Where is the Republican leadership in Congress that is needed to combat the Democrats’ destructive Marxist blueprint for America? We are hearing sparks of resistance from the political over-the-hill gang of Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, but what we need to see is flames of opposition against the Marxist political insurrection to destroy our Constitution and to topple our Republic. The Republicans need to stop playing “Mr. Nice Guy” and start waging political trench warfare to stop the Democrats’ unpatriotic war against America. In other words, Republicans need to stop dancing the Washington Watusi with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and get some old-fashion backbone!

The Democrats are launching a three-prong attack against American society. The first one is an internal attack aided by BLM and Antifa to undermine law and order in our country. The "Defund the Police" movement, which is being spawned by black supremacists and anarchists, is a Marxist maneuver to delegitimize and overthrow our existing form of constitutional government.

The ultimate goal of the Democrats is to set up a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship in this country. This move has been destabilizing this society into a lawless, crime-ridden place to live. It appears they want our country to be another Venezuela. At the same time, the Democrats want to disarm the American people, and they are telling us we would be safer without guns. The answer is very clear: Americans will be safer with more guns, not less.

Recently an Uber driver was killed by two teenage black girls in Washington D.C., one thirteen years old and the other fifteen years old. They were trying to hijack his car. The last words he uttered that were heard by pedestrians was “This is my Car.” If he had a loaded gun in his possession, the story probably would have ended differently, and he would be alive today. Also, on a street in New York, a black man who was just released from prison attacked an elderly Asian woman by knocking her over and repeatedly stomping on her body. The black people who watched this vicious attack would not intervene to help this woman. If she was armed with a gun this black man would have been the one lying in his blood on the street. Guns save lives!

The state legislature in Georgia passed a much needed, election integrity bill, which was signed into law by the governor. This was done to preempt H.R. 1, the communist voting bill if Congress passes it and Joe Biden signs it into law. Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, major league baseball, and others are trying to dictate through boycotts to Georgia voters and all Americans what is acceptable during our elections and not acceptable according to the radical left. All of us should join President Donald Trump’s call for boycotts against these Marxist-influenced companies.

There is a bill in the Arizona State Legislature to protect the Second Amendment and gun owners from federal encroachment. This will be a shield against the anti-gun legislation of H.R. 127 in Congress that most likely will become law. Also, State Senator Tom Corbin has introduced pro-gun legislation in the South Carolina State Legislature that is using the Second Amendment and the South Carolina State Constitution to protect gun owners. In the cases of the state integrity voting and gun rights laws, Biden and his cronies will say that Federal law exceeds state law. This is when the states need to take a Tenth Amendment stance and refuse to honor federal law over the state passed mandates. We are at the point in history when the states need to take back their power under the Constitution.

Illegal immigration to the Democrats means more slaves on their political plantation. Many black people have escaped the slavery of this plantation when they wisely voted for President Donald Trump. Open borders have destroyed several countries. It will destroy our culture, prosperous way of life, language, identity as Americans, and sovereignty as a nation.

There is a great political and moral divide in America, between conservatives and the radical left. Could this be the potential death knell for the United State of America? Could this also possibly cause the separation of the conservative states of America from the anti-American states? Only time will tell.

Pray for the family of the Capitol Hill police officer, William Evans, that was recently killed by an Islamic terrorist. Also, pray for the wounded police officer.

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