gives meaning, purpose, direction, and fulfillment to life in all of its realms.  Without the total picture, life can indeed be dreary, devoid of purpose, and self-destructing.  Without purpose and the high calling of God, the PEOPLE AE EASILY ENSLAVED.” (Emphasis mine).

Such seems to be the case here in 21st century America, does it not?  We Americans, and most of the free people of Earth, are being ENSLAVED because of fear of a virus that is not much worse than normal influenza, and which was PURPOSELY RELEASED among the people of Earth by the ENEMIES OF HUMANITY to create a panic—a great fear of dying of COVID—thereby inducing them to surrender their freedoms to their government “saviors” in hopes of escaping from the clutches of this CHINESE BIO WEAPON that was loosed upon all of us! (And never forget the truth that the Chinese Communist Party is the archenemy of all human freedom, particularly of the U.S. Constitution.  And also let us all be aware that those who are sympathetic to that Satanic Chinese Communist Party—especially Americans who are in positions of power and authority in “our” government, are THE ENEMIES of all free Americans, and that includes the entire Biden Administration!)

The Christian worldview covers every aspect of a believer’s and a nation’s existence.  This worldview encompassed the spirit and essence of our Declaration of Independence, and the separation of powers and all the civil laws codified into our Constitution. It BANISHED fear of the unknown darkness and the known tyranny of our fellow men.  Why have Americans, and American Christians particularly, abandoned that worldview and succumbed to the fear of being decimated by a virus, and to the fear of resisting an increasingly tyrannical and domineering national government, with barely any whimpers of protest and few cries of resistance?  WHY?

Surely you understand that this Christian worldview, right from the beginning, established the value of each person as being precious in the eyes of God, and that each of us has “certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  That, of course, is in direct conflict with the beliefs of all governments of the past several centuries  who were founded on Satanic “Secular Humanism” or “Marxism/Leninism”.  The Christian worldview does not infer that all people are born politically free, because that has never been the case,  but that they have a God-given right to freedom.  And NO ONE can deny that right, because it comes from God, NOT from any government! Thus, it is a corollary of the above statements that each person has a DIVINE RIGHT (and in my opinion an obligation) to fight to preserve the freedom he has, or to fight for freedom that has been denied to him by some government!  And not only do each of us have that Divine Right to fight for our freedom, but WE HAVE THE OBLIGATION—THE DUTY—TO FIGHT FOR IT, NOT JUST FOR OUR OWN GENERATION, BUT TO PRESERVE IT FOR OUR POSTERITY!

As John Chalfant reminds us:  “The mission of Jesus Christ was that of freedom.  In that cause He came, and in that cause He went to the cross.  He taught the primacy of the spirit and the worth and dignity of the individual.  In contrast the Secular Humanists and Marxist/Leninists teach that there is NO spirit; therefore an individual has no inherent dignity or Divine Right to freedom.”  And that, my fellow citizens, is the great issue of our time.  If that issue is not resolved in the favor of freedom, then the “past” will truly become the “prologue” to a future of endless tyranny, agony, and human degradation.  It is now in OUR hands—it is now OUR responsibility-- to deny these enemies of human freedom their leftist/progressive vision of, as George Orwell so cogently described , a future of “a jack boot stomping on a human face, forever!” 

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