An administration that has exercised power for four years based on falsehoods and deception is now required to base their reelection campaign on falsehoods and deception in order to be consistent by maintaining the deception and retain power for another four years. Nothing will be too unethical, immoral or dishonest for them to use in the next thirty days of the campaign, and the tricks have already begun.

Hardly anyone believes the Administration report that unemployment has suddenly dropped from 8.2 to 7.8 percent. They have manipulated numbers before and they have done it again. A convenient election-year deception.

American foreign policy is a disaster under this Administration. In the Middle East, policy is based on a false assumption that former terrorists and other Arabs love Barack Obama, despite the fact that he brags about killing their beloved leader. They assume that the War on Terror is over and the Arab world is moving toward democracy.

When our Ambassador in Libya and three other Americans are murdered by terrorists, there is an incredible cover-up. Not only did the Administration deny the facts they knew, it is now revealed that the Ambassador asked for help, including an aircraft to evacuate Americans, and all help was denied. This is an unprecedented failure of the government to perform its basic function of security.

Sequester-related budget cuts in the Defense budget will force defense contractors to terminate the employment of thousands of employees effective January 2, 2013. The WARN Act, a federal law requires that workers must be notified 60 days in advance of a potential mass layoff or plant closure. The Obama Administration has issued guidance encouraging employers not to issue notices before the election. The Administration has also offered to use taxpayer or borrowed funds to reimburse the defense contractors for any legal action taken by employees should sequestration occur. The Administration is blatantly encouraging companies to ignore and violate federal law. Ignoring existing laws for their convenience has been a common practice of this Administration.

In a letter to defense contractors, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, members of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, warned:

“We plan to block any effort by the Administration to reimburse contractors who fail to provide the required WARN Act notifications. We will oppose any requested funding increase in the budget process, any reprogramming action, including transfers that fall below the level requiring Congressional notification, or use of any program funds to reimburse contractors for any expenses resulting from failure to comply with the law.

“Make no mistake about it. The looming sequester is very real and the impacts will be felt in every corner of our economy.

“A study produced for the National Association of Manufacturers by the University of Maryland found that defense-dependent employment will be reduced by 907,000 jobs in calendar year 2013.”

The impact on the entire economy is estimated to cost 2.1 million jobs in 2013.

Former Governor Sarah Palin may have had it right when she suggested that the dirtiest tricks from this desperate Administration might come in the next 30 days.

This is clearly the most important and corrupt election in our lifetime. Be informed and by all means cast informed ballots. The future of you and your family depends on it.

Take cover!

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