Some Essential Background on Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris - Ready to transform America.
Kamala Harris - Ready to transform America.

Joe Biden may have approved Kamala Harris for the Vice Presidential nominee of the Democrat Party, but he did not pick her. The dominant leader in making that choice had to have been former President Barack Obama, but there were others whose opinion and political and personal influence were essential. Michelle Obama, of course, undoubtedly had a weighty personal influence. Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had to be part of that decision. The choice also had to be acceptable to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Probably both former Obama attorney generals Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder had a heavy consultative influence, as well as current Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. The choice also had to be acceptable to Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

The choice could not be left in the hands of Joe Biden. Although Biden has shown relatively good verbal coherence several days in a row this week, his many recent episodes of questionable coherence in the last several months have given rise to fears that he may be developing some mental disabilities that could jeopardize sound judgment in governing the country and maintaining national security   Or perhaps some medicine he is taking is affecting his mental alertness.  Many are concerned that there is a significant risk that he may not be able to serve for long. By electing Kamala Harris Vice President, she could become President within weeks.

Harris was the choice for several reasons.

First of all, the U.S. Senator from California, Kamala Harris, had to meet the ideological standards and embrace the agenda demanded by the Democrat Party’s extreme left. The support of the Bernie Sanders and AOC wing of the Party must remain strong and active to win in November. Harris easily meets this requirement. In this session of Congress, she is rated the most liberal and leftist member of the U.S. Senate, exceeding even Bernie Sanders himself. Her latest Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) and Planned Parenthood ratings were both 100%. She also has a 100% rating from the Muslim Brotherhood front Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).   Her American Conservative Union (ACU) and Family Research Council ratings were both 0%. Her latest American Family Alliance (AFA) rating was 20%, and her NumbersUSA (immigration conservatives) was 11%. She is a well documented radical leftist.

Just a few disturbing radical Marxist ideas embraced by Harris and most Congressional Democrats are open borders, Medicare for illegal immigrants, huge amnesties, gun confiscation, easy vote fraud, and reversing Trump tax cuts. She is actually a co-sponsor with AOC of the economy-destroying, nation-bankrupting Green New Deal Climate Equity Act.  

Second, Kamala Harris has been a close friend and strong supporter of Barack Obama ever since his first election to the U.S. Senate in 2004. Obama has also campaigned for her in California. He trusts that they are on the same wave length and have the same agendas.

Third, she is a woman of color. Biden had pretty much locked this in because of some of his recent comments, which were counted as a promise by many black political leaders. But the underlying reason is much stronger. The Democrats fear that Donald Trump’s economic successes and many specific actions addressing black problems have devastated the usual 95% dependable black vote for Democrats. Many polls before the coronavirus crisis showed that Trump could get 20 to 40 percent of the black vote. Moreover, there is now a growing movement called Blexit led by the formidable young black conservative, Candace Owens, to lead blacks out of the decades-long grip of the Democratic Party starting in 2020. Significant loss of black support portends disaster for the Democrat Party. Kamala Harris’s main purpose on the ticket is to make sure the Democrats maintain their sizable black margin over Republicans. To a lesser extent, this also applies to Hispanics who have shown stronger leanings to Trump than Republicans normally achieve. Being a woman of color will also help among many white women who feel they must favor minority candidates to prove to themselves and their peers that they are not racists. This is the destructive “white guilt” factor written about by African-American scholar Shelby Steele.

The Democratic Party strategy is to try to portray Kamala Harris somehow as a pragmatic moderate, but she would not have been picked, if she was really a moderate. “Pragmatic” in this context means willing to say anything to get elected—unprincipled. We can prepare for a campaign of unprincipled deception. Harris is aggressive and gifted with a high level of verbal fluency. Unfortunately she often uses her fluency to turn the truth upside down. For example, in her initial acceptance speech, she blamed Trump for destroying Obama’s eight years of economic recovery, although Obama’s eight years were the slowest economic recovery in history, with no annual growth statistic rising over 1.5 percent. This is one of the boldest lies I have ever heard. She also completely distorted Trump’s actions and results on the coronavirus crisis and made a ridiculous comparison of the relatively small Ebola outbreak in Africa to the vastly more contagious Covid19 world pandemic.  She is dangerous because she can turn the truth upside down and inside out with verbal poise and a straight face, smoothing over many false facts and logical disconnections. Our country will suffer much damage if she becomes Vice President and be in grave danger and troubles, if she becomes President.

