The people of the Upstate are overdue for a principled constitutionalist to represent them in WashDC.  While former reps. might have been considered “conservative,” the 4th District does not need a smooth talker to simply hold the title and vote with the GOP establishment.  In the crowded field of candidates for the upcoming primary, there are only 2 guys that have put principles and freedom ahead of party.  Lee Bright and Stephen Brown have proven they will be committed to opposing the swamp and upholding the Constitution even when it is unpopular.  In the event of an emotional crisis such as an economic calamity or gun legislation, we need someone who will not cave to pressure.  

And speaking of emotions, no matter how readers of this publication might feel regarding the Confederate flag being taken down in Columbia in 2015, that moment revealed a much bigger picture of political ignorance and showed the true colors of many men and women.  We were told by the politicians and news media that taking the flag down would bring healing and peace, but it only gave confidence to the real haters of America to escalate the chaos that we now see in an all out war on everything related to Southern values and Christianity.  Lee Bright wanted to let the people of South Carolina decide this controversy with a referendum vote as it should have been.  However, another 4th District candidate, Dan Hamilton, chose to side with radical liberals such as George Soros’s, SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), and other cultural Marxists in his uninformed vote to take down the Confederate flag.  We can argue about history and symbols, but the fact of the matter is that this current movement against Southern Heritage that gained traction in SC is really a horrible agenda cooked up by domestic enemies of America to suppress the truth.  Will they want to abolish the American flag next because slavery thrived under that Union symbol from 1776 through 1860 or because the American flag flew on all the New England slave ships that brought African people over to the US to begin with?  The ignorance and bullying is never ending when weak-kneed representatives trade their souls for political expediency.  We must win the intellectual battles on complex issues in order to preserve freedom and defend truth.  The SC Legislature, including Dan Hamilton and a crazed Nimrata Haley, lost an opportunity to educate the masses in accurate history along with real peace and unity while exposing the corruption behind these emotional attacks on that pivotal day in July 2015.    
Even though Upstate residents are highly disappointed in Dan Hamilton for his siding with radical leftists as well as his shady dealings with GHS, I think he is a nice guy and have nothing against him personally.  I went to school with him and we went to the same church together after we graduated from BJU.  I wish him all the best in his pursuit of a quality family life as well as success in his real estate business, but the people of the 4th District do not need a nice guy to follow Republican party orders as a Yes-Man in the cesspool of WashDC.  We need a proven conservative fighter who isn’t afraid of standing up for REAL American values as one who understands complex issues through the lens of the Constitution and historical truth.  Lee Bright or Stephen Brown are the obvious choices.

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Mike Scruggs