Will Establishment Media Collusion Crush the Truth?

Vote 2020 FraudLast week, December 7, I published an article entitled, Vote Fraud and the Future of the American Republic—When Liberty in Under Attack. My conclusion was that there is unequivocally strong evidence that vote fraud and especially unlawful vote counting gave the margin of victory to Democrat Joe Biden in six swing states—Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin. In a fair election, Trump would have won all these states handily and have secured a substantial margin of victory in the Electoral College. This fraudulent victory for Biden has enormous harmful consequences for the future of the American Republic, freedom, national security, and a sound economy. Today, I reviewed the data and testimony from several state legislatures and other reports. My conclusions stand. In fact, the evidence is not just overwhelming; it is horrifying. We are on the brink of an unlawful coup to take over the Presidency by vote fraud, unlawful counting, and sweeping dishonesty. Yet the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, seem so oblivious to the facts and danger that they would stand by refusing even to hear the several substantive cases despite the great and almost inevitable nation-destroying chaos and peril that their refusal to hear and intervene portends. 

Most of the mainstream media continue to suppress the outrageously unethical dealings by the Biden family in China, Russia, and Ukraine and to parrot deep state propaganda that there is no evidence for vote fraud in 2020. A substantial majority of the American media—CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and their thoughtless imitators  have become so dishonest that they are a cancerous growth devouring free speech and the foundational truths and traditions that have made America strong and are needed to keep her strong.

According to Sharyl Attkisson’s website, hereistheevidence, questionable ballots in six states total 1,570,050 as of this writing. This is backed by 923 sworn fact witnesses. But more than 34 courts have blocked evidentiary hearings. Our courts are getting an ethical black-eye by not hearing the evidence and are fast losing the confidence of the American people. If the courts do not believe in the rule of law, we will surely drift into a lawless nightmare.

Several states updates follow. Some of this was covered last week, so I have particularly emphasized new evidence and data from investigative sessions now being held by state legislative bodies.

The Arizona state legislative meeting on December 7 included testimony that thousands of ballots kept pouring in for 10 days after the election. Expert witness, Bobby Piton, testified he would not have certified the Arizona election. He bases this on mathematical abnormalities and impossibilities. The non-partisan Amistead Project of the Thomas More Society estimated 300,000 potentially fraudulent votes were cast. This includes counting 200,000 probably fraudulent votes and not counting 75,000 that should have been counted. Most of the news media covered none of this, only later that Giuliani had “irresponsibly” exposed the Arizona Legislature members to Covid, since he was diagnosed soon thereafter. A good example of this slanted dismissal of fraud evidence and attack on Giuliani’s Covid diagnosis is USA Today via Yahoo News, which follow the usual left-liberal establishment media script to protect Biden, slander Trump, and block any truth that does not fit their agenda and worldview.  

A Georgia Legislative oversight committee met December 3. The famous election night video in Fulton County outraged the Republican chairman and members. Election authorities sent ballot counters home at 10:30 PM November 3. Supervisors told Republican poll watchers to leave, because the counting was done for the night. Four election workers stayed, pulling boxes out from a covered table, voting them from about 11:00 PM to just after 1:00 AM. A massive vote spike for Biden occurred at 1:34 AM. The Amistead Project estimates that illegal votes numbered over 200,000.

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee met on December 2. At 4:30 AM November 4, a truck pulled up to the basement back of a counting center and delivered 100,000 ballots in garbage cans. A Dominion Voting Systems staff member testified that thousands of ballots were fed into voting machines 8 to 10 times. Kent, McComb, Oakland, and Wayne (Detroit) counties voted 289,866 more ballots than possible considering the time and machine capacities. The Armistead Project identified more than 500,000 potentially fraudulent ballots. Biden’s fraudulent lead is 154,188.

A Nevada Court held a hearing on December 3. There were 42,000 votes that were counted twice. According to the Election Integrity Project, 140,000 illegal aliens are registered to vote in Nevada because the Nevada DMV automatically registers everyone who gets a drivers license. Why is Nevada giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens?  

In Pennsylvania, the Trump Team claims that 848,977 votes were entered unlawfully in secrecy without required observers. The Armistead Project estimates there were more than 100,000 fraudulent votes entered to give Biden an 81,600 lead.

Virginia is considered to have been made a permanent Democrat state by migration to the Washington, D. C. area, but Virginia sent out 500,000 incorrect ballots through a “non-profit” organization.

On December 12, the Wisconsin Legislature Committee on Campaigns and Elections met to review the 2020 Election especially the consequences of alleged vote fraud. According to Republican Assemblyman Ron Tusler, most people in Wisconsin believe the election was not fair. His office has had over 500,000 contacts from people in Wisconsin who “do not trust the results of the election.”  Radio talk show host and investigative reporter Dan O’Donnell testified that a disability service coordinator working with several assisted living facilities in Milwaukee with many severely developmentally disabled clients (“Susan”), was told by about two dozen of them that they were pressured by third parties to cast a vote for Joe Biden or had votes cast for Joe Biden in their name. [Having been a Republican County Chairman in two states, I have always had the concern that nursing homes and some assisted living facilities were unacceptably vulnerable to unethical voter pressures and ballot harvesting]

O’Donnell   also pointed to clerks in two counties issuing statements that Wisconsin’s rules for absentee balloting did not need to be followed in qualifying for an absentee ballot, allowing voters to bypass ID requirements. This resulted in 46,000 voters in Milwaukee and Dane counties casting votes without ever showing a photo ID.  

The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) was also required to remove 200,000 old names from voter rolls, but did not. Then according to O’Donnell, they looked the other way when ballot harvesting operations in 206 city parks were coordinated with the Biden campaign.  O’Donnell also alleged that the WEC instructed municipal clerks across the state to ignore state law and fill out mail and witness addresses instead of returning ballot envelopes to voters for correction as the law requires. These allegations were denied by WEC member Dean Knudson, but there are according to Assemblyman Tusler, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters and many witnesses who disagree.

Will the truth come out? The media is working hard to prevent any discussion of the truth. YouTube has cut off 10,000 contributors who are questioning the integrity of the 2020 Election. It is up to you to make sure the truth lives, grows, and overcomes the unscrupulous media lie-blitz of 2020.

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