Kamala Devi Harris was born in Oakland, California, in 1964, and is the daughter of Donald Harris, an immigrant from Jamaica, and Dr. Shaymala Gopalan a Tamil Brahmin immigrant from India. Her father is a Marxist economist who taught at Stanford University. Her mother is a highly regarded research scientist in the field of breast cancer. Her parents divorced, when Kamala was five. Thus her Indian mother and family had the greatest influence on her. This included her grandfather, T. V. Gopalan who held a top cabinet position in the Indian government.

According to her mother, Shaymala, “Kamala knows all the Hindu mythology and traditions” and “Kamala will be equally at ease in a temple as a church.”  Her mother named her daughters for goddesses in the Hindu pantheon to strengthen their development, saying “A culture that worships goddesses produces strong women.” Kamala apparently means “lotus flower” in Hindi, which is a symbol for the Goddess Lakshmi. She also added, “Kamala is a frequent visitor to the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Livermore [California]. She performs all rituals and says all prayers at the temple.”

According to one internet source, she is also a member of a Baptist Church in San Francisco. Her husband, Douglas Emhoff, whom she married in 2014, is nominally Jewish. In 2016, while evaluating the nomination of Brian Buescher to serve as a district judge in Nebraska, Senator Harris insinuated that his involvement in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charity and fraternal organization, disqualified him from serving as a judge. Such anti-Catholic and more broadly anti-Christian prejudice should alarm Christians and Jews. This is unfortunately a commonly observed trend not confined to the Democrat Party but most evident there.

Harris attended largely black Howard University in Washington, D.C, and served as president of the Black Law Students Association at the University of California Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.  

Kamala Harris’s career got a huge boost in 1994, when she met and began to date Willie Brown, the Speaker of the California State Assembly, and the second most powerful politician in California.  Willie Brown had had many girl friends and was separated from his wife at the time. He was more than a politician; he was a legend, who drove expensive cars, wore expensive clothes, and courted flashy younger girls. He was 60 at the time, and she was 31 years younger at 29.  Her mother defended her dating Brown: “Why shouldn’t she have gone out with Willie Brown? He was a player, and what could Willie Brown expect from her in the future? He has not much life left.” 

In 1995, Willie Brown was elected Mayor of San Francisco. He broke up with Kamala shortly thereafter. His estranged wife was back with him at his inauguration, and is still married to him, although he continued to have girl friends. He served as Mayor through 2004 and is still influential at age 86.  His political power worked through patronage, and he had a remarkable talent for getting not only Democrats but Republicans to back him.   He also had a law firm that dealt with clients seeking to benefit from government. Brown was investigated several times but never indicted.  He has remained a friend, financial backer, and close political ally to Harris. Bill Clinton is an admirer of Willie Brown, and once called him “the real Slick Willy.”

Brown was able to get Kamala Harris a $100,000 a year job as an assistant district attorney in San Francisco. He gave her a BMW and got her on the boards of two important California commissions. In 2002, she was paid $99,000 by the Medical Assistance Commission and $114,000 by the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.   

With a lot of help and influence from Willie Brown, Kamala Harris was elected San Francisco District Attorney in 2003 and then California Attorney General in 2011. She married Douglas Emhoff, an influential Los Angeles attorney in 2014. In both jobs, there was controversy over her discretion on which crimes to prosecute and which to ignore. For example, the San Francisco Police were disappointed that she did not prosecute bars and dance halls that were fostering drug use and prostitution. Many were disappointed when she failed to prosecute Catholic priests accused of child abuse and later claimed the records were no longer held in her office.

Harris was elected to the United States Senate in 2017. Brown recently advised her on whether she should accept Joe Biden’s offer to be his Vice President.

A substantial part of the Wikipedia report on Kamala Harris has recently been scrubbed (8-14-2020)

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