To push their agenda, sodomite groups are now funding billboards across the land that say, "GOD LOVES TRANS PEOPLE." While technically and Scripturally true, it is also technically and Scripturally true that "GOD LOVES MURDERERS AND RAPISTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS AND THIEVES, ETC., while He of course hates the sins of murder, rape, abuse and theft.

Being dishonest reasoners, hostile to God the Truth and His followers, these groups, composed of children of Satan, the father of lies, naturally deal in falsehoods and half-truths. So while it is certainly true that God, wanting good for all humanity, loves the woefully errant trans, it is also most certainly and verifiably true — as stated in the Old and New Testaments -- that He hates homosexuality as filthy sin.

No longer a closeted, fringe phenomenon, homo-trans sin and terroristic violence is now sweeping across America. In North Carolina, leading medical institutions Duke, UNC and ECU are now offering "transgender treatments" to 2, 3, and 4 year-old children. Increasingly powerful and influential, homosexuals are now striking back at their old "oppressor", the Christian Church, and are targeting children, as did the witches of old, for death by mutilation.

The manifesto of the trans-terrorist murderer of Christians in Nashville is now being suppressed by liberals and kept from the American public, and from Christians in particular. We demand that it be published forthwith, so that we may all see the full measure of the wicked hatred of God and His people that exists in the hearts and souls of the lost and demented members of the homo-trans community, and so that we Christians may prepare and arm ourselves accordingly.

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