Media reactions to the recent "Wagner coup" highlights how all of us tend to believe what we want to believe, regardless of objective reality and actual conditions. Fallen humanity tends, in its thinking, toward the emotive fallacy, which says: "I want X to be true, therefore X is true."

We are all guilty, in some degree, of the weakness of wishful thinking, but some far more than others. What saves humanity from total self-delusion via the emotive fallacy is the very hardness of objective reality and the hard knocks meted out by it when we go too far in ignoring or defying it. Another key factor that militates against self-delusion (and the personal existential disaster that tends to follow necessarily from it) is a love of truth that the Lord implants in His elect.

Over the weekend, the neocons who of late had been depressed and sulking about the obviously failed and disastrous Ukie offensive -- on hearing of a possible coup against the hated Putin, exploded in jubilant and wild headlines in the uber-controlled Western media. In a flash, depression had turned to euphoria, as victory in Ukraine, by a shocking reversal of fortune, had seemingly been snatched from the jaws of defeat.

But then came bad news. The "Lukashenko" deal, if we may call it that, abruptly quashed the neocon fantasy and jubilee. And so now, the Monday morning after, as pundits of all stripes spout rival conjectures and spin out narratives -- some of which will eventually find homes as "fact" in history books -- the world at large sits befuddled and mystified, unsure whether the "coup" was ultimately real or merely staged by the Russians for Western consumption.

The whole episode illustrates that what matters most in politics -- and in military operations, as but one aspect of politics -- is deep institutional structure, and not the vagaries of individual personalities.

The Scottish philosopher David Hume rightly taught that all political authority is rooted in opinion. And Hume meant by opinion, not the often shallow and ephemeral views registered in polls, but instead the deep and persisting views about right and wrong and good and evil held by a people.

By all reliable accounts I know -- after sifting through and beyond Western media propaganda and blackout -- Vladimir Putin is in no danger whatsoever of being deposed. Both he and the special military operation are firmly and strongly supported by the Russian people. And so even if, hypothetically, Putin himself was no longer in power, the deep Humean opinion of the Russian people would inexorably call forth and erect another leader, very much like Putin, to represent and lead them in safeguarding the motherland from any and all Western (and other) existential threats. And this, by the way, is but one deep, political-philosophical reason why Lindsey Graham's repeated calls for Putin's assassination are intellectually infantile -- and morally evil.

Russia, unlike the United States, is united. With its greater cultural and racial and religious unity, Christian Russia is waxing stronger in social power, both physically and morally, just as we in atheist and liberal-dominated America — with all of our diversity and inclusion and equity -- are waning and wasting away. Because of their superior social power and unity, the Russian people are less susceptible to deception by governmental lies and media lies than we; and their government and media, being infinitely more loyal to land and people, are less likely to deceive. Indeed, this superior social power of Russia is both a cause and effect of its people's relative immunity from deception.

The United States government, with its unaccountable "federal" agencies, has a long and sordid history of orchestrating coups and toppling popularly elected governments around the globe. Its boldest and most wicked attacks so far have been those aimed at its own people: the 2020 presidential and senatorial election theft, followed by the otherwise inexplicable suppression of the massive Red Wave in the 2022 midterm election.

Aided and abetted by a complicit and traitorous media, our traitorous deep-state and usurpatory Biden regime now has America's rapid and irreversible downward spiral to answer for.

Clearly then, the number one enemy of the American people is the United States government; not Russia or China.

But again, as America wanes, Russia, on the other side of the world, waxes.

Giving the lie to Western coup-mongers, deep structure analysis suggests that Russian arms will soon go over to a general, big arrow offensive and take Kharkov and Odessa. The Russians will then likely pause to assess the Western reaction to these repossessions. Then, to permanently bar the wicked U.S. from Ukraine and to prevent our committing more anti-Russian mischief there, Russian forces will move west through Ukraine to the Polish border.

Finally, Western reaction to these developments -- by our usurpatory and ideologically mad leaders -- will determine whether we all get vaporized or not in nuclear holocaust by Christmas.

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