Most people were shocked when the president wanted to go door-to-door with his vaccine campaign -- but that's only the half of it. According to a Pentagon spokesman, the White House is also planning to go barracks to barracks -- requiring the men and women of our voluntary military to involuntarily surrender their freedom and take an unproven shot some of them don't want.

Frankly, Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told CNN, "I think the president ought to issue an order requiring everybody in the military to get a COVID-19 shot -- period. That's an issue involving our national security," he argued. "The last d--- thing you need is to have those in the military that are our warriors unable to respond to a mission because they've gotten COVID-19. There's no excuse for that." Interesting, considering that the same military leadership has been cheerleading the troops' gender reassignment surgery, which renders patients completely undeployable for months. Apparently, it's no problem if you skip out on your job for the extreme LGBT cause. But if you have a personal objection to the vaccine, well then, a handful of potential sick days is unacceptable.

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Parental Rights Foundation

WASHINGTON -- Today the Parental Rights Foundation, in conjunction with Children's Health Defense, filed suit in federal court on behalf of four DC parents to halt enforcement of DC's Minor Consent to Vaccination Act of 2020. According to the complaint, the new law circumvents the legal and constitutional right of parents to make medical decisions for their minor children.

Passed by the DC Council on a 10-3 vote last November and allowed to pass into law by Mayor Muriel Bowser in December, the Minor Consent Act would allow a medical provider to administer vaccines to any child aged 11 or older if the medical provider decides the minor is mature enough to provide informed consent and if the vaccine is on the list of vaccines recommended by the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

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Sign Petition Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate

Please sign this petition that will be sent to Senators and Representatives. Please note that the petition is not a statement of overall opposition to vaccinations or the COVID-19 vaccination. It is an expression of opposition to mandating what is still an experimental vaccine. We need our Congressional Representatives to protect our privacy and our freedom of health care choice.

Sign the petition today!

College Students Must Be Protected From Dangerous COVID Vaccine Mandates

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(Natural NewsOfficial data released by the British government shows that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections are killing unborn babies at an astounding rate.

The latest Medicines and Healthcare produce Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Yellow Card Scheme report, dated Dec. 9, 2020, through March 7, 2021, reveals a whopping 366 percent increase in the rate of miscarriage thanks to Chinese virus jabs.

This is the seventh such report to be released by the MHRA and it clearly shows that Wuhan flu shots are extremely deadly, especially for pregnant women who, for whatever reason, decide to get jabbed.

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In this follow-up interview with Senior Editor Alex Newman of The New American magazine, former president of the Assocation of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Dr. Lee Merritt warned about enormous risks associated with the experimental COVID19 “vaccines” from companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, and more. From potentially being used as a bioweapon and lack of safety testing to massive side-effects that can occur and are occurring worldwide, there are huge dangers that are not being discussed by the Big Pharma-funded establishment media. Meanwhile, there are very effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine that were deliberately suppressed so the vaccine makers could get their experimental gene drug masquerading as a vaccine approved under the FDA’s “Emergency Use Authorization.”

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Alex Newman is a senior editor for The New American. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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WICHITA, Kan -- Today, Operation Rescue released a new video that documents 67 medical emergencies that took place at American abortion facilities in 2020, including one abortion-related maternal death. The video vividly shatters the rhetoric of the Abortion Cartel that attempts to convince the public that abortion is safe.

Out of the 67 medical emergencies documented in 2020, 30 involved Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

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WASHINGTON -- The national board of directors of the Personhood Alliance announced today its official position on vaccine ethics ( This announcement comes at a critical time, as vaccine development and other treatments for COVID-19 race forward and as new laws make it more difficult to claim moral and religious exemptions for vaccines that are produced or tested using the remains of aborted human beings.

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