It is primary time for voters and no matter which party you support, it means that people with whom you largely agree are running against one another.  Making a choice between them is more difficult and it can get personal if you are acquainted with them.  But the comparison must be done so may the best candidate win and no hard feelings, please.
The race I would like to discuss is for State House District 21 currently held by Phyllis Henderson.  Phyllis has spent time on education and the opioid epidemic. These are important issues and her work has made some progress for improvement. But is it enough?  I think not.  This work can be continued by someone else who more closely aligns with the voters in District 21.  

Phyllis went against most of the Greenville Delegation and voted to override Gov. McMaster’s veto of the gas tax. This massive tax hike increases the taxes and fees on South Carolinians by hundreds of dollars a year and does not guarantee our roads will be repaired.  
Similar votes on judicial reform, constitutional carry and the give-away of the Greenville’s hospital system are more demonstrations that Phyllis does not reflect the Republican values of the upstate.
For over a month, I worked to host a candidate forum with Rep. Henderson and her challenger, Bobby Cox.  Mr. Cox was interested, professional and timely getting back with me.  Ms. Henderson was not.  Weeks went by without an answer to a phone call or email.  I gave her several dates, asked for her input as to the format and, choose a moderator that she knew well, but could not convince her to stand before the voters of District 21 and answer questions on her record.  
Competition makes us all better.  Phyllis hasn’t had a serious primary opponent since her initial election.  Why would she not meet her opponent in a candidate forum moderated by the same moderator selected to participate in the GCGOP gubernatorial forum?
Instead, Rep. Henderson has held 2 town halls on school safety and the opioid problem. These events, while informative, do not allow voters to ask her questions regarding her votes on gas tax hikes, ethics reform, the GHS scandal and budgets that include tax dollars for Planned Parenthood. And interestingly, she voted to table an amendment that would have provided $5 million dollars to hire School Resource Officers in rural parts of the state by taking that money from the coastal tourism advertising budget.  Seems hypocritical with the school safety town hall discussion, doesn’t it?
After 8 years in the state house, it is time for a change. Vote Bobby Cox for State House Seat #21.

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Mike Scruggs