“Mr. Lincoln and His War” Author Makes Case that Lincoln was “Executed” not “Assassinated”

Dr-John-Chandler-GriffinDr. John Chandler Griffin was the guest speaker at the February 25th meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Greenville.

Dr. Griffin earned a scholarship to Presbyterian College as a high school quarterback, dropped out of college and joined the Eighty-second Airborne Division. He discovered his love for writing sending long letters back home. After completing his military service, he earned a degree in English and completed work for his Ph.D. and began teaching. He retired in 1998 as a full professor and received the honorary title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

He wrote six books on college football, biographies of Thomas Wolfe and Jean Toom and A Pictorial History of the Confederacy.

Dr. Griffin has written and published two books on Abraham Lincoln. The first was titled Abraham Lincoln’s Execution. Griffin attempts to show that Lincoln was not assassinated, but was ordered executed by fellow politicians and military leaders because he wanted to welcome the Southern States back into the Union with their full constitutional rights restored. Threatened by this and other possibilities of clemency for the South, Vice-Pres. Andrew Johnson,  Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and the U. S. chief of the National Detective Police, Lafayette Baker, took action to ensure that this would not occur.

The second book on President Lincoln was titled, Mr. Lincoln and His War.

From his birth to his assassination while serving as President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln’s intriguing life is illustrated in this pictorial biography by John Griffin. While many of Lincoln’s actions, including his decision to declare war on the South, are still the subject of debate, Lincoln had an exceptional influence on the history of the United States, and his role as the great emancipator has been greatly exaggerated to justify the horrors committed by the troops under his orders against women, children and elderly civilians of the South.

Dr. Griffin resides with his wife in Lancaster, South Carolina, where they are members of First Baptist Church of Lancaster.  They have one daughter and two granddaughters.

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