When Liberty is under Attack

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“At a time when liberty is under attack, decency under assault, the family under siege, and life itself is threatened, the good will arise in truth; they will arise in truth with the very essence and substance of their lives; they will arise in truth never shying from the Standard of Truth, never shrinking from the Author of Truth.”—Henry Laurens, American patriot, and 5th President of the Continental Congress," 1777-1778.

For several months before the November 3 Election, in fact right up to 31 days before the election, Democratic Party activists in seven states—Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin—were unlawfully attempting  to change voting rules without the permission of their state legislatures, primarily to make voting by mail easier. They were successful in six states, including Arizona and Georgia, even though they had Republican Governors, and Georgia had a Republican Secretary of State.

Making voting easier by mail is fraught with potential and opportunities for vote fraud, and vote fraud in tremendous quantity is what we have reaped. They also extended the deadline for counting votes, which further facilitated vote fraud. Fear-mongering over the Covid virus was the perfect excuse for wrecking our election system and assuring Democratic dominance forever. Typically, as in both North Carolina and Georgia, the changes were made through clever conspiratorial legal suits, where compromised ballot security for absentee or mailed ballots was litigated without approval of state legislatures, which according to the U.S. Constitution,  have the sole authority to establish election rules  The North Carolina attempt, however, was foiled by two Republican State Election Board members, who resigned in protest, and a Federal District Judge who harshly rebuked and reversed the actions of North Carolina’s Attorney General and State Board of Elections. 

It would be a disaster of many dimensions if Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or their puppet masters take office, but installing them in office through a fraudulent election will be the end of the American Republic, no matter what they call it.  Citizen participation in fair elections is the backbone of democracy and the American Republic. When vote fraud dominates elections, freedom is lost. Soviet Industrial Hell will have been re-imagined as a highly centralized globalist radical Nightmare State in Amerika. More vote fraud, open borders, and amnesties will assure there can be no rebound in 2024 or ever.  

The evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election is huge, overwhelming, and easily sufficient to overturn the false mainstream media claim that Joe Biden is the President Elect. Fox News has bounced back from its own surrender to internal ideological and financial interests on its board, and in recent evening broadcasting has presented compelling evidence of tremendous fraud in at least six states. Smaller conservative news outlets, including One America Network (OAN), Newsmax, Breitbart, World Net Daily (WND), the Epoch Times, and others smelled a conspiracy for fraud in the beginning and continue to report evidence of it.  

However, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, New York Times, and other liberal-establishment media continue to block this information from the public, just as they blocked news of Joe Biden’s involvement in corruption schemes in China, Russia, and Ukraine. They have been assisted by outrageous suppression of facts and contrary opinion by Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Yahoo News, Atlantic magazine, and numerous mainstream media outlets continue with the same biases. This colossal combination of mainstream media has become a dominant propaganda stream for the Democratic Party and social radicalism.

In Pennsylvania, Biden has an 81,660 vote lead, but Sidney Powell’s well evidenced suit against the State of Pennsylvania claims that over 900,000 votes were fraudulent, of which 600,000 came from Philadelphia alone.  Her allegations are backed up by hundreds of sworn affidavits from election observers, whistle blowers, and some expert computer fraud analysts. The most common form of vote fraud is preventing official and volunteer observers from watching the count and reporting discrepancies and controversies. This was outrageously true in Philadelphia. World renowned systems engineer and computer vote fraud authority, Shiva Ayyadurai, who has four degrees from MIT, including a PhD, calculated a very high probability that vote fraud by computer software manipulation in Pennsylvania was at least 115,000.       

In Nevada, Joe Biden leads by 33,576, but the low-hanging fruit of vote fraud researched by the Trump Presidential Team counted over 130,000 unlawful votes. Of these, 42,000 votes were either cast twice of counted twice.  Other fraud was easily found by checking the registration records, which revealed numerous ineligible voters who were, unregistered, deceased, or lived and voted in other states. At least 4,000 were non-citizens.

