I would like to share a poem titled, “WHAT HAS BECOME OF BEAUTY?”, that I wrote in 1997.  It was inspired by and written after reading “Fanny Crosby-An Autobiography”.  Initially, I purchased the book for my daughter who was in need of a book report for her class.  I decided to purchase two copies—one for my own personal use.

After reading the autobiography of Fanny Crosby, I realized how most people in today’s society fail to see God’s every day wonder and beauty, replacing His miracles for things Scripture calls “wood, hay, and stubble”.  The poem is entitled, “What Has Become of Beauty?”, and poses a question:  “What if God’s creation could speak and realize their own beauty—what would they become?”

“When a flower blossoms does it see the beauty of the bud?
Does a rainbow speak, after a summer shower, of her colors that fill a day lit sky?
Can the ocean hear the crashing waves, upon some distant shore?
Or will the snow feel her flakes melt away as they fall, silently, upon a child’s face?
Where are the senses of those who can see-speak-hear-or touch?
They walk as if asleep, ignoring the beauty about them, in favor of something else!
Have their hearts forgotten Who created those things of everlasting wonder?
What if the flower could see her beauty, regardless of wherever it grows?
Or the rainbow after a summer shower rejoices, of her pastel colors painting a day lit sky!
And the ocean so powerful that it would hear the thunderous surf against jagged rocks!
Imagine if the falling snow could feel the tiny flakes of frost kissing a child’s ruby cheeks.
Would they boast of their glory, and forget from whence their gifts have been given?
Till finally their splendor is lost, becoming memories of yesterday when beauty lived.
Perhaps they are best left humble, for too soon they would Become as those passing by!

Note:  This poem, “What Has Become of Beauty?”, was selected for posting on the “Friends of Fanny Crosby” link, in 1997, on the website of the school that Fanny attended—“The New York Institute for Special Education”. 

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