Eagle Forum Ukrain War with Russia

This week, the Russian parliament voted to toughen their laws on military conscription, because thousands of Russians have fled their country rather than be drafted for the war against Ukraine.

Russia needs more fighters on the front lines. The new law puts severe penalties on non-compliance, including the government preventing the draft dodgers from working, driving, owning property, getting a bank loan, or accessing social benefits.

Despite their desperate need for recruits, the Russians are not turning to women to fill the gaps in their military. This new law only applies to men between the ages of 18 to 27. Neither the transgender agenda nor the diversity/equity/inclusion agenda have penetrated the Kremlin. The Russian military does not tout advances in “equity” or put on military drag shows or provide cross-hormone treatment to confused young people. Simply put, the Russian government wants to win its wars, so it only drafts young men.

Last year, the U.S. Congress attempted to expand our Selective Service to include women. Eagle Forum spoke up loudly and vociferously to block any language that would draft our daughters. We need our U.S. military to be a superior fighting force, not a diverse or inclusive mess.

If the American military were to fight a war against either Russia or China, our troops would be fighting against young men. Why would we ever place American women in any front line against an all-male opponent?

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