In Georgia, Biden leads by 11,769, but the low-hanging, easy to detect, vote fraud by ineligible voters discovered by the Trump Team researchers totaled more than 158, 000. This includes voters who were felons, underage, not registered, lived at a PO box, were registered and voted in other states, had phony addresses, etc. This does not include the 20,000 or more votes that were taken from covered suitcases and voted without proper observer checks and supervision. This was caught on a 90 second security video. Voter fraud in Georgia is centered in the Atlanta area and includes extensive vote harvesting.  

In Wisconsin, Biden leads by 20,682, but the Trump legal team estimates that 221,000 of Biden’s votes are fraudulent. . The Armistead Group, associated with the Thomas More Society, also filed a suit against Wisconsin claiming at a total of least 156,000 votes were either illegally counted for Biden or uncounted for Trump. MIT PhD Shiva Ayyadurai estimates computer vote fraud in Wisconsin was over 90,000. Wisconsin voters filed a suit with the U.S. District Court for Eastern Wisconsin to exclude over 792,000 votes in three counties! The area around Madison is the center of suspicion.

In Arizona, Joe Biden leads by 10,457 votes. Sidney Powell’s suit in behalf of Arizona electors alleges 412,000 of Biden’s votes were fraudulent based on eyewitnesses and analysis of data. The alleged fraud was mostly from Maricopa County. According to a cyber security expert, Phil Waldron, a retired Army intelligence officer, at least 35,000 fraudulent votes were imbedded electronically in voting machines to benefit Biden and other Democratic candidates.  An Arizona Republican Member of Congress also noted that more that 30,000 non-citizens may have voted in Arizona. 

In Michigan, where Biden’s lead is 154,188, Ayyadurai found a very high probability, more than 99 percent, that at least 138,000 of Biden’s lead in Michigan is based on computer vote-count fraud in just two counties. The Armistead Group is also suing the State of Michigan for election misconduct. Sidney Powell estimates vote fraud in Michigan to be well in excess of 300,000. The center of this vote fraud is Detroit/Wayne County.  Over 50 Michigan counties, including Wayne, had more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. Of particular relevance here, the Wayne County registration rate was 107 percent. This alone raises tremendous suspicion on the accuracy and validity of the election.  GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel detailed 131 affidavits and 2,800 incident reports documenting vote fraud and other irregularities in Michigan. She also detailed reports from a whistleblower alleging “being told by a supervisor to backdate ballots that came in after the legal deadline.”  .

There seem to be two roads to justice in this election. One is through the courts, and the other is through the state legislatures. It has become obvious that going through Democrat appointed State or Federal judges meets with very non-judicial dismissal, which also reflects the usual attitude of Democrats on the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS).  However, if the Trump legal team can thread their way to the SCOTUS, there is a good chance they may get a 5 to 4 favorable decision. But what will be the remedy?  A second path, which may actually be the strongest, is to persuade the Republican dominated state legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to declare the Presidential vote fraudulent and appoint
Trump delegates to the Electoral College. This is Constitutional!  Republicans now control both legislative chambers in 32 states, more than any time in history. They control the state senate in 34.   

The two U.S. Senate races to be decided in Georgia January 5 are vitally important. The Republicans now have 50 Senate seats, but they must have at least 51, if Democrats are inaugurated as President and Vice President. Both Republicans should win in a fair election with scrutiny over absentee ballots and no ballot harvesting. But the Republican Governor and Legislature must correct Georgia’s voting rules to minimize fraud, or these senators stand a good chance of losing. Meanwhile the radical oligarchs in California and New York are pouring gargantuan sums into the Georgia elections, and it will take millions of small donations from ordinary American patriots to match it, but match it we must.  In the future, we must outlaw such enormous out of state financial influence on state elections. Moreover, if we win both Senate elections, and Biden becomes President, the Left can still do tremendous damage to American values and America’s future.  

We must never surrender. We must fight on and give it our best. We must fight until we win or by a merciful Providence the chariots of lies and tyranny are deluged by the Author and Defender of Truth.   

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