Most Citizens Unaware of Decisions made Behind Closed Doors

The Greenville Health System, that has expanded rapidly and bought up multiple surrounding hospitals and medical practices, is in the process of pulling off a major deal that may not be in the best interest of Greenville County Citizens. The system belongs to the citizens of Greenville County. By law it is governed by a board of directors appointed by the Greenville County Legislative Delegation.

The majority of the hospital board has voted to allow the hospital CEO they brought in from Chicago to explore appointing another board of directors that would be independent from the legislative delegation, independent and self-perpetuating and therefore independent from any influence or oversight by the citizens the health system serves or their elected representatives.

Two board members, Lewis Vaughn and Del Baker voted in opposition to the proposed change.

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2nd of a two part series on cancer care in the upstate

Cancer_Sawyer_Page-03CANCER – the word puts a pit in your stomach and sometimes a hole in your heart.   Most of us look at such a diagnosis as the beginning of the end, a death sentence.  But, then there are those of us who refuse to give in to this or any catastrophic illness and determine to fight, and even more so, to win.  This article is written to provide hope to any and all facing such a diagnosis.  It follows the article on Dr. Steven Trocha, surgical oncologist with the University Medical Group of Greenville, and outlines this patient’s journey through cancer with this amazing surgeon.

My journey is a long one, spanning six years from August, 2008 through August, 2014.  It began with simple pain in the back around the kidney.  For three years I saw one doctor after another including general practitioners, orthopedic doctors, pain management doctors, and rheumatology doctors.  I also went to a variety of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture specialists, and physical therapists.  Many tests were run on me, just not the right ones.  In April of 2011 I was diagnosed at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center with an extremely rare form of cancer called leiomyosarcoma.   

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Dr-Steven-Trocha_Page-02Dr. Steven Trocha of the University Medical Group and the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic is making a difference in cancer care not only in the upstate of South Carolina, but the entire southeast of the US.  He and his team of surgical oncologists of the University Medical Group (UMG) work with medical oncologists and radiation oncologists of the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic (MDC) to provide cutting edge and often radical treatment for cancer patients.  Dr. Trocha received his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin and did his residency in Louisiana.  However, at the John Wayne Cancer Institute of Santa Monica, California, he had specialized training not only in surgical oncology, but specifically melanoma and sarcoma.

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Defense Authorization Act of 2013 Requires TRICARE for Life (TFL) Beneficiaries to use the Government Home Delivery (mail-order) Pharmacy System Effective February 14, 2014.

Mail order prescription refills are a requirement for military retirees and dependents effective February 14, 2014. Beginning on that date, individuals who are beneficiaries of TRICARE For Life (TFL) will no longer be permitted to order maintenance prescriptions from local drugstores by making a co-payment.

The mandate, which is a part of the 2013 Defense Authorization Act, applies to maintenance medications.  Initial prescriptions can continue to be filled at a retail drug store, and beneficiaries will be allowed to fill up to two 30-day refills at a retail store during the transition period.

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It Could Be Chloramine!


Three citizens appeared before the Greenville County Council during their July 20 meeting, requesting assistance in getting Chloramine, a combination of bleach and ammonia, removed from the Greenville and Greer tap water. They testified that bleach and ammonia in drinking water causes “breathing problems, skin irritations and digestive problems.” Their appeals to the Greenville Water System and Greer Commission of Public Works, that operates the water system for Greer, were unresponsive to their complaints.

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Project Receiving $2.2 Million in ARRA Funds


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) have granted approximately $2.2 million for the rehabilitation of the Slater Sanitary Sewer System (SSSS). Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) initiated the grant funding application process with Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District (MSSD) on behalf of SSSS from the Federal America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Stimulus Package. SC Senator Phillip W. Shoopman, House Speaker Pro Tempore Harry F. Cato and Greenville County Councilman Joe Dill were key supporters in securing the much-needed grant funding for this project.

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