U.S. media is completely unreliable in terms of informing the American public about the war in Ukraine it is funding. Colonel Douglas Macgregor lends his expert opinion and insights to paint a more accurate picture of the situation on the ground, the effects of sanctions, and the likely future of the war.

Douglas Macgregor is a decorated combat veteran, the author of five books, a PhD, and a defense and foreign policy consultant. Macgregor is widely known inside the U.S., Europe, Israel, Russia, China and Korea for both his leadership in the Battle of 73 Easting, the U.S. Army’s largest tank battle since World War II, and for his ground breaking books on military transformation.

In 2004, Macgregor retired with the rank of Colonel. In 2020, President Trump appointed Macgregor to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, a post he held until President Trump left office.

He holds an MA in comparative politics and a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia. He has testified as an expert witness before the Senate and House Armed Services Committees and appeared as a defense analyst on Fox News, CNN, BBC, Sky News and public radio.